Which Foods Are Good For Hair Growth?

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After years of education and research, the key to hair growth lies within nutrients, minerals, and both meat and vegetable proteins.

Poor nutrition and an unbalanced diet are known to cause hair loss. If you are looking for a safe and sound way to improve your hair, or maintain your hair, you can find foods in this article that will help you with everything from dandruff, thinning hair, weak, and stubborn to grow hair.

Which Foods are Good for Hair Growth guide

Which Foods are Good for Hair Growth? 

B vitamins, and potassium


These sweet yellow fruits pack a punch when it comes to hair growth. They are full of folic acid, which is the main ingredient in, you guessed it, prenatal vitamins. Bananas have the same ingredient as over the counter hair skin and nails pills.

The B vitamins, which are found in bananas, help build red blood cells. These red blood cells provide the hair with nutrients. Bananas have many benefits; the vitamins and nutrients such as magnesium, b vitamins, and potassium inside these golden nuggets are edible and important for daily hair health.


Honey is excellent for hair. It boosts shine and strengthens hair follicles. Honey is full of antioxidants. Keeping your hair healthy and strong is very important. When your hair becomes weak, it tends to break.

Honey is a super food when it comes to hair. It moisturizes, and improves elasticity, meaning no more breakage! Using Honey helps to remove toxins and impurities. Also, honey benefits the scalp, making it strong and helps eliminate dandruff.


The presence of Vitamin E in avocados is beneficial to your cells, and hair. These little building blocks help protect the scalp from damage. Not having enough vitamin D wreaks havoc on your hair causing it to fall out.

Also, there are some things your body cannot make itself. Fatty acids for example, which are found within avocados, are NOT made by the body. Avocados are also a great source of vitamins C, K, and B-6, as well as vitamin E and other minerals.  One Avocado contains about 21% of your daily vitamin E, which promotes hair growth.


There are many biotin-rich foods that are crucial to growing healthy hair. Eggs are one of them! Biotin is used in the production of hair protein.

Hair is made up of predominantly protein, and without it, you would definitely experience some hair loss.

Fatty acids & vitamin E

Lean red meat

Iron is essential in keeping your hair. Cleveland Clinic says having too little can cause baldness.

Iron prevents hair from becoming weak, and brittle.

Some of us suffer from anemia, an iron deficiency disease.

Iron deficiency makes your blood thin, and your hair weak.


This contains vitamins E, C, and vitamin K. These little things called “free radicals” block the growth of your hair and cause your curls to age. Vitamin C is a remedy that builds your hair fortress back up with collagen Synthesis.

Collagen is like the glue of your protein and DNA chains. Vitamin K helps metabolize calcium. Every vitamin and nutrient is essential for the body’s systems to function. This includes protein and collagen synthesis, but also these two systems promote hair growth.


It is commonly known that fish has a lot of protein in it. Other essentials of fish are selenium, D3, and B Vitamins. As with the other foods we touched on that also contain protein are essential for the integrity of your hair.

Selenium is a mineral that protects the scalp from dandruff. Along with having other benefits like fighting cancer, this mineral should only be taken at the recommended amount, or it can have the reverse effect.


Just like bananas, almonds have magnesium in them. Almonds also contain vitamin B2 (riboflavin), vitamin E and phosphorus.

These nutrients promote hair growth, preventing dandruff and help prevent hair damage and reducing hair fall.

The four stages of hair growth 

vitamin E & magnesium

1. Growing- your hair grows (3-7 years)
2. Regressing- follicles shrink and detach
3. Resting- new hairs grow under regressed hairs (3-5 months)
4. Shedding- Regressed hair falls out, new hair has grown in

The most important thing to know about these stages occurs in stage three of the hair growth process. If one is malnourished or stressed, it causes more strands of hair to become stressed and age- entering the resting phase faster.

Note that this stage lasts for up to five months. This means that more of your hair will be falling out for a longer period of time. Battling this type of hair loss can be prevented easily by taking care of your hair.

Hygiene Routine

By adding a few extra minutes, or an hour ideally to your personal hygiene routine will make a difference in your hair, as well as make a positive impact on your self-image. Just like working out, taking a shower, and cleaning your room, maintaining your hair is work.

Though it is work taking the time to pamper and nurture yourself will actually reduce stress. To begin making a difference prepare each meal with the intention of feeding every cell in your body the proper nutrition it needs.


photo-1543362906-acfc16c67564Fruits and vegetables are not like processed foods. Processed foods contain things like free radicals, and according to studies like the one published in the PubMed journal on Aug 27, 2013, says, “ free radicals… which are key in the initiation and progression of tumors..”. To avoid stress, and both physical and mental fatigue you can be sure that fresh vegetables, fruits, water, honey, and lean meats satisfy hunger and fulfill the needs and demands of hair and body.

Things like added sugars are stored in the body. When unnecessary weight is put on the body, it causes pressure on the joints, inflammation, swelling, and worst of all your organs become dislodged. These types of maladies are troublesome from the time you wake until the time you go to sleep.

Some of these nutrients and minerals are measured in micrograms. This means that you must pay attention to how much of these certain foods you are eating because If overeaten the bodily systems that control muscle function will not do their jobs properly.

Try not to cut out salt if you are going to eat a substantial amount of potassium, because both salt and potassium regulate each other through the kidneys and adrenal gland, producing aldosterone- a hormone which tells the kidneys how much sodium to get rid of. In other words, balance is key when it comes to nutrients and minerals.

Don’t worry when it comes to cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower and spinach. You can eat as much of these vegetables as you want and not have anything to worry about. Fiber is another great thing for your hair. Fruit does have natural sugars in it so be aware of how much you are eating fruit.

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