How to Wear Your Signature Colors to Make Your Style Statement

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Each color that you wear makes a statement about you. When you walk into a party wearing a bright red dress, you are saying, “Look at me. I am powerful, confident and amazing.” On the flip side, you could wear a black dress.

Your statement might be, “I’d rather blend in” or “I am mysterious and will share myself with you when I’m comfortable.” 

Signature Colors To Make Your Authentic Style Statement

When choosing colors to wear, you want to consider the following things:

  • Does this color flatter me?
  • Do I love wearing this color?
  • What is this color saying about me?

You have an entire spectrum of color to choose from, but that can be overwhelming. I recommend you stick to just a few colors that truly resonate with you. Forcing yourself to wear a color that doesn’t feel like you is pointless.

Your choice of colors is a creative expression of who you are. For example, if you have a bright and bold personality, you may want to wear bright and bold colors. 

If you’re not too sure where to start when choosing your colors that “feel like you”, not to worry! I’m going to share with you three signature colors that you can play with right now.

Your signature colors are the main colors of your wardrobe. These colors should suit your personality, natural coloring and your desired style statement. 

Blushing Colors

Your blushing colors are the colors of the natural blush of your cheeks and the pinks in your lips. If you have a blush color that you love, this would be one of your blushing colors.

There is a small range of colors that show up in your cheeks and lips. When you wear your blushing colors, your cheeks and lips will seem to have a natural healthy flush. Some examples of blushing colors would be coral, coral pink, pink, soft red, brown-red and blue-pink.

Your blushing color will be unique to your natural coloring.

Your blushing colors say, “I am approachable, open and friendly.” Wear your blushing colors whenever you want people to think of you as friendly and engaging. You can also use your blushing colors to soften more serious colors like navy or black.

If you work in a corporate environment, for example, wear a blouse in your blushing color with your navy suit. The navy gives you an authoritative tone and your blushing color says I am approachable. 

Eye-Poppin’ Colors

woman wearing Eye-Poppin’ Colors

Your eye-poppin’ colors are the colors that make your eyes pop! This is a very flattering color to wear and I encourage you to make it a staple part of your wardrobe. For me, my eye-poppin’ colors are mint greens, turquoise and blues.

Golden brown eyes would wear a mustard or deep golden yellow, for example. The only exception would be super dark to almost black eyes. In this case, you won’t really have eye-poppin’ colors. Instead, you’ll likely choose a brighter jewel tone to create contrast with your deep eyes.

Your eye-poppin’ colors are your energy colors. They will make you feel good when you wear them and energize you, sending out positive vibrations. Other people will pick up on that positivity. 

Power Colors

Your power colors are the colors that you will wear when you want to command your space. These colors are typically worn when you need to project a sense of authority and presence.

These will be navy blue, red, purple and deep teal. Wear your power colors when presenting, public speaking, interviewing for a job or whenever you need to be the authority on a subject.

Choosing your colors is a fun and creative process. Try wearing your three signature colors and see which ones truly resonate with you. Notice how they make you feel and how others respond to you. Wear the colors that make you feel like you. Those will become your signature colors.

The more you wear your signature colors, the more people will identify you with those colors. What signature colors do you want people to think of when they think of you? 

Have fun and wear what you love!

jen-your-color-styleJen Thoden is a writer, speaker, entrepreneur, runner & mother-of-the-year (not). She is the international best selling author of “That’s My Color: Discover Your 5 Signature Colors To Transform Your Life”. Her mission is to help women express their true authentic self through color and creativity. She is the founder of Your Color Style™, a proprietary color system that makes it easy for women to discover their best colors. Jen is the go-to expert on color, confidence and authenticity.

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