What are SNS Nails?

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Far too often, consumers are forced to choose between health and beauty when it comes to their nails. Many of the most popular and available nail beauty options wreak havoc on one’s natural nails, but the visual result is compelling enough to keep these options popular. SNS Nails, however, offers a nail-safe alternative to these nail treatments with their line of dip powders.

Since 1990, Signature Nails Systems has produced an odor-free and easily used product to improve the appearance of nails without the damage. A wide assortment of shades and finishes, as well as a manicure that’s guaranteed to look great for weeks, has turned many acrylics fans into converts. From French manicures to festive glitter and everything in-between, SNS provides a nutrient-rich formula that nourishes nails rather than destroys them.

SNS Nails Dip Powders Vs. Gel Polish

The differences between traditional gel nails and SNS nails are tremendous. Have you ever gotten a gel manicure, only to have it chip and lose its shine within hours? These dipping powders provide a tough and durable nail covering that withstands whatever life throws at you. There are many notable features of this nail system that you should know about before you make a decision:

  • vitamins and minerals – SNS nails contain calcium, protecting the health of your natural nails.
  • The powders are odor-free, which is ideal for those who dislike the strong chemical smell of conventional salon manicures.
  • SNS dip powders are easy to use but are embraced by experienced and upcoming nail technicians alike.
  • The finished result can withstand up to four weeks of life’s activities.
  • Professional application costs only a few dollars more than traditional acrylic nails.

SNS Nails Dip Powder Review

An acrylic manicure looks fantastic when you walk out of the salon with the finished result on your fingertips. Unfortunately, these results don’t tend to look so fabulous for very long. If you are hard on your hands, it could be a mere matter of hours before chipping and peeling become a visible problem. I’ve found that this isn’t the case with SNS Nails Dip Powders.

SNS Nail Dipping Powder Pink And White Student Starter Kit

If removed incorrectly, Traditional Acrylics may damage nail beds and leave natural nails weak, which is quite disheartening when it comes time to remove them. I got tired of the damage that I experienced time after time and, in search of a healthier alternative, asked my nail tech about dipping powders. For only a few dollars more, I received a manicure that lasted two or three times as long as traditional acrylics!

Strong & Durable

Through cleaning, working and caring for animals, my nails withstood everything without losing their shine or chipping. I didn’t have to worry about losing a nail whenever I opened a soda can or deal with nail coverings coming loose. And, best yet, my nails looked incredible when I had the product removed after three weeks. I actually had to have my nails cut down a little bit because they had grown so long!

Amazing Results

It’s incredible that something that makes nails look so stellar could also contribute to a healthier set of nails, but it’s true. My nails are stronger and healthier than ever before. They look great with fewer trips to the salon, so the extra five to ten dollars per manicure doesn’t matter much. It’s still a money-saver in the alternative to getting acrylics filled every two weeks!

Long Lasting

In all, I’d recommend SNS Nails products to anybody who is in need of a long-lasting and durable manicure – especially if you are rough on your hands. The final result of a professional application of these powders withstands day-to-day life, no matter what that may mean for you.


Compared to acrylic nails, SNS powder nails are undoubtedly superior. Their flexibility keeps them durable through daily life without breaking or ripping off – an experience that I’m not eager to repeat and likely never will with SNS nails. I don’t have to worry about being extra wary of my nails when going about my business and never have to worry about my natural nails breaking when it comes time to have the artificial nails removed.

Ideal for Home Use

Another exciting aspect of SNS nails systems is that you don’t necessarily need to go to the salon for a professional nail look! SNS produces powder dip kits for use at home so that you can be your own nail tech. These kits are exceptionally easy to use, especially if you have a steady hand and the patience to learn.

SNS Nails Buying Guide

Are you unfamiliar with SNS Nails’ products? Are you looking for a manicure option that is a step above conventional methods of nail care? Continue reading to learn the ins and outs of SNS dipping powders. You might be surprised at just how different this system is, compared to your manicures of the past.
In this guide, we will tell you everything that you need to know about SNS nails powders including how to search for the perfect home manicure kit.

SNS NAILS Gelous Color Kits-Summer 2015 Collection

What Is SNS Dip Powder?

This dip powder is a professional nail manicure system that offers the great appearance of traditional manicures but without the damage. SNS dip powders are used by professional and amateur technicians to deliver long-lasting results without the use of UV light and harmful practices that damage natural nails.

What Are the Pros and Cons of SNS Dip Powder?

It’s important that you know the benefits and drawbacks of using any nail care system. While SNS offers many advantages over other types of manicures, there are some things that you might not be so enthused about. Let’s look at the pros and cons now.

SNS French Colors
SNS Nails Natural Colors

The Pros:

  • SNS dipping powders are odor-free. This means that there are no fumes causing headaches or stinking up the place.
  • The powders are available in a wide array of colors and finishes, including French manicure and high-sparkle, glitter options.
  • Powders are easy to use, even for nail technicians who are new to the business. The dip powder kits sold for at-home use can make anyone feel like a professional nail artist.
  • The formulation doesn’t damage natural nails and actually helps them to grow. SNS’ formula contains vitamins like calcium to help strengthen your natural nails instead of causing them damage.
  • Results are long-lasting, leaving nails chip-free for as long as four weeks. This is two weeks longer than the durability of traditional acrylic nails.
  • Nails treated with SNS dry very quickly, so say good-bye to sitting at the UV light! Drying takes only a few minutes of air exposure.

The Cons:

  • These manicures cannot be filled like other types. They must be removed and replaced after three to four weeks.
  • The cost of a dip powder manicure may be a little bit more than you are used to spending on alternative manicures.
  • It is ideal to have a professional remove your dip powder manicure, as improper removal at home could cause the nail to sustain some damage.

How Long Do SNS Nails Stay On For?

SNS nails can be worn for as long as four weeks, though most people get them removed and replaced around week three. Compare this to acrylics, which need replacement every two weeks.

Do SNS Nails damage Your Nails? 

Because of the infusion of health-promoting vitamins in the formula, SNS dip powders do not harm natural nails. They can actually help them to grow stronger and longer, unlike acrylics which inflict damage to nails. (Read more: Dip powders vs. gels vs. acrylics)

Even the removal of SNS nails is notably gentle as to avoid inflicting harm to your natural nail beds. Requiring only acetone that does not strip, weaken or otherwise damage nails, you don’t have to deal with your manicure making your nails weak and brittle.
You should, however, act with caution when choosing any manicure of this nature if you already have weak or especially brittle nails.

Is SNS the Same as Acrylic?

The short answer: Sort of.

The long answer: SNS nail dip powders are comprised of acrylic material, but in a different form than you may be used to. The bonding process is different between acrylic-based dip powder nails and the hard acrylic that is still used in a significant portion of manicures worldwide. It is also worth noting that many gel nail polishes even contain acrylic.

The fine acrylic powder used in SNS nails bonds to the nail using glue. This is much safer and healthier for nails than the liquid monomer that is used to bond traditional acrylic nails to the natural nail bed. MMA, or methyl methacrylate, is the monomer in question – and it is dangerous to use.
Let’s discuss the differences between acrylic-based nail treatments involving glue versus acrylic nails bonded with MMA. (Read more: Our 15 best nail dipping powder  reviews)

Rigidity vs. Flexibility

The artificial nails used in an acrylic manicure are quite rigid and inflexible. SNS nails are formed quite precisely to the natural shape of the nail and aren’t quite so rigid.

The flexibility of SNS nails allows your fingertips to endure some damage without causing the nail to break or painfully separate itself from the nail bed.

Nail Damage

Acrylic extensions are very damaging to nails. You can often see the visible signs of damage as soon as the artificial nail is removed. Weak, brittle and peeling nails are quite common with acrylics.

SNS nails, on the other hand, do not inflict damage to nail beds. Your nails will be even healthier than they were before the application of the dip powder manicure.

Chemical Smells

Acrylic nails require the use of harsh chemicals that produce a very strong odor. SNS nails are odor-free. This means that you do not have to be subjected to foul fumes that can cause headaches.

Ease of Application

SNS nails are significantly easier and quicker to apply. Acrylics require a skilled hand and keen eye to shape the artificial nail into its desired form. A manicure composed of dip powder, on the other hand, is easier to sculpt.

They also dry much more quickly than polish applied to acrylic nails – without the use of LED or UV lighting!

In fact, SNS nails are so easily applied that you can even do it at home! All you need is one of the brand’s dip powder kits, a steady hand and a bit of patience as you fine-tune your process. With the proper amount of determination, you can create professional-looking results at home! It really couldn’t get any easier.

Acrylic nails are still quite popular due to the low price point and overall durability of these manicures. Yet, when compared to the benefits of a professional dip powder manicure, it’s clear that SNS nails are superior in a number of ways.

How Do I Apply SNS Nails Dip Powder?

Application of SNS dip powder is incredibly easy and straight-forward, though it’s still recommended that you pursue the expertise of a professional to do so.

You should research salons and technicians in your area before committing to one establishment. Ensure that your technician is properly trained in the use of SNS nail dip powders. The process is quite simple and just a matter of a few steps.

Step One Choose your color. There are many options to pick from! You have options ranging through all hues, French manicures and even glitzy, glamorous glitter.

Step Two The natural nail is prepared for application. This requires the removal of any existing nail polish and the washing of the nails. The surface of your nails may be buffed and then prepped with an application of primer.

Step Three Each finger is dipped once or more into the powder. Oftentimes, the nails require a second dip to ensure the even application of the desired color. The technician dusts away excess powder and then seals the manicure with a topcoat.

Note: Your technician should not be dipping your fingers directly into the product container, as this increases exposure to harmful bacteria between clients.

Step Four Wait just a few minutes to ensure proper drying, and you’re good to go on with the rest of your day. SNS nails dry very quickly and do not require the tedious task of sitting with your hands under a UV light.

How Can I Remove My Dip Nails at Home?

Generally speaking, it is best practice to have your dip powder nails removed by the professional who applied them. Still, it might not be easy to find the time to do this if your schedule is hectic or you need to remove the nails earlier than you had expected. For this reason, I’ve compiled this step-by-step process of removing SNS nails in the comfort and convenience of one’s own home.

Step One

Acquire 100% acetone and a nail file. You may also want to use cotton balls and tin foil, so have those on-hand if so. If you do not have access to pure acetone, nail polish remover will suffice. These steps don’t change, but since nail polish remover isn’t made of 100% acetone, it may take a bit longer during step three.

Step Two

You will need to buff out the top layer of shine that covers the surface of the nail. You don’t need to chip away at the colored layers underneath, so just a couple of passes with a buffer or nail file should suffice. Simply make sure that the surface of each nail is stripped of its shine.

Step Three

Soak the nails in 100% pure acetone. This dissolves the manicure gently and safely. You will have to sit with your nails soaking for ten to twenty minutes to ensure a gentle removal. Simply pour a small amount of acetone into a shallow dish and soak for a consistent ten to twenty minutes.
A few more minutes will need to be added to the soak time if you are using regular nail polish remover instead of 100% pure acetone.

Optional: Don’t feel like sitting around for twenty minutes waiting for your nails to dissolve? Do you simply hate the smell of acetone? You can soak cotton balls in acetone and then cover the fingernails with tin foil. This should take no longer than soaking your nails outright and should cut down on the strong smell.

Step Four

If the nails have become soft and sticky in texture, then it’s time to remove them! At this point, you should be able to easily and quickly wipe the manicure away with a paper towel. Wash your hands to clear them of any acetone or residue, and you’re done!

How Do I Pick out the Best Dip Powder Kit?

While getting your nails professionally done at a salon is ideal, even with a system as easy to use as dip powder kits, there are numerous kits on the market to choose from. You may have seen YouTube videos or Instagram posts from home users of dip powder manicures. When carefully and accurately applied, the results from a home manicure can be just as appealing as one done in a salon. (Read more: SNS Nails vs. Kiara Sky)

But how is one to choose the best dip powder kit for them? There are a lot of variables to consider when making this selection. Refer to the buying guide below to help you choose the best kit out of a sea of options.


The price of a dip powder kit differs drastically from brand to brand, and even from kit to kit within a brand. Some inexpensive options could be exactly what you’re looking for while a heftier price tag may seem excessive for the quality.
When deciding whether a kit delivers for its price, research these qualities:

  • Does the kit come with any additional tools to help you customize your look?
  • What size dip powders are available in the kit? Will you be paying a lot for very little, or vice-versa?
  • How well-reviewed is the product itself? Browse through Amazon and other review sites to compare the general reception of the product by consumers like yourself.

Ease of Use

One of the greatest features of dip powder nails is how easy they are to apply. Even amateur nail artists can create professional-looking results in just a matter of minutes, especially when the materials are of the highest quality. Look for kits specifically designed for professional and home use, like many of the kits sold by SNS Nails.


You know how expensive it can be to routinely get your manicure touched up by the professionals. Even if it doesn’t seem like much at first, the costs do add up over time – and sometimes to a staggering amount.

One kit from SNS nails covers users for thirty to fifty manicures, which would cost hundreds or even a thousand dollars or more if every manicure is done at a salon. For around $200, consumers can ensure that they get as many as fifty high-quality, professional-looking manicures right at home.

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Some home nail dipping kits can only withstand roughly two weeks of use before they need to be removed and replaced. This could be fine for you, especially if you want to change the color of your nails relatively often.

However, if you are looking for a longer-lasting manicure, you should carefully consider your purchase. Look for kits that advertise three weeks – 21 days – of durability between replacements.

Chemical Composition

One distinct perk of nail dipping powders is the lack of harsh smells that are commonly associated with acrylic nail extensions. While all dip kits are gentle in formulation, they are not identical. Some kits, like the professional-quality SNS nails systems, are infused with additional vitamins to strengthen and improve natural nails.

Color Options

Because dip powder kits are available in a wide assortment of colors and finishes, it’s worthwhile to shop around for the perfect options. You can find everything ranging from the perfect French manicure to the glitziest of holiday glitter nails.

SNS Nails – Conclusion

For nearly thirty years, SNS dip powder nail kits have been favored by consumers and salon experts worldwide. If you’ve read everything above this, you’ll understand exactly how this is the case – and SNS is only becoming more popular as more and more individuals choose to avoid the harm caused by traditional acrylics.

Beautiful nails that can be done professionally or at home for a low price point is something to be celebrated. In the case of SNS nail kits, you can also celebrate the fact that your natural nails will only improve in length and strength. This is thanks to the unique, vitamin-enriched formula of the brand’s high-quality nail powders.

SNS nails are just as beautiful as any other option that you might choose but come with the added benefits of convenience, safety, flexibility, and durability that is unmatched by other manicure methods. No longer do you have to settle for damaging and easily broken artificial nails that can’t stand up to the day-to-day life that you lead.

SNS nails can be used at home or in the salon, so you never have to take time out of your busy schedule to get breathtaking nails. It takes less time than ever before to get the best manicure possible.

Hope you found our SNS NAILS article useful.

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