Salon Hair Dye vs Store Bought Box Dye

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Today we will talk about salon hair dye vs. store-bought box dye. When you decide to dye your hair nowadays, you have two options. Either go to the salon and have a professional do it or buy a DIY, at-home store-bought box dye and apply the dye yourself.

Both options have their fair share of pros and cons. When you go to a salon, you receive a professional touch, even though you will have to pay more. On the other hand, DIY is cheaper, but when you think about what people say regarding the adverse effects of at-home dyes, you may question which option is better.

salon hair dye vs. store bought box dye

So, if you are on the fence about which form of “dying your hair is best for you, we are here to help answer the question, salon hair dye vs. at-home store-bought kits, which is better? With the purpose that whatever you decide leaves you at ease.

Read on, to see the tips we have included to hopefully give you some peace of mind and help you figure out which decision is right for you.

What Is the Difference Between Professional Hair Color and Box Color?

The perception that at home dyes are secondary compared to those used by professional hairstylists is false. The reason is that most manufacturers make the same dyes for DIY and professional use.

Therefore, regarding the ingredients, all parties get the same thing. The problem usually comes when you decide to buy a cheap DIY dye kit. Most of these often lack protective ingredients, and as a result, the chemicals found in box dyes can be too harsh on your hair and scalp.

The components again might be over-concentrated, giving you an unpleasant outcome.

At Home Box Dyes Follow a One Size Fits All Approach.

No one size fits all when it comes to skincare, beauty care, and even hair care. So, you should be careful with at-home dyes because they are manufactured for everyone. The problem with such a product is that we all have different hair needs.

You might be interested in a lighter shade. After applying a box dye, you may end up with a darker shade instead. A possible result is that you may have to spend more to fix your hair.

To avoid this, always pick a box dye with a lighter shade than what you want. Also, ensure you are using a practical application technique. With so many DIY dye application tutorials floating around on Facebook, YouTube, or IGTV, you shouldn’t find it hard to learn how to apply hair color at home properly.

The Salon is the Best Place to Get Bespoke Color Correction

If you are looking for a drastic change, then going to a salon and having a professional job done is the best option. No longer will you have to throw a shade at Jared Leto for having a prettier dye job than you.

Professional hairstylists have been trained to even out patches and lift hair colors as well as do intense, drastic dye jobs. So, if you are interested in applying more than two shades of dye, do a search for a salon or hair stylist that is well known for these sorts of jobs near you.

For Both to Work, Your Hair Must be in the Best Condition

We’ve all been there, got that horrible perm, or went a little too drastic with a dye job, since it looked fabulous on our friend, but fried the heck out of our ends. So, then you know that as damage-free or risk-free, color doesn’t exist.

Even if you are dying your hair yourself or making a trip to a salon, your hair must be in excellent condition. A salon color trip will not make or get your hair any healthier than the dye job at home. Therefore, it is wise to delay coloring altogether until your hair is highly conditioned. 

A Patch Test is Necessary

Two days before going to the salon, or applying the dye at home, perform a patch test. These two types of dyes contain Para-phenylenediamine, an organic compound that ensures the dark pigment sticks to your hair.

This can lead to allergic reactions when you meet it. Even though it is found mostly in darker hair dyes, we recommend doing a patch test before application.

As mentioned earlier, at-home kits tend to have a higher concentration of ingredients. You must do a patch test with these types of hair dyes. This will ensure you do not suffer allergic reactions later on. With that being said, you shouldn’t dismiss the idea of doing a patch test at the salon as well.

Professional Assistance is not Only Limited to the Salon.

Did you know that you can still buy an at-home kit and even get professional help? Popular brands such as L’Oreal Paris have online chat sections where you can get guidance on how best to apply DIY hair color kits.

Even though this isn’t similar to face-to-face interaction in salons, it can help you avoid disasters that you can get yourself in without even knowing. Again it’s a good idea to get additional tips from YouTube and other DIY dye application forums.

At-Home Dye Kits are More Affordable 

Obviously, you will save money if you choose to do a DIY kit. However, sometimes we want to treat ourselves and have our own mini oasis moment, by getting our hair dyed at the salon. Of course, this will be the more expensive option since you’re paying a professional for their expertise and experience. 

Why Do Hairdressers Dislike Box Dye?

Mention the words box dye in a salon, and all the stylists will stare at you, with disappointment or disbelieve. Well, this is because we have experienced the downsides of using box dye.

First-hand, we have seen how box dye has ruined the gorgeous hair of many of our clients. Not to mention, the number of clients who have walked into our salons and endured hours of getting unwanted tones removed from their hair.

The Best Professional Hair Dyes for Home Use

professional salon hair dye


1. Elgon Moda & Styling Cosmetic Hair Colour Cream

Closely following Goldwell Nectaya is Elgon Moda’s hair color. It contains 50% ammonia and is thus gentle on hair, and the smell is relatively pleasant. Another characteristic that distinguishes Elgon Moda from other professional hair dyes is how its molecules are 50% smaller than the rest. When applied to hair, the smaller molecules have a higher chance of penetrating hair shafts giving you a long-lasting dye. 

2. Wella Koleston Perfect Hair Colour

Wella brings you a variety of hair color options at an affordable price. You can choose from over 60 unique shades. This hair dye contains an avocado conditioner that will nourish your strands, leaving it healthier than before.

Top Tips on How to Dye Your Hair Like A Pro

As we wrap up our comparison on professional vs. at home dyes, let us leave you with some useful tips on dyeing your hair like a pro.

1. Maintaining color

After years of trial and error, if you have finally found the perfect shade and want to maintain it for longer, ensure that you apply touch-ups only on the hair roots. The downside of coloring already over colored hair is that it can over darken your hair. And you risk damaging it. 

2. Going Lighter

You have a couple of options to choose from if you decide to go lighter. The first one is, you can apply a color removal product that will help get rid of darker pigments. You can also choose to lighten only new growth. This way, the ends of your hair will fade with time and even out. Finally, you can add highlights.

3. Going Darker

It’s easier to go darker than it is lighter. However, we highly recommend you take it slow to avoid damaging your hair. Also, please don’t go too darker because it can be harder to go lighter later on.

4. Keeping Highlights

Are you considering keeping your lights? The best course of action is to use a single process color on grown-in roots. This way, you can achieve a pleasant and more natural look.

5. Covering Highlights

Is it time to say goodbye to your highlights? If so, then you should get a color fill. It won’t only cover your highlights but will replace the removed pigmentation when you were highlighting.

Bottom Line

Dying your hair isn’t a decision to be made lightly. It can change how you look entirely.

Therefore, it’s wise to consider all these factors before you decide which one is the best option for your hair- salon hair dye Vs. store-bought box dye. If you have doubts about DIY at home dyes, you can always get a professional color splash from your hairdresser.

As hairstylists, we have years of experience and are truly knowledgeable about creating the perfect shade that will look amazing on your hair.

Did you like our salon hair dye vs. store-bought box dye article? Please comment and let us know how do you dye your hair?

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