Kiara Sky vs SNS Nails

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Kiara Sky vs SNS nails

This is the Kiara Sky Vs. SNS Nails dip powder comparison, who will win the holy grail of nail dipping powders?

Kiara Sky and SNS Nails are top high-quality brands who make odorless, Non-toxic Dipping powders.

The reason those brands are so popular is definitely obvious – the manicure results look professional, and the variety of colors you can choose from is impressive.

The greatest thing about these two dip powder brands is that they are ideal for both home base use and professional use.

The fact nail dipping powders are so easy to use is a huge advantage for those who want to save some money on nail salons and still get a gorgeous manicure look.

So, in this article, we will compare Kiara Sky VS SNS Nails and decide who the ultimate nail dip powders winner.


Kiara Sky Vs. SNS the battle of Nail Dipping powder kits

Kiara Sky “French” nail dipping powder system Starter kit

We already said so many good things about this nail dipping powder kit before. In fact, this amazing kit is our winner of the 7 best nail dipping powder system reviews.

Kiara sky starter kit best nail dipping system reviews

What is Great About Kiara Sky Powders?

The reason we love the Kiara Sky French starter kit so much is the fact that it is nontoxic, odorless, MMA free and cruelty-free. But on top all of that, the best thing about the Kiara Sky powders is the fact they are durable and long lasting.

How long Does it last?

The Kiara sky French kit manicure lasted on my nails for 21 days without any chipping of lifting. The only reason I removed it after 21 days is that my nails grew out and I had to have a fill.

KS kit nail dipping system reviews
Kiara Sky Pure white Dip Powder

Professional Manicure Look

It is important to know that dip powders don’t require a great technique like a traditional acrylic application or gel polish application.
You don’t need to be as precise, and defiantly don’t need to be a professional in order to create a professional looking manicure.
Just do the easy instruction step by step and get your beautiful nail design.


I must say this, one of the most significant advantages to Kiara Sky’s kits is the pricing. When you compare the Kiara Sky kits vs. SNS Nail kits, you see that you can purchase Kiara Sky’s kits at almost half the price of SNS kits.

After Trying both kits and powders I can honestly say the resoles with both brands look amazing on the nails, but when you add the pricing factor, Kiara sky kits are a definite winner.

Kiara sky clear dipping powder
Kiara Sky Clear Dipping Powder


Some people might say there lots of steps when you do a dip powder manicure, to those people I can say one thing. I do a perfect dip powder on my both hands in only 20 minutes.

Yes, there some steps but every step will take you about 2 seconds, so eventually it will save you lots of time.

Money Saving

We all know a salon manicure is not cheap, one salon manicure will cost you about 35$-40$. With this kit, you can save about 30-40 salon visits. Yes, I know, you can save a lot of money.

Comfortable and Easy to Use

This one of the easiest to follow dip powder kits. Using Kiara Sky dip powder tray is very comfortable while doing a French manicure or a full overlay.

No UV Light Needed

Another benefit dip powder has on gels is the fact they don’t need a UV or Led light in order to cure perfectly. The Kiara Sky top coat shiny and durable and do not require any UV light.

More Benefits

I love the fact that Kiara Sky dip powders are formulated without any harsh chemicals and enhanced with minerals and vitamins, so it actually more gentle on the nails.

What Do You Get In The Kit?


  • Natural Powder (1 oz)
  • Pure White (1 oz)
  • Light Pink Powder (1 oz)
  • Medium Pink Powder (1 oz)
  • Dark Pink Powder (1 oz)
  • Kiara Sky Dip Case


  • Bond (.5 fl oz)
  • Base (.5 fl oz)
  • Seal Protect (.5 fl oz)
  • Top (.5 fl oz)
  • Nourish Oil (.5 fl oz)
  • Brush Saver (.5 fl oz)


The Kiara Sky nail dipping powder kit includes everything you need to make the most amazing French manicure or a full overlay.

The Kiara Sky dipping powders are odorless, nontoxic, easy to use and very durable.

This kit is ideal for both professional and home-based use. The Kiara sky kit manicure lasted on my nails for 21 days without chipping or lifting.

If you compare the Kiara Sky vs. SNS the pricing is a primary factor you should consider, both products look professional, and both are long lasting.

Kiara sky kits are very affordable and come at a better price.

Kiara Sky “Color” nail dip powder system Starter kit

The Kiara Sky color kit launched on December 2017, in this kit you will find some amazing red and gold glitter that is perfect for the Christmas spirit.

best nail dipping system reviews

The Recycle System

The Kiara Sky Recycle System is an excellent addition to “color” starter kit. The Purpose of this Recycle system is to save as much product as possible while dipping. It works great, plus it helps me make some beautiful designs while doing my nails.


We love this kit for many reasons one of them is its versatility, the colors in the kit are amazing for both summer and winter time so you can get the most beautiful designs and still stay trendy.

KS color kit nail dip powder reviews (1)

No Harsh Chemicals

Both, the KS color kit and the French nail dipping powder kit are Nontoxic, Odorless and MMA-Free. It is very important to pick high-quality dip powders that will be gentle on the nails. Some harsh chemicals might be the cause for dry, brittle and damaged nails.


The Kiara sky “color kit” was easy to use. The manicure lasted on my nails for 21 days without chipping. This result was similar to the “French” nail dip kit.

No UV Needed

The KS nail dipping powders don’t need any UV light in order to cure.


I feel like the pricing on the Kiara Sky Kits is Great. The price of this nail dipping powder kit is in the same range as the “French” kit. It is very affordable and a real bang for your buck.

Minerals and Vitamins

Kiara Sky dip powders are added with calcium and vitamins. Also, the dip powders contain complex bonds that keep the manicure from chipping, discoloring or lifting.

What do you get in the kit?


  •  Natural Powder (1 oz)
  • Clear Powder (1 oz)
  • Signature Color Powder (Nude) (1 oz)
  • Signature Color Powder (Red) (1 oz)
  • Signature Color Powder (Gold Glitter) (1 oz)


  • Bond (.5 fl oz)
  • Base (.5 fl oz)
  • Seal Protect (.5 fl oz)
  • Top (.5 fl oz)
  • Nourish Oil (.5 fl oz)
  • Brush Saver (.5 fl oz)


  • KS Recycle System


The Kiara Sky comes with a great addition to it that will save you a lot of product. The KS recycle system has 2 trays it is easy, and comfortable to use. Also, in this kit, you get 3 color dipping powders (Nude, red and the most amazing gold glitter). Of course, you also get a natural and clear powder.

This kit is versatile, and the manicure results are absolutely stunning. Overall its affordable, durable, easy to use and odorless. No wonder people love it so much.

SNS Nails Dipping Powder, Student Starter Kit 4, Pink and White

This Nail dip kit is actually the upgraded student starter kit. SNS nails lately released a new logo, and all their nail dipping powder kits and products rebranded. I will tell you this- I love SNS Nails Dip powders, they look amazingly professional on the nails, they are durable and long lasting.

SNS nail dipping powder kit reviews

The powders

What I love about the SNS Nails dipping powders is the fact they are light on the nails, this is why the result looks so natural and professional. In this kit, you get everything for creating a beautiful French look or a full overlay.

Tip: apply thin layers of base coat before dipping and a thin layer of top coat.

Nourishes the nail

The SNS dipping powder system combines some healthy ingredients that actively nourish the nails. The SNS Nails dipping powder system enhanced with vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A, Vitamin B5, Vitamin E, Vitamin D3, and Calcium.  (Read More about the SNS Nails Brand)


The significant advantage of using high-quality brands such as Kiara Sky or SNS Gelous dipping powders is that they make odorless nail dipping systems.

No Harsh Chemicals

SNS Gelous nail dipping powder kit does not contain harsh chemicals such as formaldehyde, toluene or DBP. It is very important to make sure that the dip powders your using do not contain harsh chemicals as they may cause some damage to your nails.

SNS French Colors
SNS Nails Natural Colors

Easy to use

The SNS nails powders are very easy to use, the kit comes with a comfortable French dip molding which is very comfortable to use while designing a French nail.

No primer

This kit does not include a primer simply because it does not need one. With this SNS nail kit, you will be able to skip the primer step and simply start with applying the base.

 No UV Light

The SNS top coat and the base do not need any UV or LED light in order to cure. The top coat has a beautiful shine to it, it is very strong and as I said before the results are fabulous, no wonder so many nail technicians love SNS Nails dipping powders.

Long Lasting

The SNS Nails dipping powders are very durable and long-lasting. Similarly to the Kiara sky kits, the SNS nail dipping powders lasted about 21 days on my nails without chipping or lifting


This kit is not cheap, it is not as affordable as other kits on the market. The SNS Student “French” kit includes 4 dip powders 2 Oz each. In comparison, the Kiara sky nail dipping powder kit includes 5 Dipping powders 1 Oz each. Basically, The SNS Nail Kits include more product, But even if you buy 3 more KS dipping powders to make it even KS is still way more affordable then the SNS kit.


What Do You Get?


  • French white (2 oz)
  • Natural set (2 oz)
  • Dip Powder Natural pink (2 oz)
  • Natural fill (2 oz)
  • French dip molding


  • Gel base
  • Brush saver
  • Sealer dry
  • Brush on glue
  • Ea. bond
  • Gel top
  • Vitamin oil.


Like in the Kiara sky kits the SNS nails dip powders have so many great qualities. The nail dipping powder system is odorless, durable, strong and you don’t need a UV or LED Light in order to cure it.

SNS Nail Dipping powder kit

This kit is very user-friendly, It is very comfortable effortless to use.  I love the fact they added vitamins and minerals to their dipping powders, and do not contain harsh chemicals such as formaldehyde, toluene or DBP.

The SNS dipping powders look amazing on the nails, this high-quality dipping powders will definitely give you that professional look that you are looking for.

This kit is ideal for both Professional and home-based use.

If you wish to buy more dipping powder colors, the SNS Nail brand has an impressive 400 colors you can choose from. (You can find them here). I love the SNS Nails “French” student kit, I just wish it was a bit more affordable.

Kiara Sky VS SNS Nails The Nail Dipping Battle Winner

Kiara Sky VS SNS NailsKiara SkySNS Nails
Glossy Finish
Long Lasting
No UV Needed
No Hursh Chemicals
Vitamins And Minerals

We all know Kiara Sky, and SNS Nails are the top best dipping powder brands on the market. Both brands providing reliable and durable products, odorless, and both gentle on the nails.

The final results with the Kiara Sky dip powders and with the SNS dipping powders are beautiful. They really look professional and feel natural on the nails.

Both brands (SNS and Kiara Sky) helped me get the most of my manicure, it was very long lasting and lasted on my nails 21 days without chipping or lifting (after 21 days I did a fill because my nails grew out).

Kiara Sky Dip Colors
Kiara Sky Dip Colors

Colorwise SNS Nails has more than 400 colors you can choose from, but I love the Kiara sky’s colors better. In my opinion, Kiara sky’s glitters are stunning and look amazing on the nails.

Both Kiara Sky and SNS nails dipping powders do not need any UV or LED light to cure which is a huge benefit.
Plus, both dip powder brands adding some vitamins and minerals to their dipping powders systems.

When it comes to Affordability, The Kiara Sky dipping powder kits come at a great price (sometimes half the price of SNS Nails kits).

If you’re interested in buying color dipping powders separately, you can find both dip powders at good prices (The SNS Gel steps are Pricier then the Kiara Sky gel steps).

Kiara Sky VS SNS Nails Final Thoughts

For me, the Kiara Sky Brand is the winner. Its durable, long-lasting, cruelty-free and do not contain harsh chemicals.

But what really makes this brand stand out is the most amazing classy and beautiful colors, fantastic dip powder glitters (the best I’ve tried).

Also, I love the Kiara Sky Recycle system that comes with the color kit, it is amazing and helps me to save a lot of product, and finally the pricing.

Kiara sky kits are very affordable, they ideal for both professional and home-based use and do not need a UV light in order to cure.

Bottom Line: Kiara sky is our winning brand

Check The Kiara Sky Color Kit Price
Check The Kiara Sky French Kit Price 

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