How To Use Silicone Gel Sheets For Scars

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Scars can make us self-conscious, no matter how big or small they may be. Luckily, we live in a time where we can treat our scars with high quality and inexpensive products available at our fingertips. Did you know silicone gel sheets are one of the safest and most effective products you can use to help make your scars disappear?

Read on, and I will tell you how they work, what problems they work on, and why they’re one of my favorite things in the world.  

how to use silicone gel sheets for scars

How Do Silicone Gel Sheets Work on Scars?

Silicone sheets work on scars by helping to modify them. This is done by helping to “occlude” or seal them. This, in turn, helps prevent dehydration of the wound.

Without proper hydration, the dehydrated wound cannot heal properly and leads to nasty scars. Silicone sheets provide a barrier to your skin that locks in moisture but still allows your skin to breathe and oxygenate. Oxygen is vital for the skin to heal. 

The gel sheets also absorb the tension from the scar, allowing it to heal more narrowly. They also reduce the redness of the injury by preventing new small red blood vessels (called capillaries) from forming.

Finally, it is believed that the force applied by the sheet helps align collagen fibers more efficiently, resulting in a better looking/feeling scar. These sheets really are the gift that keeps on giving with their enhanced scar healing! 

The Difference Between Silicone Sheets and Silicone Gel for Scars

Both medical-grade silicone sheets and silicone gel can provide fantastic results. These products can treat keloid (raised), hypertrophic (thick and raised), burn, acne, and surgical procedure scars.  

Silicone sheets are the solidified version of silicone and mimic your skin. The sheets are flexible, with a rubber-like texture. Because they are durable, they can often be reused after being washed with gentle soap and water.

Often the sheets come in different shapes and sizes to suit different needs. The back of the sheet is adhesive, allowing it to stick to the skin for treatment.  

Treatment usually consists of 8-12 weeks. These sheets can be applied as soon as sutures are removed or once the wound has begun to heal. Any earlier may delay healing of the wound and poses a risk for infection.

These sheets are best for scars under 18 months old, but can still be used and effective on scars older than this.

Silicone gels are absorbed through the skin and less noticeable than a silicone sheet. Gels are more useful for scars on the face, and in areas like elbows or knees where a sheet restricts movement.

They can be used 8-12 weeks as well, 2-3 times a day. The only downfall with the gel is you have to watch out that it doesn’t stain your clothing or other fabrics. However, a little goes a long way, so a tube is sure to last you quite a while!  

How to Use Silicone Gel Sheets for Scars? (Step by Step)

scar gel sheets

Silicone gel scar sheets are simple and easy to use. They are best applied at night, at least 2 hours before bed. You’ll want to allow at least two hours before wearing tight clothes or any physical activity.  

  1.  Shower or thoroughly clean the area where the sheet will be applied. Do not apply lotion or anything else around the area that will affect the adhesion of the sheet. 
  2. Ensure hair is removed if the wound is within the hairline. 
  3. Use an alcohol wipe to clean the area and allow it to dry before apply sheet. 
  4. Cut the sheet into an appropriate size (if necessary).
  5. Remove the back of the sheet. It’s very sticky, so be careful not to get stuck on anything you don’t want it stuck to!
  6. Apply sheet over your scar or wound.
  7. Press and hold the sheet into your skin to get a good stick (up to 1 minute).
  8. Smooth out any air pockets and make sure the sheet is even with your skin.
  9. Make sure the edges of the sheet are fully sealed around. 

How Long Should You Wear Silicone Scar Sheets?

This depends on the product. Some are made for up to 12 weeks; others are only made for up to 4. Be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully!

How Do You Use Silicone Gel for Scars? (Step by Step)

Silicone scar gel can be applied multiple times during the day. To get the best results, follow these easy steps:

  1. Clean and dry the affected area
  2. Apply a thin, even layer over scar/wound
  3. Rub the gel into the skin and allow it to dry completely.
  4. Apply sunscreen over this if your product doesn’t already include sunscreen.
  5. Repeat process 2-3 times daily. 

Are Silicone Sheets Better Than Gel?

Scaraway Vs. Mederma

Sheets are generally better for larger scars, while the gel is better for smaller. However, both are equally beneficial—so it’s up to your and your lifestyle when it comes down to choosing the best option for you! 

Do Silicone Scar Sheets Work on Stretch Marks?

Yes! Since stretch marks are technically a scar, silicone scar sheets can help reduce your stretch marks. While the results may not be dramatic, these sheets may be able to reduce the appearance.  

How Long Do Silicone Gel Sheets Take to Work?

Often, results can be seen in as little as two weeks, when the products are used as directed. You’ll REALLY notice the difference after 3 months of use.  

Pro Tips: 

  • While using silicone gel treatments, avoid swimming or baths. Stick with showers for the best results.  
  • Be sure to give skin a 24-hour break between sheet applications to allow it to “breath.”
  • If you’re looking for the best tips on how to cover your scars with makeup, please check out this article. This article includes how to cover raised, indented, burn scars, and so much more.  

Top 5 Best Silicone Gel Products on the Market

With hundreds of great products available, how does one go about choosing the best? As always, we’ve done the hard work for you. Here are the very best ones that you can trust: 

1. Aroamas Silicone Scar Sheets

These silicone scar sheets are a very affordable and dependable way to treat unwanted marks on your skin. Made from medical grade silicone, these quality sheets have been proven to help with the appearance of a variety of scars. Also, these sheets are super safe and odorless, non-toxic, and comfortable to wear. You can even reuse each sheet for up to 2 weeks! Hello money-saver! 

2. Aroamas Scar Gel

Aroamas scar gel is your go-to gel if you have a smaller scar you’re dealing with. This is an excellent choice for scars on the face, burns, surgical cuts, and so much more. I used the product after laparoscopic surgery, and I feel like it helped significantly with my “bikini line” scars. I barely notice them anymore. This product uses gentle ingredients that are safe for the whole family.

3. EalionMed Silicone Scar Sheets

For a more economical option, you can try EalionMed silicone scar sheets. This number 1 pharmacist recommended brand will help you heal and lighten your scars, both old and new. These sheets are easy to cut to conform to any kind of scar. With 8 different sheets that you’re able to reuse, this product is an excellent investment for your scar improvement.

4. Scarbandit Silicone Scar Sheets

ScarBandit silicone scar sheets are the perfect treatment if you’re seeking pre-cut custom sizes for specific scars. These sheets are 30% stronger than some of its competitors yet still very gentle on the skin. They are so sure you’ll love their product that they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. You’ve nothing to lose, except the scars!

5. Scar Sheets by Epiderm Natural 

Epiderm Natural provides one of the most comfortable sheets in the industry. This FDA class 1 medical device comes in 2 colors to suit your needs: natural (skin tone with fabric back) or clear gel. Because their sheets are thinner than many competing brands, Epiderm will conform precisely to the contours of your body.


Silicone for scar therapy has been in use for over 30 years. It is considered safe and effective and recommended by countless medical experts. And while scars shouldn’t hold you back from living your life, it’s ok to want to make them disappear. 

Silicone is a much-loved product in the scar treatment industry, and it could do wonders for your skin. When in doubt, always consult your dermatologist, especially if you have very sensitive skin. After all, you don’t want to do more damage! 

Thanks for stopping by! We hope you enjoyed this article about how to use silicone gel sheets for scars.

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