How to Stop Foundation from Settling in Pores

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Our skin is one of the first things most people notice. It is our largest body organ, and unfortunately, it is usually affected by many factors which include our environment, the food we eat, our health, and the makeup we apply.

Foundation gives the skin the extra coverage we all want, but usually, at the end of the day, the foundation can settle into your pores or even into fine lines and make you look old and tired which is not the look anybody would want. So, What can we do? buckle up and learn how to stop foundation from settling in pores.

how to stop foundation from settling in pores

How to Stop Your Foundation from Settling in Pores?

Foundation is one of the most loved and used makeup item. It covers our imperfections and flaws and makes us look amazing at any event. Unfortunately, when these foundations settle in pores of the skin, they end up causing more harm than good.

To prevent the foundation from settling in your pores, there are a few tricks you can pull, and once you find the ideal method that suits the type of your skin, You have can prevent clogged pores that make you look older than you are.

Although we use makeup to correct flaws in our skin, the foundation brings our attention to lines on the face. Learning how to keep foundation on the surface of your skin when you put on your makeup can be an invaluable skill.

1. Cleaning your skin the right way

Applying foundation to dirty skin or not cleaning your skin properly can cause uneven finishes. This will cause the foundation to settle down in pores and wrinkles a lot faster. Cleansing your skin the correct way before applying foundation helps you get an even finish.

It is crucial to apply foundation on clean skin. Removing dirt, excess oil, sweat, and bacteria will prevent the foundation from settling down in pores and breaking up after a few hours.

2. Exfoliating your skin often

Exfoliating your skin regularly will not only smoothen your skin and make you look younger but will also prevent your foundation from settling into your pores, wrinkles, and fine lines.

Top Tip: Chemical exfoliates also remove the dead skin cells on your skin and increase the rate at which new skin cells form. It is essential to exfoliate your skin regularly at least once in a week for effective results.

3. Moisturize your skin before you apply your foundation

If you use foundation on your dehydrated face, the lack of hydration will make your face settle down in your pores and fine lines quickly. Applying makeup on a rough surface will give your skin and rugged look and make it appear flakey.

Moisturizing your skin preps your skin for the foundation. It makes the foundation appear even and also prevents the makeup from settling and clumping up on your skin.

4. Applying primer before you put on foundation

Many people usually underestimate the value of primer. Using a good primer will fill up your pores, wrinkles, and fine lines and provides a flat finish. However, that’s not the best part.

As a makeup artist, I can say that using a good, high-quality primer before you put on your foundation will not only keep your foundation from settling in your pores, but it also keeps the makeup on your face a little longer.

5. Trying out a lighter shade of foundation

Most times, a light foundation with lighter compositions will not easily settle and accumulated into your pores and lines but will instead stay on the surface.

Top Tip: I recommend trying out a lighter shade of foundation, especially if you usually have your makeup on for very long hours.

However, it may not be effortless to leave your favorite full coverage foundation. Using your moisturizer before applying your foundation can help. Alternatively, you can mix the foundation with a small amount of regular moisturizer.

This will create a blend-able and creaseless formula you can use. It works just as perfect as the foundation.

6. Blending your foundation with the right tool

Using your foundation, the right way with the right tool is essential. Although I can’t decide the tool for you to use, I recommend using a beauty blender, and they blend your foundation correctly.

However, if you like using a brush, I suggest that you stick to your foundation brush for blending. Ensure you spread the foundation on your face evenly. Blending the foundation on your face will provide a smooth and even finish. Blending your foundation also prevents the foundation from settling in pores.

7. Apply setting powder to lock up your entire look

If you have a long day ahead, you may generally keep your makeup on a little longer. During the day, sweat, dust, and cleaning can cause your foundation to crack. Applying a setting powder helps you not only keep your foundation in place, but it also provides a creaseless look.

Top tip: I recommend you use a light setting powder. If you choose a heavy powder, it will just make your foundation heavier and more uncomfortable. However, I always pick a lightweight powder.

A heavy foundation will only cause all the foundation and makeup underneath to settle in pores, wrinkles, and fine lines a lot easier. To prevent this from happening, use a avoid lighter setting powder. To apply your powder, press gently with a beauty sponge instead of applying it with a brush. It improves the foundation results and provides you with a flawless finish.

How Do You Tell If You Have Large Pores?

People with large pores on their skin have a higher chance of foundation settling in them. Fortunately, not everybody has large pores. Large pores appear mostly in oily and combination skin.

Pores on the face in women
So, if you’ve noticed that your skin is usually oily or you have combination skin, you may probably struggle with large pores too. I have come up with a few tricks and home remedies you can use to close up the large pores on
your skin naturally.
However, before I disclose them, understanding what causes large pores is very crucial. A few factors can cause your pores to open.


If you don’t wash your face regularly, your skin will try and clean itself naturally and get rid of dirt and oil. To do this, your skin enlarges its pores.
Top tip: Washing your face at least twice a day helps you keep your pores closed. I recommend washing your face immediately you wake up and before you go to bed. Although it would not altogether remove your large pores, it will reduce their size, at the very least.


must have asked if applying too much makeup has any effect on your skin. Well, it prevents it from breathing. Not only that, but using too much makeup can also clog your pores, attract dirt and oil, and eventually add to the enlarging of your pores.


Our skin cells have elastin and collagen. These skin proteins are what make our skin firm and elastic. The skin naturally produces elastin and collagen. Unfortunately, as we grow older, the rate at which the skin produces these skin proteins reduces. When the skin does not have an adequate amount of collagen and elastin, the tendency for your pores to enlarge will increase.

Exposure to the sun

There’s a reason why most people use sun protection when going out during the day. Excessive exposure to heat can it reduce the production of collagen in your skin. Low production of collagen reduces elasticity and eventually leads to open and enlarged pores.


Some chemicals, cosmetics, and facial scrubs can irritate the skin. When you use these harsh cosmetics, they contribute to opening and enlarging the pores on your skin.

Top tip: I recommend knowing your skin type and using the ideal cosmetic for your skin.

Hormonal changes

During puberty, pregnancy, and childbirth, the body undergoes several hormonal changes.

These changes in your hormones can increase the production of oil on your skin. When oil secretion increases, it can clog your pores. Once your pores clog, it eventually enlarges and leaves your skin with large pores and in some cases, acne.

Unhealthy diet and smoking

Smoking regularly and eating an unhealthy diet, especially fried foods, can cause your pores to open. Once they begin, they generally develop into larger pores.

How Can You Make Pores Look Smaller?

Having large pores on your face can make you uncomfortable in your skin. It can also make you lose self-confidence when you decide to go out in public. Before spending a lot of money on cosmetics or visiting a dermatologist, using the right tips, you can reduce the enlarged pores on your skin and get the perfect skin you desire.

  • Wash your face regularly, however, it is not advisable to over wash. The skin pores enlarge when they are clogged with dirt, bacteria, and oil. Washing your face regularly will gradually reduce the size of the pores.
  • Using ice cubes. To use ice cubes, Put then on your pores and leave for about for 15 – 30 seconds. The ice tightens the skin and reduces the size of your pores.
  • Change your diet. Junk food doesn’t only harm our health. It affects our skin too. Changing your diet from diets with high fat, sugar to food like fruits, vegetables, and omega-3 fatty acids can reduce your pores and improve your health.

Top tip: I recommend you avoid consuming milk and dairy. They contain proteins that open your pores and increase acne.

How Can I Close My Pores Naturally?

Closing the large pores don’t have to be expensive and uncomfortable. Using some home remedies can save you a lot of time when you want to close those unwanted large pores.

Using Baking soda paste

For many years, baking soda has been referred to as the face miracle. It reduces the pores on the skin and simultaneously, fights acne.
To use baking soda, make a solution by mixing two full tablespoons of warm water and two tablespoons of baking soda.

Put the mixture gently on your using a circular motion. Massage the solution on your face for about 30 seconds and rinse off the baking soda with cold water. Do this daily till you notice your large pores reduce.

Top tip: Our skin is different, and some people have more sensitive skin than others. If you have determined you have sensitive skin, use the baking soda moderately because it can be harsh and irritate your skin.

Lemon and pineapple juice

Pineapple and lemon both have natural enzymes that tighten the skin and brighten the skin. Although most people use it to reduce acne, the solution of pineapple and lemon juice can help you reduce your enlarged pores.

To use this solution, soak a clean cloth in a mixture of pineapple and lemon juice for 1 minute. Afterward, gently place the towel on your face making sure the fabric touches the affected area. Leave the cloth on the skin for 1 minute before you rinse with warm water.

Top tip: However, if your skin is sensitive, you can apply some moisturizer on your face before you use this solution.

Light scrub

Using a light scrub can also help you reduce the size of large pores. Although you can tweak your light scrub, it should contain massaging elements and tiny beads that clean your pores and reduce their size.

Top tip: After using a light scrub, don’t wash your face. Washing too excessively can cause irritation, redness, and enlarged pores.


Blending your foundation is one of the hardest parts of putting on makeup. Although foundation hides our flaws, if we don’t apply it correctly, it can settle and give us large unsightly pores.

Some of the foundations with shimmer can worsen your large pores. So, preventing the foundation from settling your skin is, without reason, the best way to get your skin looking good with and without makeup.

If you follow these simple tricks and tips, you won’t only stop your foundation from settling in your pores. You can also get rid of the large pores completely.

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