How to Stop Biting Nails in 9 Minutes!

How to Stop Biting Nails in 9 Minutes

How to Stop Biting Nails in 9 Minutes? 

If you’re biting your nails as long as you can remember, you probably wanted to stop at some point.

You tried the disgusting nail polish that should prevent you from biting your nails, and it didn’t work because you just got used to the horrible taste.

We nail biters know that nail biting is a bad habit that can harm our health and the appearance of our nails. So why do we do it anyway? And How to Stop Biting Nails in 9 Minutes?

What is Nail Biting? 

Nail biting is a compulsive habit also known as Onychophagy.

About 50 percent of the teens are actually biting their nails. Lots of those teens do not grow out of it and continue to bite their nails as adults as well.

Most of the nail-biters bite their nails evenly on both hands. And they do it automatically.


Can Nail Biting Harm My Health?

Yes. In fact, this habit can harm our health in several ways. Our fingernails are a good area for bacteria to prosper.


Biting nails can lead to a severe damage to your nail bed and cuticle. When the cuticle improperly removed, it can lead to microbial and viral infections. In some cases, many years of nail biting can cause fingernail deformity and nail bed destruction.

nailsDental infections

Nail biting makes bacteria, viruses, and fungi penetrate the mouth area. True, the mouth is not sterile and it is self-contaminated, but nail biting can insert these bacteria into the gums, where they can cause gingivitis and abscesses which can harm your teeth severely.

Biting your nails may also cause position changes of the teeth and in the long term, may result in tooth movement or breakage of fillings and crowns.

Digesting system

Colonies of E. coli bacteria and others are located on your fingernails. They are also found in remote controls, handles, and computer keyboards. When you put your fingers in your mouth, the bacteria can easily penetrate your digesting system which can lead to abdominal pain and diarrhea.


The favorite place for the worm’s eggs to hide is under your fingernails. This is also the main way to be infected by worms. When biting your nails you insert the worm eggs into the mouth, then they can get into the intestines where they hatch and turn into worms.

Why Do I Bite My Nails? 

Nail biting referred to as “Chronic Onychophagia,” which is an obsessive bite of the fingernail. Which is mainly manifested in conditions of boredom, anxiety, stress, irritability or simply starvation, and may be sometimes caused by genetics or imitation of another close relative who does it.

When most people can find this habit repulsive, for a nail-biting person this is deeply satisfying as amazing as it sounds.

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The 3-Step Plan to Stop Nail Biting

So, why did I decide to stop biting my nails after 29 years? I have been biting my nails as long as I remember, and just like you I tried to stop several times before.

I tried to use gloves and the disgusting nail polish that after some time became actually tolerable.

It took me a lot of time until I convinced myself that I have to stop!

I bet I looked crazy at work meetings trying to suppress the urge to bite my nails. yes. it wasn’t a pretty sight.

Also having a baby and changing so many diapers affect my decision as no matter how many times I washed and cleaned my hands, it just didn’t felt sanitary to put my them inside my mouth. So I had to stop and now I can share my way on how to stop biting nails in 9 minutes.

How to Stop Biting Nails in 9 Minutes? It Starts With You

First of all, you need to Decide you want to stop. If you don’t want this decision to last only for 10 minutes, you need to convince yourself that you really ready to make a change this time.

After a long time of nail-biting, this will take time. The need to put your hands in your mouth will not disappear in the moment you decide you will stop your nail biting habit.

At first, it was a struggle, and I touched my lips a lot. Searching for some jagged edges, but in time this habit decreased.

Don’t Bite Your Nails – File Them

The best way to stop biting your nails is to file them. Hangnails or jagged edges will increase the need to bite them off, so keep a nail file with you and as soon as you get them file gently and smoothen the edges of the nail.

Gel Manicure

Gel manicure will help you keep your nail edges smooth and your nails strong. The gel nail polish and top coat curing with a LED/UV lamp will make it almost impossible to bite. Also, it’s very satisfying see your nails grow, and it will make you want to keep them that way.

Why Applying False Nails Didn’t Help Me Stop Biting My Nails? 

Yes, applying artificial nails can help some people stop nail biting. For me, the big problem hasn’t been the acrylic nails. My one and only problem were when one of the acrylic nails broke or chipped. When one of those things happened, I had an immediate need to remove all the false nails, as crazy as it might sound. Of course, only other nail biters can understand this urge.

Some studies say nail biting people are perfectionists. I just couldn’t stand the fact that my nails were uneven when one of the nails broke.

For me, gel manicure worked better (on my natural short nails) then applying false nails. Having that said having false nails worked for lots of nail bitters to stop the habit.

Tell us what helped you to stop your nail biting habit?

If this article on How to Stop Biting Nails in 9 Minutes helped or inspired you to stop, please let us know in the comments.


How to Stop Biting Nails in 9 Minutes!
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3 thoughts on “How to Stop Biting Nails in 9 Minutes!”

  1. The times I’ve stopped biting is when i was pregnant, but only lasted for about 8months each time (3kids). I have always struggled to stop biting my nails, and tried everything but there is one thing that really helps which you’ve mentioned ” that YOU want to stop” plant the seed on how badly you really want to stop, it starts in the mind.

    • Hi Erin.
      You’re right, it is a struggle but if you really want to stop, you can do it.
      Thank you for the response.

  2. Hi, the longest that I’ve stopped biting my nail was like 5 months until exams came and I started again. The after the exams I tried plastic nail. I was so irritated by the feeling of fake nails, I even started too bite the plastic nails off. So yeah that didn’t go so well. The I’ve tried aloe but that didn’t stop me either. And then I chatted with another nailbiter and she stopped and her nails were so beautiful I got jealous and also stopped. That only lasted bout 3 months. I didn’t start biting again, I just got so frustrated because my very soft and fragile nails kept braking and so I just cut them all off again. Its now been 2weeks keeping my nails short and trying remedies to harden it. I’m now focussing on growing it and I guess it helped a little bit.

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