How to Shape Your Eyebrows for the First Time

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Have any of you ever looked at your old high school yearbooks and laughed at photos of you and your friends and think, man, that was considered stylish, why? Maybe you noticed in these photos that growing your eyebrows changed how you looked and possibly the way you felt back then. If you are searching for a way to shape your eyebrows for the first time, we’ve got you covered.

Most of us have graduated from the thin, drawn-on eyebrows (the tadpole brows of the ’90s); and moved on to the perfect mature eyebrow look of Brooke Shields.

This did not happen overnight but came with a lot of trial and error until you achieved those beautifully, natural-shaped brows, even if you had no clue how to get there. Read this guide to learn how to shape your eyebrows for the first time.

How to Shape Your Eyebrows for the First Time

How to Find the Shape of Your Natural Eyebrows

Eyebrows can highlight other features of your face. This is why you need to shape them properly so that they can match your natural face shape. But figuring out the right brow shape is not that easy.

Most people have a problem with knowing where the brow starts, arches, and ends. However, these things are essential in learning how to get the perfect eyebrow shape.

You can use a makeup brush or brow pencil to map. This will help you understand where in the brow to trim some hair, areas that need some eyebrow growth, and where you need to fill your brow using brow products.

Eyebrow Mapping

Take your brow pencil and place it on the right side of your nose, holding it at an angle towards your eye’s inner corner. Make sure that your pencil isn’t over the eye area. At the start of your brow is where the pencil edge hits your brow line. So, this is where you should start.

Then, place your pencil on your noses’ side such that it’s over your eye area. Where it hits your browbone is where you should arch.

Then, place the pencil on your nose, edging, and slanting it to reach your eye’s outer corner; this should tell you where your brow will end.

Repeat These Steps on the Left Side

Note that while these steps will help you map your brows, you should also consider the shape of your face when determining your brow shape. Experts advise that you create a shape that is opposite from that of your face. For instance, a person with a long face should opt for a low arch an elongated straight brow that adds some width to their face. Let’s look at different eyebrow shapes for different face shapes;

stainless steel tweezers for eyebrow shaping


For round faces where the length and width are almost the same, a high arch is better as it helps open them. It also adds length and makes a face have some structure. Thus, it will look narrow.


A low-lying arch is suitable for faces where the length is more than the width. It helps break the size while adding more width. Also, opt for straight and elongatedeyebrows.


Since they are symmetrical, a slight arch will do. But make sure that you end the brow on the same level it started.


Someone with a square face has a more angled jawline. And their face’s width and height are almost the same. So they are better off with soft arches that make the jawline smooth and give the eyebrows an undefined finish. Always avoid angled or sharp brows.


The length of a long face is almost double its width, but the jawline is a bit defined for this face. Since it can sometimes be long and have a strong jawline, it’s best to draw curved arches that’ll make the jawline soft.


Those with a small forehead, wider cheekbones, and pointed chin will look good in round arches that soften other face features. Avoid over-defining the finish, as it can make your face look harsh.


These faces have a jawline that is wider than the forehead. To soften features, opt for a fuller, voluminous brow. But make sure that the arch is low and curved. And don’t make the tail angle downwards too much.


A heart-shaped face tends to be wide at the forehead instead of at the jawline. Most individuals with this face have a pointed chin. Thus, they will look good with thick eyebrows that bring balance to their other features. A straight brow will also work but make sure that the arch is rounded.

Steps to Framing Your Eyebrows

Brush your eyebrows

Have the Right Tools and Sit Where There’s Natural Light

You will need the right tools to draw your eyebrows. So, make sure that you have a brow pencil, a spoolie brush, small but sharp scissors, and stainless-steel tweezers. Also, have a brow gel of your choice and cold compresses. Just soak cotton rounds or soft paper towels in water, then place them in the fridge until they are chilled.

Also, identify spots that receive natural lighting. For instance, inside your car can be a good spot. Plus, there is a mirror already. However, lock yourself inside to avoid your family or friends from distracting you while you shape your eyebrows for the first time.

Also, avoid using the magnifying mirror. Note that when you are too close, you’ll not see the eyebrow hairs correctly, meaning you can easily over shape.

So, with these tools and you have enough natural light, you can start to frame eyebrows. But ensure that your face is immaculate. Remove dirt, makeup, and all other skin products that can make your tweezers cling into the eyebrow hairs.

Use the Map Technique to Determine Your Brow Shape

We already talked about the start (the part that is close to your neck), the arch (the highest point of your brow), and the end (the region closest to your eye’s outer corner). These are the main areas when shaping your eyebrows.

Eyebrow mapping will help you highlight these points; hence you can get the right shape quickly. Make sure that you use your nose as the origin point when mapping.

Take your pencil or tweezer and place it vertically against your nose. Your head should be where it touches your brow. So that’s the starting point, which you should mark using a Micro liner.

Then rotate your pencil going outwards and stop at your iris outer edge. It is where you should arch your brow and is about 2/3 from the brow’s head to where the tail ends.

Mark this spot, then move your pencil more outwards and stop where your outer corner is. Mark that spot as it’s where your brow should end. Then repeat this process on the other brow.

After joining the markings with a straight line on each brow, you’ll have a map on the hairs to remove, which are those outside the lines.

Carefully Start Tweezing

If you have mapped your brows, the hairs to tweeze are those outside the lines. Use both hands when tweezing, one hand to hold the skin taut and another to gently remove one hair at a time.

Also, make sure that you tweeze in the direction where the hair grows. Otherwise, you will damage the hair follicle hindering hair from growing back.

Additionally, make sure that you set the time to around 15 minutes and stop tweezing when this time lapses. Sometimes when you start tweezing, you may not be able to stop. Why?

Also, ensure that you tweeze the space between your eyebrow heads, your forehead area and that below the arches. And again, remember to tidy 1/3 of your brow’s underneath. Since there will always be some hairs that you’re unsure about, leave them be, for now.

Additionally, now will be an excellent time to use the cold compressors to help soothe irritation and redness that arises from plucking.

Use Your Scissors to Trim Any Strays

After trimming, you would want to ensure that the remaining hairs are uniform in size. Comb your eyebrows upwards, then apply your brow gel or spoolie to help hold the hairs. Allow it to dry completely. After, identify the curly outlets that are outside your brow and cut them.

But we recommend cutting one hair at a time at a downward angle. This will ensure that you do not block the view of your brow. So, you can perfectly cut.

Note that unlike having a haircut, you do not need to trim all hairs when brow trimming. But when cutting, you should also be cautious. For example, even after combing upward, you may notice some hair falling back into place. You do not need to trim such. Instead, brush them.

Your primary focus should be on the first part of your eyebrows, that is, the head to the arch. Avoid over-trimming the tail portion. Otherwise, you will end up with gaps.

Note that the tail area is sparse naturally, so you will rely on the length of the hairs available to fill your brows. So be careful.

Use a Pencil to Fill Your Brows Up

Now that your eyebrow hairs are looking neat, it’s time for some minor enhancements. We recommend using a gel-based eyebrow pencil, eyebrow gel, powders, and pomades for this step.

Dust away any hair snippets, then wash clean the eyebrow skin, making sure there are no markings. If any areas are sparse, do some short hair-like strokes using your pencil. But, bear in mind the natural eyebrow shape, where the head is thicker than the tail.

Also, make sure that your pencil is sharp. A rounded pencil tip can deposit unnecessary color, and the look may appear too bold. Try twisting your pencil to retract its color back in, then leave the rounded part obvious.

After, flatten it out by tapping against a hard surface. This will create a crisp edge that will draw great eyebrows.

Once you have filled your eyebrows, run a spoolie through to keep them blended. Doing this will make them look natural.

Can I Shape My Brows Using a Normal Razor?

Well-sculpted eyebrows make your face look beautiful. But, while many people rely on eyebrow waxing, tweezing, or makeup, there’s a cheaper way of shaping your eyebrow. That’s by using an eyebrow razor.

Now, the thought of shaving with an eyebrow razor can sound scary, but it’s not. Plus, you will love the results. However, before placing a razor on your brows, make sure you understand how it works. Let us explain what eyebrow razors are and how to use them.

An eyebrow razor isn’t the same as the regular razor you’d shave your legs or beard. It’s a small tool with a curved handle and blade at the top, square or rectangular shaped.

It’s specifically meant to shave eyebrows. Eyebrow shapers are available in different sizes. So, you can find one that is suitable for you.

Are Eyebrow Razors Safe to Use?

Well, placing a razor on your eyebrows can sound risky. But, just like any other beauty tool, proper use of the eyebrow razor is recommended.

The main reason why individuals use eyebrow razors is that they offer a pain-free alternative to tweezing and using eyebrow wax. However, these tools are safe and fast.

If you want to try shaving with an eyebrow razor, here are the steps to follow;

Be Relaxed

Shaving your eyebrows can bring some anxiety, especially when using a brow razor. But to achieve the best shape, try not to be nervous.

Wash Your Face

Once you have built confidence, the next step is to ensure that you are working on a clean area. So, wash your face correctly. This not only helps have new brows, but it also prevents bacteria from spreading if present, which can cause blemishes.

Brush Your Eyebrows

Start by brushing your brows going up and outward. Then, determine your brows shape by mapping, as we already have explained above. Note that you’ll not be mapping every time you want to shape your eyebrows.

But if it’s your first time, you should map. When you do it once, you can easily shave your brow hair in the right shape without mapping.

Create an Outline for Your Brows

Outlining your brows helps you pinpoint the areas that need shaving. You can use an eyebrow pencil to do this. And connect the dots you made while mapping.

Apply Some Facial Oil

This will smoothen and soften the surface so that the razor can easily glide. If you mess with the outline while applying, draw it again.

Shave Your Brow’s Upper Area

Hold the skin around the eyebrow taut, and then begin sweeping with a razor using small strokes. Remember to shave in the same direction that your hair grows to prevent you from nicking or cutting your skin.

Also, take your time. It’s better to be slow and achieve the proper shave rather than messing up as you were in a hurry.

Additionally, do not forget to shave your brow’s underneath. Remove any stray hairs using small strokes. Also, shave hairs between your brows. But make sure that you hold your razor at an angle when doing that.

Once you are done shaving, look again at the mirror to make sure that everything is perfect. If any stray hairs are present, shave, pluck or tweeze them.

Then, wipe your brows using a cotton swab dipped in a makeup remover. And put the brows in place using a spoolie.

How to Trim Your Eyebrows

Start by brushing your brow hair up using a spoolie in the direction that your hair grows. Note that hair closest to your inner corner usually grows straight up and the rest at a 45-degree angle.

So, combing will help position them in shape. Also, do not comb too much as it can lead to gaps when doing eyebrow trimming.

After, trim the long hairs that are up and beyond your brow line. Since you have already combed, noticing them will not be difficult. Use your trimming scissors to do this. Also, remember to trim slowly and a small section at a time.

When finished, dust hairs off your face, and lastly, apply some eyebrow pomade.

What Other Methods Can You Use to Shape Your Eyebrows for the First Time?

How to Shape Eyebrows for the First Time

Note that apart from eyebrow tweezing, shaving, and trimming, there are other methods that you can use to shape your eyebrows for the first time, including;

Here are Five Things NOT to Do When Shaping Your Eyebrows

Here are some things that you shouldn’t ignore during eyebrow shaping;

  • Aiming to have a symmetrical look.
  • Ignoring your natural arch.
  • Over plucking your brow above.
  • Using too much eyebrow makeup.
  • Matching your hair and brow color.


The worst thing you can do is aim for perfection when shaping your eyebrows. That is because they are not symmetrical. So, unless you want to end up with thin, over-plucked eyebrows, don’t try to achieve perfection at home.

Even a pro beauty expert with years of experience will only give you brows that are close to perfect but not entirely perfect. Only do what you can.

You can also try to watch some eyebrow tutorial videos to learn how to shape your brows correctly for the first time.

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