How to Make Your Nose Look Smaller With Makeup

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We all take our facial features very seriously; that being said, cosmetic surgeries are prevalent nowadays. For the lady out there that feels insecure about her nose size or shape, getting an expensive and painful surgical procedure isn’t always the best solution.

Of course, our noses define our looks, and whether big or small, it contributes to our overall character. Simple and innovative makeup techniques can help you create the illusion of a perfectly proportioned nose.

how to make your nose look smaller

So actually, you do not need to spend a considerable amount of your savings and use it on a surgical procedure. Instead, you should use a nose contour brush along with makeup to give the illusion of a smaller nose.

Though it’s a temporary fix and will have to be repeated occasionally, these makeup hacks will make your nose look gorgeous and give it the size you desire.

10 Makeup Techniques That Will Make Your Nose Look Smaller

Prep Your Base

Those with oily skin should only use a primer. So, before you can even start with any makeup technique, ensure you prep the base. This will provide a flawless application and will ensure that the foundation and makeup will last for the entire day.

Layer the Contour

This is the essential part of the process of making your nose look smaller. As you may already know, contouring allows you to enhance or sculpt your face.
To balance out the symmetry of your nose, begin by applying cream contour, then powder.

It is advisable to stick with ashier tones as they look more natural.
A contour cream creates a base shadow, whereas the powder blends are different shades giving you a unique appearance.

Blend Properly

A common mistake most ladies make is having a heavily contoured profile on the side. Even though you may create a perfect nose from the front, doing this gives you away in case you are talking to a person that can see you from the side.

So, try as much as possible to blend inwards to the center of your face.
And that’s not the end of it; after blending the contour, apply a lighter foundation layer. This gives you a natural look and contributes to the creation of a shadow.

Set Your Makeup with a Powder

A quality setting powder can help keep your highlight and contour in place for the longest time possible.

Contour Your Temples and Cheeks

how to make your nose look smaller with makeup

If you will contour your nose, why don’t you do the same with your cheeks and temples? This will help create balance in your facial features. And it’s also an excellent opportunity for you to doll yourself up. Achieve a glow by applying an illuminator to your cheekbones.

Move to the Brows

A pro tip that every woman should know is that you should always start contouring from the front of your brow. Move downwards to the end while ensuring even application on both sides.

This will take time, but hey, nothing beats walking around knowing how beautiful you are. Proceed to contour to the bottom of your nose so that it looks slim.

Bring Your Brows Closer

Playing with your eyebrows is one of the oldest makeup tricks that continues to help thousands of ladies reconstruct their facial features. In this case, if you want to make your nose look smaller, bring your brows closer.

That is, highlight both sides of your brows closer together and shape them in the direction of your nose. From the mirror’s point of view, you will realize that your nose will look much smaller than before.

Embrace the Snatched Effect

In the beauty world, you will learn new things every day. The snatched effect entails applying a concealer that’s preferably two shades lighter than your skin on either side of the nose.

The result will be a slender-looking nose. Try it today and tell us what you think. Finish it off by applying a bright setting powder to enhance the contrast.

Flatten the Bump in Your Nose

In most cases, the bump in your nose is what makes it look bigger. But if you flatten it out with contour, it will look relatively smaller. Of course, this technique will add some character to your face; and help conceal your nose’s size.

Feel free to choose between an ashy contour shade and a matte bronzer. Don’t forget to highlight that bump a little bit so that you draw attention away from that part of the face.

Skip the Highlighter

We have discussed a great deal about highlighting your nose after contouring. But it’s not advisable to do so when the tip of your nose is relatively significant. You are probably wondering why.

Well, the purpose of a highlighter is to draw attention to certain areas on your face.
In this case, a shimmered bronzer does a more excellent job at drawing attention to the smallest part of your nose other than the tip.

Though often overlooked, highlight, when used right, can significantly impact the size of the nose.

Bottom Line

With these ten simple though useful makeup hacks, you can easily create the illusion of a smaller nose. Feel free to try out as many as possible till you find the tips that work best for you. And most importantly, have fun while you are at it.

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