How to Make Your Nails Dry Faster

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We all need a nail polish touch-up every now and then. However, no matter the style we choose or the length we pick, one thing holds true. Why in the world must they take forever to dry?! In today’s fast-paced world, time is of the essence. Here are 15 tips from nail experts to make your nails dry faster. Apply these during your nail routine for quicker results, so you can get back to using that wasted time on more important tasks in your day.

15 Tips to Make Nails Dry Faster After Using Nail Polish

how to make your nail polish dry faster


1. Try painting your nails in thin layers. By not globbing it on there, it is more likely to dry faster, while you focus on the other hand. Keep it light with feather-like strokes. Sticking to multiple thin layers instead of just a few thicker layers will ensure that your nails will dry quicker and more beautifully.

2. Make sure to allow your nails to dry just a little in between coats. If you use the method of thinner layers that we talked about above, this should provide enough time while you finish the other hand. A lot of times, we will drip too much paint onto each one, which will cause you to have to wait a much longer time for every coat to dry in between.

3. Choose a lighter color. Yes, really. This makes a difference and can drastically decrease the extra minutes you’ll be waiting around for those bad boys to dry fully. Darker colors can cause your nails to dry slower and take longer because of the difference in pigment.

4. Be sure to allow the excess paint from the brush to drip off into the bottle before applying. This can cause those ugly globs we mentioned earlier. Those globs can make drying fast nearly impossible, as they will stick into one place on your nail instead of being spread thin and lightly.

5. Some experts note that toes typically take longer to dry than fingers. In the case that you’re getting both sets, be sure to ask your nail technician to focus on your toes first instead. This will ensure that you have more time available to let your nails dry faster if you’re opting for both a pedicure and manicure.

6. Opt for a “quick-dry topcoat.” This is a fabulous option to not only dry your nails faster, but also to provide that sleek, professional look that we all obsess over. The quick-dry coats are specifically designed with fast-drying in mind. Using these instead of your regular polish will most definitely make your nails dry faster.

7. Try your absolute best to fight the urge of touching…well, anything. We know it can be super enticing to touch your face, your phone, or your purse. However, doing so most often results in new creases, dents, scratches, or chips on your newly polished nails. You don’t want to have to start all over again, do you? Try your hardest to not touch anything, as doing so will result in needing to re-apply, and that will cause you to have to wait several more minutes…the opposite of what we’re going for here!

8. Choose from the quick-drying polish options. (Not just with the topcoat option). Yes, this can make a difference as well, and can sometimes cut the time you’re waiting in half. By choosing a quick-dry option for your color, as well as your topcoat, you will be sure to have quicker-drying, glossy nails in no time.

9. Try using “drying drops,” or a “setting spray.” These can be applied after your topcoat and will be dripped onto each nail. These drying drops work in absorbing the solvents in such a way that speeds up the drying process by an average of 10-15 minutes!

10. If you don’t have any of these drops on hand, simply reach for olive oil or baby oil! They’ll do the trick just the same. You simply rub in one of these oils onto each nail, and they will work the same as the drying drops mentioned above. They will absorb those extra solvents and get your nails dried in much less time.

11. Apply regular old cooking spray. Yep, just like that good old Pam can in your kitchen cupboard. Simply spray a light, even layer over top each nail, after waiting a minute or two for them to set. This will coat your nails and ensure that they stay nice and flawless while drying quickly and easily.

how to make your nails dry faster

12. Try using an air duster for a few seconds. Since this air is extremely cold, it will help to seriously decrease the amount of time you need to wait for them to dry. (Just be sure to keep the can at least a foot away from your hands while spraying). Your nails will dry faster and allow you to get back to your everyday routine in no time.

13. Keep a nice cold, tiny ice bath for your fingers nearby to dip them into when you finish up. This will have a similar effect as the air duster, as the ice-cold water helps to set your nails quicker without hassle. (This should be one of the last steps you try, as it can ruin the polish if done too soon). The cold water will make your nails dry faster and will make the process go by much quicker.

14. Use a blow dryer on a cold setting, to make your nails dry faster. This follows along with the same concept as the previous two suggestions. The cold air will get your nails dried off fast and will double as a beauty tool to finish off your look!

15. Be sure to re-apply a thin layer of your favorite quick-dry topcoat every few days. This will help to maintain and secure your polish for longer, and keep that sleek, shiny, glossy look. They will stay better, longer, and will dry quickly every time, as long as you stick with the topcoat that is quick-drying.

As you can tell by the list we’ve created above for you, getting your nails to dry faster is a pretty easy process. It’s simply a matter of keeping the right tools on hand, and being careful with them while your polish sets.

If you don’t have the specified tools on hand, however, there are plenty of ways to utilize the items you already have in your home, that will work just the same.

Painting your nails on your own, or having them professionally done takes patience, nonetheless.

If you are sure to follow up with at least a few of these practices mentioned above, the process will be much smoother to manage.

At times, doing your own nails can be rather frustrating. Instead, keep these tips in mind next time you are at your favorite nail salon, or even when you’re freshening them up at home!

You’ll be sure to have quicker drying, conversation sparking nails from here on out.

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