How to Make Your Forehead Look Smaller

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How do I make my forehead look smaller? This is one of the most frequently asked beauty questions. Of course, we are all wonderfully made, but we all have some features that we do not like about ourselves. One of them being a prominent forehead.

It’s not everyone who can confidently own their large foreheads. And if you always feel like this part of your face is harder to hide in selfies or prevents you from trying on some hairstyles, there are tips on how to make your forehead look smaller.

how to make your forehead look smaller

We are not talking about magic tricks, but specific techniques can create a smaller forehead illusion. As a result, you will be able to take stunning photos and feel free from insecurities confidently. Keep reading this beauty guide to learn about our 7 tips to make your forehead look smaller.

Big Forehead, No Problem, Trying the Following Tips

1. Draw Away Attention

The first and most important tip you need to have in mind is directing attention away from your forehead with makeup. Thanks to makeup, ladies can now conceal so many aspects of their faces, including a prominent forehead. When you draw away attention from your forehead, people wouldn’t have so much interest in that part, creating the illusion of a smaller forehead.

2. Play Tricks with Your Foundation

A technique commonly used by experts to hide big foreheads is not applying foundation to the hairline. When you do this, the upper part of your forehead will have a natural shadow and make it seem as if it’s ending lower than it does. 

To emphasize the above, you can opt to apply a darker shade of foundation along the hairline to enhance that natural shadow. Don’t forget to smoothly blend the foundation; if not, you will be left with an un-contoured finish.

3. Distract with Bright Colors

Making your forehead look smaller revolves all-around, creating illusions. When you use bright colored lipstick or blush, you are distracting people’s eyes from your forehead. They will tend to zero in more on the lips and cheeks instead of what’s on top.

For instance, you can apply a peach-colored blush on your cheeks, then top it all up with a bright red lipstick to add more volume to the lower part of your face. Kindly note that this tip is only for those who love bright colored makeup. If you tend to be more subtle, applying such may end up increasing your insecurities even further.

4. Go with Dramatic Brows and Eyes

Similar to using bold lipstick, choosing to apply dramatic brows and eye makeup will go a long way in reframing your facial structure. When you draw a higher arch and make your eyebrows thicker, it will create the illusion of a smaller forehead. Thus significantly diverting attention.

5. Bangs and Bobs are also an Excellent Option

If you love fringe, then this hairstyle can sneakily make your forehead look smaller. By falling over the front hairline to cover your forehead, you will be able to fully conceal your forehead and look trendy since bangs come in different styles.

On the other hand, bobs, especially those with a side partition, are an excellent choice if you don’t love bangs as much. The good thing about bobs is that they break the attention away from your forehead to your eyes and neck.

6. Opt for Wavier Hair with More Volume

Even though flat hair looks fantastic, it mostly accentuates your facial features. And this is not what we want to achieve. Instead, go with wavier hair with more volume. This hairstyle balances your facial features and will make your forehead look smaller. Next time you are stepping out, blow dry your hair and use more of your favorite product to increase its volume.

7. Wear Your Hair Loose and Messy

If you want to make your forehead look smaller, we recommend an updo or a middle partition. But what if you prefer wearing your hair up and parted down the middle? The only way you can still get the illusion of a smaller forehead with this style is by wearing your hair messy and loose. Pulling a couple of strands and framing them on your forehead can also make your forehead smaller.

Here are Additional Tips on Making Your Forehead Look Smaller

  • Step out with a fancy hat
  • Go all-in with the accessories
  • Feel free to put on clips or headbands
  • Avoid applying foundation on your hairline
  • Go fringe
  • Put on a bright lipstick
  • Highlight your hair

Bottom Line

Who said that having a prominent forehead is terrible? It’s one of the exciting things that contribute to your beauty and personality. However, on days when you wake up not liking what you see in the mirror, the above tips can help you rock what you have by making your forehead look smaller.

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