How to Make Your Eyes Look Rounder and More Prominent

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We started craving Bambi-like eyes ever since we were young. Belle, Ariel, and other Disney princesses were our first beauty goals long before the Kardashians. One of the things that made these beautiful cartoons stand out was their big and round eyes. If you have been wondering how your eyes can look younger, bigger, and more like your favorite Disney princess, below are some helpful tips to make your eyes look rounder and more prominent. 

how to make eyes look bigger and rounder

How to Make Eyes Look Rounder and More Prominent?

Use the following fourteen helpful tips to make your eyes look rounder and more prominent. 

Pamper Your Eyes daily If you want your eyes to look rounder, bigger and prettier, then you must pamper them every day. Staying up all night and watching the latest movies on Netflix can be fun, but it can lead to puffiness around the eyes.

Ensure that you get enough sleep every night. Do not forget to wash your face with cold water when you wake up in the morning. After a night of staying up all night, placing cold teabags can help reduce the puffiness. Regular exercise can also contribute to ensuring the skin around your eyes is in great shape; thus, your eyes will not look tiny.

1. Always Keep Your Brows in Good Shape by Defining Them

Eyebrows are especially crucial to achieving your desired big eye look. Most people do not know this, but how you shape your eyebrows contributes immensely to how big or small they will appear. For starters, you should keep them in good shape always. Your brows will frame your eyes flawlessly and help to make them protrude.  

Secondly, if you prefer bold brows, you can easily create the illusion of bigger eyes by maximizing the space above your eyes. Making them thicker adds beauty. Refrain from over-tweezing your brows because it makes one look a bit aged.

2. Stick to a Neutral Light-Colored Eye Shadow

Not unless the event you are going to requires another alternative, its best to stick to a light and neutral eye shadow. And as per the contouring rules, darker shades should be used on parts you wish to push back.

Also, use the lighter ones in areas that you want to be reflected in the light. To bring your eyelids forward, apply bright colors to the center.

3. Conceal Under Eye Dark Circles

There is nothing that draws more attention to your eyes than dark circles. Dark circles will make your eyes seem smaller. 

Therefore, it is a brilliant idea to cover these dark circles or blemishes with a concealer. Because even though it will not make your eyes look bigger, it would do a commendable job at focusing other people’s attention elsewhere. Ensure you apply it in an upside-down triangle so that it blends to the face properly.

A pro tip regarding the use for concealers on under dark eye circles is to opt for a shade that is a bit lighter than your foundation. This way, you get to look more glam.

Before you use any concealer, you must first know what type of undertones your skin has in this particular area. This information will contribute immensely to helping you choose the right concealer.

4. Embrace the Nude Effect

Contrary to what most people think, filling your eyes with kajal won’t make your eyes look bigger or rounder. It instead makes them look smaller and confined. The best way to achieve round and big eyes are to embrace the lower lash line’s nude effect.

5. Don’t Go Overboard with the Eyeliner

Though it can be tempting to do so, it is better to apply Eyeliner only to the eye’s outer third. This way, your eyes will look bigger and not boxed up by the Eyeliner. A brush or smudger can help you soften the Eyeliner. And when applying it, ensure you draw as close as you can to the lashes.

tips to make your eyes rounder

6. Curl Up

Curly eyelashes compliment big eyes. And to make the most out of them, cup the lashes closer to the roots. Some of the popular eyelash curlers are those from Sally Hansen and ELF Studio. You can also use your eyelash curler of choice if it works the magic for you.

7. Open Your Eyes by Tight Lining the Upper Water Line

This particular tip comes with plenty of benefits. It will make your eyes look bigger by opening them up. Using a black liner to tight line the upper waterline, you will achieve fuller lashes and give them more volume. 

8. Shimmer the Inner Corner of Your Eyes

When this trend first came out, most people were skeptical about embracing it. But as more models began using this makeup, it has grown in popularity. There is no denying that a little shimmery accentuates your eyes and makes your eyes look bigger.

There are two ways on how you can go about this. You can always blend it with your makeup and achieve a more natural look. You can also heighten things by using a different sparkle and watch yourself stand out from the crowd.

9. Contour the Crease

When you learn to perfectly structure crease, you will never think of your eyes as tiny anymore. This trick is widespread in the modeling industry. When you contour the ridge, you are not only beautifying your face.

But you are also creating the illusion of rounder and bigger eyes. A matte brown shade always blends well with makeup. However, for intense makeup, you can still contour right above the crease.

10. Never Underestimate the Power of Mascara

When it comes to applying makeup, mascara is the magic wand that can make you look like those fashion icons you see in magazines and social media. Investing in a quality mascara can make your eyes look thicker and more significant.


Depending on the shape of your face, you can always choose amongst the different ways of application. Nonetheless, 3 to 4 coats are sufficient to give you the illusion you want to create.

11. Avoid Heavy Eyeliner on the Upper Lid

For those who crave bigger eyes, you should never use heavy Eyeliner on the upper lid. Instead, winged Eyeliner can help in the creation of a giant eye’s illusion. The line drawn above your lashes should be skinny to the point that it does not make eyes look small.

12. Eye Masks

In the above 12 tips, we have mostly focused on methods that can make your eyes bigger and rounder with or without makeup. However, other products can also contribute to giving you a rounder and prettier look. An excellent example of such products is eye masks.

Like gel treatments, eye masks contain caffeine, vitamin C, and hyaluronic acid. They assist in soothing sore eyes, reducing fine lines and puffiness, making your eyes look bigger and brighter. Eye masks also contain glycerine, water, and aloe vera, which help reduce discoloration and inflammation.

With eye masks, you get to walk out of the door every morning with a pair of fresh-looking eyes. Kindly note that eye masks are a temporary solution, which does not mean you should be up all night.

Eye masks should be used as a quick and temporary fix for dark circles and puffy eyes. The long-term solution to these problems is getting enough sleep and eating healthy.

13. Eye Cream

Another product that can also come in handy in giving you bigger and rounder eyes is eye cream. If you consider this option, you should be aware that there are many eye creams out there.

It is, therefore, imperative that you understand which ingredients you should be on the lookout for. That is the only way to confirm if a cream will live up to its claims.

The must-have ingredients in an eye cream according to eye care experts include:

  • Hyaluronic acid which gives the skin a plump appearance
  • Ceramides that ensure skin is hydrated and maintains its structures
  • Retinol which aids in collagen production and reduces fine lines
  • Those with sensitive skin should opt for peptide eye creams and not those with retinol
  • Essential vitamins such as Vitamin E and C which prevent the formation of wrinkles and assist in collagen production

The Disney Princess Eye Look, it is Not So Hard to Do

eye makeup

Our eyes reflect who we are; therefore, people say – never believe someone who does not look directly in their eyes. They show our personality and, at the same time, give a perception of who we indeed are. Not to mention, they are our source of beauty.

Not all of us are born with the perfect eye shape. Or, due to the nature of our work/lifestyle, we may not get enough sleep or spend a lot of time behind the computer. Therefore, being left to endure tired and tiny eyes.

However, the good news is that you can use the above 14 helpful tips to make your eyes look rounder and more prominent.

To get a satisfactory result, make sure you try more than two of these tips. We decided to cover as many directions as possible to assist both those who use/do not use makeup.

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