How to Make Your Nails Thicker and Stronger

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Getting to the point where our nails are strong and thick means a few things. We’re talking less breaking, reduced pain, and much more beautiful nails to show off! If you’re wondering just how you’re going to be able to get to the other side of frail nails, wonder no more. We’re here to help you with 13 seriously super tips and tricks to getting the thicker, stronger, and better nails you’ve been longing for.

13 Tips to Make Nails Thicker and Stronger

how to make your nails thicker and stronger

1. Biotin

It has been shown that by taking a Biotin supplement every day, your nails will slowly but surely become stronger, healthier, and less prone to splitting and breaking. But wait, what is Biotin, exactly? Biotin is a supplement that is of the B complex. It can be found in egg yolk, liver, and yeast. Yeah, we thought you’d agree that the supplement was a better choice.

2. Multivitamin

Speaking of supplements, you could try opting to incorporate a multivitamin daily into your diet that includes the B vitamins and calcium that your body requires. (This would already include that Biotin we talked about, eliminating you from having to take more than one supplement).

3. Healthy Diet

Let’s now move from supplements into foods. We all know that what we consume either hurts or helps our bodies (in most cases). Foods such as leafy greens, fruits, eggs, beans, nuts, salmon, and whole grains are just a few to name the one of the easiest ways to strengthen your nails.

4. Stop submerging!

If you frequently wash your hands or need to have them submerged for a job or hobby, try wearing gloves while doing so. We understand that this may not always be entirely possible, but we assure you it will help to protect your nails from becoming brittle and painful.

5. Water

While we’re on the topic of liquids and water, we want to bring up drinking it. Water, that is! Make sure you’re consuming enough H2O on a regular basis so that your nails don’t lose the little water they carry and start peeling. Hydration is key to nourishing our bodies in more ways than one, and this is something to keep in mind that is easy and quick to do.

6. Cuticle

Remember to keep up with pushing your cuticles back. When your cuticles start growing too thick and taking over the nailbed, it gets increasingly more difficult to push them back where they belong. Unfortunately, this can cause some not-so-fun cracking, which can then potentially lead to infection. Simply push them back after showering every few days, since they’ll already be softened.

7. Avoid acetone

We get it. You want to start showing off that beautiful nail job that your salon recently gave you. It’s enticing to show all your friends and family, and then when they start to chip, it’s time to reapply. Unfortunately, this comes at a cost. Every time you use acetone to remove your polish, the chemicals can leach into your nail bed causing your nails to become brittle and weak.

8. Let Your Nails Breathe

tips to make your nails thicker and stronger

We know, we know. Beautiful nails are usually associated with a beautiful manicure of some color or style. Unfortunately, your nana was right whenever she kept telling you to “let your nails breathe.” Even if you invest in a nontoxic polish, over time your nails will in fact need a little break. Just take a few days off in between each polish and you’ll be sure to notice an improvement.

9. Keep Them Short

If you want to make sure your nails stay pretty and perfect, try keeping them short by cutting them often. It goes without saying that long nails are much more likely to get caught on things, which can cause painful breakage and ripping. Ouch! Short nails can be just as nice, and they’re less likely to cause you pain.

10. Be Gentle

Along the same lines of having longer nails, we strongly encourage you not to try and open things or reach for items using your nails alone. Stick to using the pads of your fingers or a small tool to do the trick instead. You’ll thank us.

11. Use Lotion on Your Nails Regularly

This can be done as often as you’d like and can help especially if you have to constantly apply harsh drying products such as hand sanitizer. Make sure you’re not skipping over your nails when applying the lotion. Many times we will forget to include that part of our hands.

12. File in one Direction

You’ve most likely been filing your nails the wrong way all your life. Try taking it a little easier around the fragile edges, and keep to doing so in only one direction, every time. This will help to keep them from getting weaker by not filing in the same spot each time.

13. Use Gloves

Cleaning is an important part of everyday life. Unfortunately, these products can usually cause some extreme wear and tear on that magnificent new manicure you treated yourself to. Always opt for wearing gloves to protect them and allow those nails to grow thicker and stronger. Not only will this assist in keeping your nails safe and sound, but it will also aid in helping your skin from drying out as well. Win, win!

Bottom Line

As you can tell by the tips and tricks listed above, taking good care of them is the best way to obtain stronger, thicker, and healthier nails.

Sure, this may not be something you’re always thinking about or making a point to remember, but it is essential to having a flawless set of nails at all times.

If you’re longing for that perfect set, be sure to read through each tip and follow it from now on. By doing so, you’ll be sure to gain beautiful results in no time.

Get started on a new nail resolution journey today and find enjoyment in the thicker and stronger nails that you’ve been waiting for!

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