How to Get Rid of Stained Nails

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Searching for easy and natural ways to get rid of stained nails? We’ve got you covered. Even though most of us prefer to have our nails done and painted most of the time, it is advisable to go polish-free for a while as it helps your nails regain their lost shine. As beneficial as this is, the biggest worry of nail polish free is enduring the ugly yellow nail stains.

how to get rid of stained nails

Stained nails are a common problem that occurs due to repetitive use of nail polish. It can also be caused by lifestyle habits such as smoking and poor eating habits. Being deficient in certain minerals, vitamins and having liver problems can also lead to yellow stained nails.

Before jumping to the below remedies, you should find out the primary cause of these nail stains. And if it’s due to continuous use of nail polish, then below are 9 natural ways to get rid of stained nails.

How Does Nail Polish Use Lead to Yellow Stains?

Are you a big fan of dark nail polishes? If so, then you are more vulnerable to getting these ugly stains. The reason behind this is that these polishes often leave behind vital dyes that cause your nails to stain.

This can be best avoided by always applying a clear base coat before applying the nail polish. The skin will protect your nail plates from staining. Also, using a quality nail oil containing squalene or jojoba can help prevent staining.

 Other causes of stained nails include.

  • Smoking, which is a habit that should be stopped right away.
  • Fungal infections can also cause yellow nails. In this case, you should consult a dermatologist who will recommend the best form of treatment for the fungus. Kindly note that yellow nail stains caused by fungal infections are always accompanied by symptoms such as an unpleasant odor, nail peeling, and flaking.

 9 Ways on How to Get Rid of Stained Nails

how to get rid of stained nails with lemon

1. Avoid Dark Nail Polish

Dark polish is the primary cause of stained nails, and if avoided, you can say goodbye to those unpleasant stains. You can always opt for brighter and lighter colors for those who can’t live without nail polish. Learn to go nail polish free for a while and give your nails time to recuperate.

2. Protect Your Nails with a Base Coat

You may think that you may save some money and time when not using a basecoat. But, the consequences of directly applying nail polish are severe. As you have seen above, a base coat will create a protective layer between the polish and the nails. You are then avoiding staining.

3. Remove the Stained Layer with a Buffing Board

A buffing board is very effective at getting rid of nail stains that have just started appearing on your nails. Gently scrub your nails till the discoloration begins to fade.

Pro Tip – avoid over-scrubbing as it may weaken your nails.

4. Apply Lemon Juice to Your Nails

The acidic property of lemons is excellent at killing fungus and removing stains on nails. You will need to get your hands on some lemon juice and then use a cotton ball to apply the juice to your nails.

Alternatively, you can buy fresh lemons, slice them in half and rub them on your nails. Allow the juice to sit on your nails for at least 20 minutes before rinsing it off with some water.

5. Use Hydrogen Peroxide and Water Mixture

This isn’t only a sufficient remedy to getting rid of stained nails, but it offers fast results. There are two ways on how you can apply the above mixture to your nails. The first one requires you to get a toothbrush, dip it into the water and hydrogen peroxide mixture and rub your nails.

You can also soak your nails into the mix till the discoloration fades away.

6. Soak Your Nails in Dissolved Denture Cleaning Tablets

Another fast remedy for removing discoloration on nails is soaking them in denture cleaning tablets dissolved in water. These tablets are meant to clean and whiten teeth. However, they can also clean your nails.

All you have to do is get some denture cleaning tablets, preferably three or four, will be enough. Dissolve them in water and soak your nails for twenty minutes.

Make sure that when you pull your fingers out, pat the nails dry, and apply a moisturizer. Repeat this process at least two times a week for the following two months; your nails will surely regain their shine.

7. Use a Scrub or a Nail Whitening Pencil as a Quick Fix

If you are planning to head out nail polish free and at the same time struggling with stained nails, a whitening pencil or a scrub can offer you a quick fix. To get lasting results, you will have to follow the other eight remedies, also.

8. For Fungus, Use Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil is a natural remedy that offers lots of benefits, even when it comes to getting rid of stained nails. Using tea tree oil for discolored nails is more effective when a fungal infection causes the stains.

Other than resulting in over-the-counter medication and creams, tea tree oil will get rid of the infection in the most natural way possible. Apply drops of tea tree oil on your nail beds daily till you start seeing results.

9. Fruits Can Also Whiten Your Nails

Other than lemons, fruits such as juniper berries and oranges can help eliminate yellow nail stains. You can add these fruits to your daily diet, and after eating them, you can rub the orange to remove the discoloration. Repeating this process daily will give your nails a shine within a month or two.

Regarding juniper berries, you should crush and boil them, then apply the mixture to your nails. This should also be done daily, especially before bedtime.

Additional Ways You Can Remove Discoloration on Nails

  • Scrub using whitening toothpaste or baking soda
  • Apply coconut oil, which will act as a moisturizer and fungus killer
  • Rub strawberries on your nails
  • Soak the nails in apple cider vinegar

To Sum it up

As we conclude our guide on the 9 best ways of getting rid of stained nails, feel encouraged to try out the above remedies. We understand that having discolored nails can be a bit embarrassing.

However, with the above natural tips and tricks, you will get the results that you most desire – clean and shiny nails. Should the problem persist, book an appointment with your doctor for a more accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

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