How to Get Rid of a Hickey in a Day

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Hickeys happen. Physically, they are harmless. But they can be hands-down mortifying. Some people wear them like a badge of honor, while others confine themselves to the house until they disappear. If you’re like me, when you have to show up to work, or you have other plans, you gotta get rid of those marks, FAST! In this article, you will learn about the best tips and tricks on how to get rid of a hickey in a day. So take a deep breath, dry your tears, and read on!

How to Get Rid of a Hickey in a Day

What Causes a Hickey?

These dark marks on your skin are caused by intense suction. You can get them anywhere on the body, but because the neck is always exposed and accessible, this is why they are rather conspicuous.

The pressure from the suction causes the breakage of delicate little blood vessels (capillaries), releasing small amounts of blood that collect under the surface of the skin.

When the hickey heals, it will change from dark to yellow, and then disappear.  

Do Hickeys Show Up Right Away?

It all depends on the person. They can happen in an instant or take hours to appear. Different factors come into play, such as your skin color/density, age, your blood circulation, etc. It doesn’t take much at all for them to show up, as neck skin can be very delicate.  

Hickeys start off as red-colored marks, caused by the leaking capillaries. As time goes on, these marks become darker as the oxygen levels in this leaked blood change. As it continues to heal, it may become blotchy or yellow-tinged.   

In some people, a hickey takes up to 2 weeks to heal, depending on the amount of damage done! Here is what you can do to help your body improve faster.

5 Easy Ways on How to Get Rid of a Hickey in a Day

1. Cold Compress or Spoon

This was my go-to back in my wild, younger days when my delicate skin fell victim to a lover’s lips. Luckily, this is your easiest, most reliant, and most accessible option. The body loves cold things when it is trying to heal. 

A cold compress will aid in the reduction of swelling when it comes to these little bruises. You can use a bag of frozen vegetables, wrapped in a towel, for up to 15 minutes at a time. Never apply an ice pack directly to your skin! The direct contact with your skin can do some pretty serious damage. 

You can also put a spoon in the freezer for 10 minutes and then apply it over your affliction. I have done this in the past, and I swear by it! If you do this every few hours, it will most definitely help your hide your hickey. It may feel uncomfortable, but it will be worth it when your skin heals expeditiously. 

If you have cold intolerance, or the cold compress isn’t working, you can try a warm compress.

Heat can help promote circulation. You can run a washcloth under warm water and apply this to your neck. Or you can apply a (covered) heating pad to your neck. Leave this on for up to 10 minutes and use multiple times a day. Be careful not to burn yourself! 

2. Toothbrush

A what?! Yes, a soft-bristled toothbrush can actually help you get rid of a hickey in a day. When you gently run the bristles over the affecting area, you are promoting circulation and blood flow to promote faster healing. 

Stimulate blood flow by using different directions. Do this 5-10 minutes once or twice a day. This method, known as dry brushing, is also a great way to stimulate your lymphatic system, which helps boosts your immune system. Who knew a toothbrush could be so magical? 

3. Banana Peel        

Bananas are the gift that keeps on giving. You can use a banana peel, which is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, to help your hickey heal faster. Just take the banana peel and gently rub it over the affected area. It may be a little weird, but if it helps save you from embarrassment down the road, isn’t it worth it? 

4. Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter is full of fatty acids and phytochemicals that your body craves. Derived from cocoa beans, it is a natural cure that can be used for many different skin ailments. Apply a small amount of cocoa butter to the area in the morning and evening for maximum results.  

5. Aloe Vera 

Aloe Vera is absorbed into the skin quickly and will help your hickeys heal fast! If your lover got a bit carried away, and your hickeys are painful, Aloe Vera has a pain-relieving quality to it. Hence why we use it for sunburns. This miracle plant can be applied to your skin throughout the day to soothe your skin.  

How Long Does It Take to Get Rid of a Hickey Naturally?

Using the above methods, you could help it heal expeditiously, within 24 hours sometimes. Without treatment, most minor hickeys are not noticeable after 48-72 hours if you are younger and have good circulation. How fast a hickey leaves depends on how fast your body heals.  

Does Ice Get Rid of Hickeys?

An ice pack, using the method from above, will help get rid of hickeys. However, never apply ice directly to the skin, as this could be very harmful.  

How to Get Rid of a Hickey with a Coin?

You can take a quarter on its side and gently scrape the skin, starting from the center of the hickey and moving outward. This should be used after a warm compress first to help with circulation.  

How to Get Rid of a Hickey with Chapstick?

Using the above method from the coin, utilize an unflavored, untinted chapstick. This might feel a little better than the coin.  

How to Cover a Hickey?

After trying the 5 ways previously mentioned to help get rid of your hickey in a day (some might take a bit longer), there are other ways you can camouflage this little flaw.  

Then, use a color-correcting concealer to correct the color of your hickey. To correct red or purple colors, you’ll cancel it out with green. If it’s more black and blue, choose red, orange, or peach. And if your hickey is green or yellow, reach for purple. 

Once your color corrections have been made, apply your foundation to make your skin blend into one color. Choose medium to full coverage instead of sheer. You can also use concealer in conjunction with the foundation if needed. Use a beauty blender to ensure proper coverage.  

Finally, set the look with your brush and your finishing powder, and your setting spray. 

Be sure to bring your makeup bag with you so you can fix your look if needed throughout the day.  

Equipped with vitamin E to help your skin heal faster, this product is perfect for both men and women. The hickey stick is sure to come in clutch.  

Other Tips

hickey cover foundation

Do you have long hair? You’re in luck! Even better if it’s thicker. Try wearing it down, or use a side braid if only one side of your neck is affected.   Double your insurance and wear a turtleneck or high-collared shirt, sweater, or jacket.  

If you have short hair or have to wear your hair up, makeup can be your new BFF. Start by using you’re a primer to ensure your coverage will stay for the day.  

Reach for the scarves! A cute, decorative scarf can come to the rescue. Who cares if it’s not the right season; scarves are always fun! 

How about a temporary tattoo? Provided it’s not against your work policy, this could be your Hail Mary if you have a stubborn hickey.  

Some people even swear by toothpaste. You can apply some, leave it on for a few hours at home, then remove. You might notice a big difference!  

A good ol’ massage is another answer. Have your partner massage your neck and the areas that are affected gently with their fingertips. This will help stimulate blood flow. It shouldn’t be too hard to convince them since they gave you those marks in the first place.  

Try to get plenty of sleep, drink plenty of water, and eat nutritious foods high in vitamins and minerals. These three factors will help your body heal as quickly as possible. You can pop a vitamin for good measure as well.

Vitamins A, C, K, and E are the best helpers when it comes to recovery of the skin, as is rosehip oil.  

There are different methods that work for different people. The trick is to be patient. Almost everyone gets them; it’s just a matter of being able to heal fast or hide well. 

Remember, the hickey will not last forever, so it’s not worth stressing out over.  

Thanks for stopping by! We hope you enjoyed this article on how to get rid of a hickey in a day.

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