How to Apply Gel Nail Polish Perfectly

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Gel nail polish is a type of lacquer that requires curing under UV or LED light. Gel polish is thicker than regular nail polish, but it provides a longer-lasting, high-gloss finish. If you want your nails to look their best, it’s important to apply gel polish correctly. Keep reading for tips on how to apply gel nail polish perfectly.

How to Apply Gel Nail Polish Perfectly

Why Gel Manicure? 

Doctors say gel manicure is healthier than applying acrylic nails, following this nail guide will help you manicure your fabulous nails in no time, so prepare your gel polish.

How to Apply Gel Nail Polish Perfectly? 

One of the most significant things that will make your gel manicure stand out from the rest is the preparation work you will make on your nails. Accurate preparation such as correct filing, and using the cuticle pusher and trimmer in the right way will help you get an ideal nail look from your DIY home nail gel manicure.

Nail Supplies Needed for Gel Manicure:

Nail file, buffer, cuticle pusher, cuticle remover, alcohol, acetone, gel base coat, gel nail polish, gel top coat, Led/UV lamp, cotton balls, wood sticks (for nail polish corrections)

Step 1: Shape & File

Use a nail file to shape your nails. File your nail slowly and carefully, there are several nail shapes you can create, such as square, round, almond, oval, etc.

First, you should gently clip your nail to the shape you chose and then file the tips of the nail. After doing that, use a buffer to smoothen and round the nail surface.

Step 2: Remove Cuticle

Use cuticle remover. After shaping your nails, apply a cuticle remover around the base of your nails (on the cuticle area).

Use a cuticle pusher. Hold your cuticle pusher and gently push your cuticle back and off your nail surface, you shouldn’t press the nail pusher into the nail. Remove gently any excess oil or debris off your nail, use a cotton ball or gauze pad dipped in acetone.

TIP: Leave nipping cuticles to the professionals. If not done correctly, this can damage skin and cause some bleeding.

Step 3: Basecoat

Apply two layers of the base. You should apply two thin layers of your gel base coat. You should be very precise by applying the base coat to the nails, if the base gel coat got on your fingers or skin you should immediately make your nail polish corrections. After applying the gel base coat carefully, get your nail dryer and let each base coat layer dry for the recommended time (as described in the base coat manufacturer info)

Step 4: Applying the Color

Base, Color, Top Gel polish2 for dark, 3 for light. After prepping your nails and making sure your base coat is dry, apply an extremely thin layer of your gel-color nail polish. The first layer will look streaky, but after applying all the layers it should look perfect. If you go with a light color you should apply 3 nail polish layers, if you chose a darker color you can apply only 2 layers of the color gel. You should apply the color nail polish on the tip of your nail and on the surface of the nail. Cure every layer you apply under a UV or LED curing lamp*

*for recommended curing time check your nail polish manufacturer info

Step 5: Topcoat

Apply gel top coat. If you want to apply gel nail polish perfectly, Apply your top coat over the tip of the nail and the nail surface. Then, cure the gel top coat under a UV or LED light as much as recommended (usually between 1-2 min).

Step 6: Sticky Layer

Remove the sticky layer. Sometimes, after using a curing lamp, your nail has a sticky layer on it. In this case, you should dip a cotton ball in isopropyl alcohol and wipe it over the sticky layer. Finish off your gel manicure by using a cuticle oil.

How to Remove Gel Nail Polish From Natural Nails?

Nail Supplies Needed for Removing Gel Manicure:

Nail file, cotton balls, acetone, foil, cuticle oil.

Step 1: File.

Use a nail file. If you want to remove your gel nails, the first thing you should do is to file off the top coat of the gel. When you completely removed the top layer you will see that the shine is gone. Only when the shine is removed, you can go to the next step and remove your gel manicure.

Step 2: Acetone.

Dip a cotton ball in acetone. The gel won’t come off if you don’t use 100% acetone. Take 10 pieces of cotton balls and soak them in your acetone. The cotton balls should be big enough to cover your whole nail.

Step 3: Foil.

Gel Manicure FoilWrap tin foil around your fingertips. Take one of your cotton balls and place it on your nail, covering it entirely. With the cotton ball in place, wrap the nail and the tip of your finger with tin foil. Do this again for the rest of your nails.

  • It is recommended to do this one hand at a time. It is very difficult to use foil-covered fingers to wrap the second hand.

Step 4: Wait.

Wait and then remove one at a time. Let the foil stay wrapped for 15 minutes. Keep it shut and do not try to open it! After 15 minutes, remove the foil one nail at a time. The gel will peel back. Use a cuticle stick gently to push the gel off your nail. Massage cuticle oil into the skin around the base of your nail.

*if there is a gel that you can’t remove with the cuticle stick, repeat the last step.


Gel nail polish is a great way to achieve long-lasting, beautiful nails. However, it can be tricky to apply gel nail polish perfectly. Follow these simple tips and you’ll be able to achieve professional-looking gel nails at home!

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