HiMirror Plus+ vs HiMirror Mini

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HiMirror COMBAT HiMirror plus VS Himirror mini review
HiMirror plus VS Himirror Mini Review

Are you looking for a way to step up your beauty or skincare game? Are you tired of wondering whether your expensive skincare products are actually making a difference? Do you want a smart beauty appliance that makes you feel like you’re in the future?

I must say ones I got the HiMirror Mini, my teenage niece was all over it at the moment she laid eyes on it. Never saw her this enthusiastic in my life.  After I tried it I understood why. It’s honestly a great tool for any girl or women who do makeup (yes, its also awesome for selfy lovers).

HiMirror’s range of incredibly sleek, futuristic, and hi-tech smart mirrors are the perfect solution to all of your beauty woes. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and technological capabilities, making them the perfect gift or splurge buy for yourself or for any of the beauty-obsessed people in your life.

In This Article I will compare and share my full Himirror review: HiMirror Plus+ Vs HiMirror Mini [Everything You Must Know].

HiMirror Full Comparison

HiMirror ReviewsHiMirror MiniHiMirror Plus+
Mirror Size13“17“
Screen Size10.1” HD Touchscreen 14” HD Panel
Maximum Users26
Storage Size16GB32GB
Photo Storage Capacity280014,000
InputTouchscreenVoice Command

Remote Control



13.31 x 9.02 x 6.73 inches

338 x 229 x 171 mm


4.2 lbs / 1.9 kg


18.97 x 11.18 x 2.00 inches

482 x 284 x 51 mm


5.5 lbs / 2.5 kg

Stand Included
Skin Analyzer
Conjunction with


My Beauty Box
Conjunction with Smart Body Scale
Makeup Lights5 Makeup Lighting Scenarios

Adjustable Brightness

Adjustable Color Temperature

5 Makeup Lighting Scenarios
Magnifying for MakeupActual Size, 2X, 3XActual Size, 2X, 3X
ReminderToday’s Weather & Location

Skincare Information / Tips

Body & Fitness Information / Tips

Google Calendar


Today’s Weather

Skin Summary

Todays Skincare


Amazon-Alexa Voice Service
Media CenterMirror Cast

My Video Channel

Workout Videos

Skincare Videos

Internet Radio


Message Board

3rd Party ApplicationsSkinSafe

Optional (YouTube / Facebook / Instagram/ Spotify)

Guest modeSkin Analyzer (Measurement Only)

HiSkin (Measurement Only)

Body & Fitness (Measurement Only)

Reminder (Tips, News, Weather)





HiMirror Review: HiMirror Plus Vs HiMirror Mini 

HiMirror Mini: Beauty smart mirror with LED makeup lights 

In this modern, hi-tech day and age, it seems like every single household appliance is infused with smart technology. Why should your mirror be any different?

HiMirror Mini Review

 There are already magnifying mirrors and mirrors with built-in lights, but now you can have all of that in one convenient mirror, complete with a host of extra, hi-tech capabilities, like entertainment, skincare scanning, makeup tutorials, and beauty product analysis.

The HiMirror Mini model is like a mirror from the future, or from a science fiction movie! It’ll make your morning and nighttime skincare and beauty routines so much faster, easier, and more enjoyable!

3 Magnifying Settings

Regular magnifying mirrors only have one or two magnification settings. The HiMirror Mini goes a step further, providing you with three magnification settings: actual size, 2x larger, and 3x larger. Depending on the type of makeup or skincare you’re doing, you can adjust the magnification settings to give you the best angle!

Himirror MINI face

5 LED Light Settings

Struggling with your winged eyeliner and eyebrow tweezing will be a thing of the past! The HiMirror Mini also provides you with not one, not two, but FIVE different LED light settings. Each setting emulates a different type of outdoor or indoor lighting setup, including natural daylight, sunset, office, shopping mall, and party lighting!

Makeup Tutorials

Not only will you be able to perfectly see yourself as you do your makeup, but you’ll also be able to adjust your look to fit your day’s plans. It’s always so irritating when you do your makeup in poor lighting, and then show up to school, work, or a party looking crazy. You’ll never have that problem again!

Skincare Scanning

The smart capabilities of this mirror allow it to track the appearance of fine lines, pores, dark spots, and acne from day to day, allowing you to determine the effectiveness of all of your skincare products.

Stay Connected

Finally, this smart mirror connects to Amazon Alexa, allowing it to play music, order an Uber, and go online shopping!

This smart mirror is incredibly easy to use! All of its settings work using one-touch technology, allowing you to change the magnification, light, and skin-scanning settings with absolute ease! The mirror itself is able to rotate on a horizontal axis, allowing you to adjust its angle to perfectly suit your needs.

Plus, by using the mirror to scan your skincare products and track their effectiveness on your skin, you can get personalized skincare recommendations that are sure to work for you! You can also scan your beauty products and learn how safe they actually are for your delicate facial skin.

Product Analysis

If you’re inadvertently using products full of toxins, carcinogens, or allergens, this mirror will actually warn you! Appointments with a professional dermatologist or facialist can be so expensive and time-consuming. This mirror allows you to glean many of the benefits of a professional dermatologist or aesthetician, but without all of the regular appointments and exorbitant prices!

HIMIRROR MINIEach package comes with one innovative HiMirror Mini smart mirror. In order to turn your mirror on, you will need to insert batteries, which are not included in the package. The mirror surface itself is made of very clear, durable material that will not warp or alter your image. Plus, it’s resistant to scratching, fogging, and cracking!

No matter what your beauty and skincare setup looks like, this mirror will fit in perfectly and look right at home. Its simple, yet elegant design matches a wide variety of interior decorating styles!


This smart mirror has earned rave reviews from beauty enthusiasts everywhere for its astounding, hi-tech capabilities! Its connections to your favorite apps, such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Spotify, Uber, and Amazon Alexa allow you to listen to music, online shop and post on social media without having to grab your computer or phone.

Plus, this mirror is the perfect size for any desktop, vanity, or bathroom. Its powerful built-in LED lights have earned special positive attention for providing the perfect lighting for any makeup setup or situation. It’s the perfect gift for any skincare, makeup, or beauty enthusiast!

HiMirror Plus– 2nd Generation, The First Skin Analyzer Beauty Smart Mirror on The Market


We’ve all seen skincare advertisements on magazines and TV that make outrageous claims about their products’ ability to eradicate acne, boost hydration, and even reverse the physical signs of aging. It’s easy to get suckered into buying an expensive serum, moisturizer, or eye cream from these advertisements, but do they really work? The HiMirror smart mirror is an excellent way for you to determine whether or not your skincare is actually working for you.

Its amazing historical tracking technology allows you to track the state of your skin over time, proving once and for all whether your pricey skincare products are actually worth the investment! This futuristic smart mirror will solve all of your skincare woes!

skincare scanning

HiMirror’s smart mirrors use one-of-a-kind smart technology to observe the state of your bare face, tracking the presence of blemishes, wrinkles, fine lines, redness, texture, dehydration, and more. Each mirror comes with an innovative, high-definition camera mounted on the top that keeps track of your skin’s health and appearance, letting you know whether your problem areas have actually improved or not.


Wondering whether your eye cream, jade facial roller, or toner is even doing anything? This amazing smart mirror can actually tell you! Its tracking abilities are just as sensitive and effective as a professional clinical skin analysis device!

My Beauty Box

Plus, the My Beauty Box feature allows you to scan each of your skincare products and track their effectiveness over time, helping you understand which products are best suited for your own personal skin type! If you want to track your own progress for yourself, you can pull up your month-to-month skin photos and see the difference with your own two eyes!


This mirror has a 14” display size and a 17” mirror size, which is generous enough for you to easily see your entire face, but also allows you to lean in close and watch yourself perform delicate tasks, like applying mascara or winged eyeliner. Its sleek, futuristic design helps it look right at home in any bedroom, bathroom, vanity, or makeup room!

The mirror itself can be used with or without the camera and display, multiplying this mirror’s versatility. This mirror can stand up on a table or be mounted on a wall, so it’ll fit any at-home or professional beauty setup. Plus, it comes with an included remote, allowing you to access the mirror from any distance with just a push of a button. If you lose the remote, you can also control the mirror using gestural or vocal commands.

The Package

Each package comes with a mirror, a remote control, and 2 CR2 batteries, which are required for the mirror to function. The hi-tech, 3D camera comes securely attached to the top of the mirror, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally bumping, breaking, or dislodging it. Its lens is designed to automatically detect the lighting levels in your makeup setup and adjust itself accordingly, allowing it to accurately track the quality of your skin over time!

Himirror plusFinally, the surface of the mirror itself is designed to be fog-resistant, water-resistant, and scratch-resistant, which means that it will stand the test of time and work beautifully for months and years to come!
This mirror is perfect for anyone who’s serious about beauty, skincare, and improving the state of their skin, one day at a time.


People love it for its accuracy in analyzing blemishes, fine lines, and dark spots, allowing them to take steps to actually improve their skin texture, tone, and quality! Plus, as the HiMirror team continues to make strides in improving their skin analysis software, you can download system updates onto your mirror, allowing you to stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest skincare technology!

Finally, the surface of the mirror itself is extremely clear, making it the perfect tool for your day-to-day skin care and makeup application! Whether you’re a beginner to the wide world of skincare or an amateur beauty guru, this mirror is the perfect way to step up your game and make a real difference in the quality of your skin!

HiMirror Plus+ with Amazon Alexa voice service

In this day and age, it seems like everyone’s selling some sort of smart device that promises to change your life for the better. It’s almost too easy to find yourself impulse-purchasing every single smart device on the market, leaving you with a house full of random gadgets. Wouldn’t it be so much easier to consolidate these devices into one, easy-to-use, super-powerful device?


The HiMirror Plus+ smart mirror does just that! It works as a makeup mirror, skin analysis device, speaker, and Amazon Alexa device, all in one! It’s just like a mirror from the future!
Makeup and skincare routines can get tedious day after day.

It’s easy to begin to wonder whether or not your arsenal of products is actually getting anything done. The amazing technology in the HiMirror Plus+ can actually tell you! It features a high-definition camera mounted to the top of the mirror that actually tracks the appearance of fine lines, pores, blemishes, wrinkles, dark spots, texture, and redness day after day.

Everything you Need

HiMirror Plus+It’ll let you know if your expensive serums, cleansers, and moisturizers are actually doing anything for you, or if you should switch to a newer, better product! Plus, it allows you to scan each of your skincare and beauty products, make to-do lists, listen to music, watch videos, read eBooks and magazines, update your social media pages, shop online, and even order an Uber! It’s almost like a smartphone combined with a magic mirror!

In addition to its astounding software features, this mirror’s physical qualities are also worth noting! The surface of the mirror itself is fog-resistant, water-resistant, scratch-resistant, and extremely clear and durable.

Adjustable Light

Plus, the built-in LED lights allow you to do your makeup in the best light possible, no matter the occasion. It features five different light settings that emulate common settings, including natural sunlight, sunset, office lighting, dimly-lit restaurants, and even parties!

Magnifying Settings

No matter what your plans for the day or night are, these lights will make sure that your makeup looks perfect! Finally, this mirror comes with three separate magnifying settings: regular size, 2x magnified and 3x magnified. Each setting allows you to calibrate your makeup and skincare application process to be as precise as possible!

Sharing is Caring

Living in a household with more than one skincare enthusiast? No worries! This mirror allows you to make up to six separate accounts, so everyone in your home can individually track the progress of their skin. Plus, each HiMirror Plus+ is designed with encryption technology, ensuring that your photos and skincare analyses are kept safe and secure.

Voice Command

The mirror itself can only be activated at your command, ensuring that your household is kept as safe and private as possible without sacrificing the power of skincare technology. Each separate account is only accessible with a username and password, which means that even if multiple people share accounts on the same mirror, everyone’s personal information will be kept safe and secure!

Skincare beginners and beauty experts alike love this mirror for its hi-tech, futuristic capabilities. The skincare tracking system works wonders for the skin, allowing you to zoom in close and analyze every last pore, fine line, and blemish.

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If you’re wondering whether your skincare products are actually causing any improvement, this smart mirror can tell you! Plus, you can download the HiMirror app onto your smartphone and access your skin results on the go. The app will also give you beauty advice, fitness tips, and information about the weather and UV index for the day, so you’ll be prepared for anything.


People really love how convenient this mirror is: in addition to providing beauty and skincare advice, it can also play music while you get ready, allowing you to set the mood for your entire day! If you want to step up your beauty game, this mirror is the perfect way to do it!


HiMirror Review- Who Is The Winner?

Although all three of these hi-tech smart mirrors are sure to fulfill all of your beauty and skincare needs, their different sizes and capabilities make them better suited to different kinds of consumers.

Out of the three models of HiMirror smart mirror, the model with the best value is the HiMirror Mini. It has all of the same skin scanning, product reviewing, and social media-accessing capabilities as the other two models, but it comes in a more compact size that helps it fit seamlessly into your bedroom, bathroom, or vanity. Plus, its smaller size makes it a better value!

You really can’t go wrong with the HiMirror Mini!


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