19 Must Have Nail Technician Supply List

Doing nails without the proper equipment will be considered an amateur and will find it difficult to create a regular clientele. Having and ordering equipment is an integral part of the procedure and the profession. So, in this article, we will give you the 19 must have nail technician supply list.

Best Affordable Facial Cleansing Brush Reviews [2019]

There are so many Facial cleansing brush brands. Some are better for sensitive skin, some are ideal for acne and some can simply fit your budget better. So, in this review, we will help you decide which brush will be the perfect fit for you, in our Top best affordable facial cleansing brush reviews. Which exfoliating brush is the best?

How to Use Reusable Dual Nail Forms Popits with Gel and Acrylics

How to use reusable dual nail forms popits with gel and acrylics

One of the best things about dual nail forms is once you apply the dual form to the nail (with gel or acrylic) you get a beautiful arch (the arch so many of us try to achieve). Unfortunately, if you will make the nail too thin, it will break before you know it. After so many people doing this wrong, I want to help you do this right. This is the full guide on how to use reusable dual nail forms / popits with gel and acrylic powder.