What Should I Know Before Getting a Brazilian Wax?

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Brazilian wax guide

What is a Brazilian wax? 

A Brazilian wax is a procedure which gets rid of most or all of the hair in the pubic area. It does this by using an application of hot or cold wax. The hot wax is covered with a cloth in the form of strips. The waxed hairs adhere to this cloth, and then it is pulled quickly to remove these hairs from the body. Brazilian waxes are usually performed in a salon by appropriate professionals. The main appeal to having a Brazilian wax compared to shaving is the significantly long time it takes for the hair to return.

How long does a Brazilian wax Last? 

These typically last around four to six weeks. If your hair grows faster, it may be closer to three to four weeks. Other women claim that they remain smooth for six to eight weeks. To most women, this amount of time is totally worth any potential pain of the procedure.

Can the Hair Be Too Long for Waxing? 

The ideal hair length for waxing is ¼ inch long, which is about the length of a grain of rice. It needs to be at least this long for the wax to grip the hairs. If your hair is more coarse, the length may need to be closer to ½ inch long. For long pubic hair, it is recommended to shave the area and book your waxing appointment for two to three weeks later. If you need to make it happen more quickly, trimming the hair to the needed length is also an option.

How Much Does a Brazilian wax cost? (Salon vs. Home)

If you have your brazilian wax done at a salon, you will likely pay $40 – $100 for the service. Part of this cost is having the expertise of the professional. A good professional will be able to get the hairs out in one or two passes. This protects the skin from becoming too sensitive from multiple attempts. You will also experience less pain if done by a very skilled professional and be distracted and put at ease during the process. At-home waxes, on the other hand, cost much less.

A variety of kits exist ranging from around $15 to 75 dollars. Also keep in mind that you can usually get multiple uses out of each kit, making it much more cost-effective. However, you will probably experience more pain until you figure out how to do it well. You must also muster the courage to pull the strips yourself, which is hard for many women. It may take several attempts before you are able to recognize what works for you and gives you the lasting results you desire. Don’t let this deter you, though. Once you develop this skill in time, you will save yourself significant money.

Does a Brazilian wax hurt? 

The amount of pain you experience will depend on a few factors. One big factor is the skill level of your technician. An unskilled technician might remove the hair in the wrong direction, which can result in bruising or skin removal. Another factor is the type of wax used. Hard wax should be used for Brazilian waxing. This is because hard wax does not stick to the skin, so it won’t cause unnecessary discomfort in this sensitive area. Another factor is simply your pain tolerance. If you are able to relax during the procedure, which skilled professionals are trained to help you do, you won’t experience as much pain.

When does correctly, a Brazilian was should not hurt. It may be a little uncomfortable at worst. However, there are many, many accounts of women accounting it to be a hell-like experience due to the amount of pain they felt. This is why is it vital to have your Brazilian wax technician recommended to you. It can make a world of difference.

For new beginners who choose to wax at home, pain is more likely. While you have the comfort of being in the privacy of your own home, you probably don’t have the same training as a skilled professional to be able to reduce the pain. This will get better with more practice in time. Try to relax as best you can, follow the directions perfectly and read tips and users’ experience to start yourself on the best foot possible.

Brazilian Wax Near Me

How to do a Brazilian wax yourself? (step by step)

If you have chosen the at-home route, be sure to read online recommendations to ensure you are purchasing a great kit. Your kit’s directions may alter slightly from what is outlined here depending on the type of wax you purchase. Read your kit’s directions carefully and incorporate the tips here that make sense with your purchase.


First, buy or make your wax method and heat it according to its directions. After that, buy or find the material you will use for your wax strips. This can be a store-bought package or an old t-shirt from your closet or simply a piece of cotton fabric. Cut this material into strips of varying sizes. You will generally want them to be from one to two inches in width and three to six inches in length. If you are careful with these strips, you can use them over and over again in future sessions if you are using a water-soluble wax. Just wash them carefully after each use.

Adjust Length

Next, make sure your hairs are the correct length. This is very important to ensure the wax will stick. They need to be at least ¼ inch long and no more than ½ inch long. If they are longer, you can trim them. This length is also important to reduce the amount of pain from hair removal. Once trimmed, you will want to wash your bikini area to remove any possible residue that may be on the hairs. If any residue exists, it will make it more difficult or impossible for the wax to stick to each of the hairs.

Wax process

Now it is time to start the wax process. Begin applying the wax near your navel. Be sure the wax is not too hot as this can burn your skin. This may be something you learn through trial and error. Alternatively, if the wax is too cold, it will not be able to stick to the hairs. If it reaches this state, reheat according to your kit’s directions. Many times, it’s as simple as microwaving the wax briefly. When ready, apply the wax in

the same direction the hair grows, in thin strips. Stretch your skin taut with one hand using a paper towel to grip the skin. Once the strip is set, rip off the strip off with your other hand in the opposite direction to the hair growth. Use a mirror placed between your legs to apply in the areas you cannot normally see well. Also, be sure to refrain from applying too much wax in one area as this may prevent the strips from sticking to the hair. This is necessary for it to be able to remove them.

Keep moving to other areas until all intended hair is removed. You may need to stop beforehand if this area is very sensitive. If this is true for you, it will most likely take more than one session to remove all of the hair. You will know to stop if it becomes too red and can continue once the redness subsides. For sensitive skin, some types of kits work better than others. Look for kits specifically designed for the type of skin and hair you have. For any strays left behind, you will need to use tweezers for removal rather than waxing more.

Calm the Skin

After this, it’s time to wash the area. Remove any stray bits or stuck bits of wax by using warm water. Finally, apply an oil or lotion to the area to calm the skin. Some redness is to be expected once you finish and will calm in time. If you find you have trouble with ingrown hairs, you may want to include some additional steps. Exfoliate your skin beforehand, disinfect the area afterward using rubbing alcohol or soaked pads made to prevent ingrown hairs once your skin has calmed, then apply deodorant liberally. The alcohol kills bacteria and closes your pores and the deodorant will keep you dry down there so it won’t be irritated or chafe. These tips will keep your bikini area wonderfully hair-free and smooth for many weeks to come.

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