Best Pigments for Microblading

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Best Pigments for Microblading

If you are planning to microblade your eyebrows and you don’t know which pigment to use, worry not. This article will help you chose the best pigments for microblading. It will guide you in making a sound decision. I am going to discuss on various pigments that have been in the market since time immemorial. They produce excellent results.

There has been a debate on the difference between microblading and eyebrows tattooing. Some people think the two words mean the same, but they are wrong. Microblading and tattooing are used on eyebrows. However, eyebrows tattooing use ink while microblading uses pigments.

Best Pigments for Microblading – Reviews

1. Mellie/Microblading Medical Grade Pigments Set 

M | Microblading Medical Grade Pigment Set - Set of 6 Colors | Golden Brown, Soft Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Blonde, Warm Effect

The first pigment on our list is Mellie/Microblading pigment. This is a set of six colors -Golden brown, soft brown, medium brown, dark brown, blonde and warm effect. Professional artists widely use this set pigment.

The pigments are of high quality, which gives perfect eyebrows microblading. The pigment will make you look like a model. You choose the color that pleases you. However, the pigment color should match with your eyebrows. If you use a color that is different from your eyebrows and skin tone, you will look awkward.

Long Lasting

The pigments are not for carrying out tests. If you are not sure of the best color that suits you don’t try them. They will remain on your eyebrow for months before they fade away. If you make a mistake while microblading, you will stay with the ugly look for months. I am sure you will use large sunglasses to hide the mess.

M | Microblading Medical Grade Pigment Set - Set of 6 Colors | Golden Brown, Soft Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Blonde, Warm Effect Safe for you

Safety comes first whenever you think of microblading your eyebrows. You tend to ask yourself, does this pigment have any side effect on my eyebrows? Will this pigment affect my face negatively? The answer is No. Millie microblading pigment is entirely safe for you.

It is made of organic ingredients. This means it is made of vegetables, fruits, and other natural products. However useful they are, people allergic to fruits and vegetables are not allowed to use them. The pigment is thick, thus causing a challenge to many artists, especially the beginners. The best part is, it imparts dense color to eyebrows.

Direct Use

I have seen some pigments with multiple pages of the user guide that shows you how to mix them. Nevertheless, with Millie Microblading, that’s not the case, the pigments are ready for use. Just like doctor’s prescription, shake them before use for the pigment to mix correctly. That’s the only thing you are supposed to do.

You are not required to combine them before use. The fantastic thing is, they do not contain any iron oxide that will change color over time. The color remains the same throughout.

Millie Microblading Company manufactures Mellie/Microblading pigment. Once you order it, the package contains bottles of Blonde, Golden Brown, soft brown, medium brown and dark brown pigments.

Bottom Line

What is the bottom line here? This set pigments are internationally and locally accepted. They are easy to use and gives you exact results as you expected after healing. It is easy to use and offers permanent makeup.

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2. Best Microblading Pigment, Brow Ink Color Set by MADLUVV

Best Microblading Pigment, Brow Ink Color Set of 6 for Perfect Eyebrows, Microblading Pen Supplies, Professional Medical-Grade Black Tattoo Ink, Works with Permanent Machine, 10 ml (Set Of 6)

Avoid becoming a laughing stock by using this magnificent microblading pigment. It is the secret to faking your eyebrows. It makes them look natural and fascinating. Your peers will not help themselves from staring at you. It comes with a set of six colors. The set is widely used with permanent machines. The fascinating thing is, it universal. You can use it both manually and with a machine.

Best Pigments for Professional Artists

If you are an artist and you are looking for the best pigment, Best Microblading Pigment got you covered. It offers you positive results.

It enables you to draw short and accurate strokes that remain vibrant, clear and defined for decades. Your clients will be amazed by the way their eyes glow, making them look pretty and young. To prevent the pigments from fading, it advisable to avoid any direct sunlight, wear hats, and sunglasses.

Also, if you are using any skin treatments or other facial products, make sure you don’t apply them on the eyebrows.

Excellent Results

Every client wants to know how safe she is from the pigment. These pigments are extremely vegan and cruelty-free. The pigments are made with love and passion by the Madluv Company in the USA.

The company uses the finest ingredients to ensure the best color retention and look. Best Microblading Pigment is made of distilled water, alcohol, FD&C, glycerin, iron oxide, Titanium Dioxide, and D&C. However, if you are allergic to any of the ingredients, please do not use this pigment.

This set of dyes has been tried, tested, and used by top microblading gurus across the globe.

Permanent Microblading

The package comes with six sets of pigments. These sumptuous colors include bottles of; blonde 110, soft brown 111, medium brown 112, brunette 113, darkest brown 114, and jet black 115. Before using them, you should select the best color that will please your client and make her look sophisticated then use it manually or with your micro-blades.

You will be fascinated by how beautiful you are. The pigments create perfect eyebrows every time you use them. The pleasing part is, they are easy to apply. Beginners can use them.


If you are looking for an eyebrows pigment that will make you stand out, you have found the perfect tool. This set of pigments make permanent tattoos that are magnificent. If you are an artist, they will help you elevate the ladder of success. Your microblading skill will keep on advancing each day.

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3. BioTouch 36-BOTTLE Set Pigments (Pure Brown Kit)

BioTouch 36-BOTTLE SET Pigments Permanent Makeup Cosmetic Tattoo Inks 3ml each bottle (Pure Brow Kit)

Feel confident knowing that you are using one of the best microblading pigment in the market. This pigment has a gel of consistent, producing perfect results whenever used. Prepare yourself to be madly in love with this fantastic microblading pigment. BioTouch 36-BOTTLE SET Pigment is a permanent makeup that has a 3ml bottle. It comes with six different colors that are easy to use. They range from light to dark tones. You choose the pigment that matches your skin tone.

For Professional Use

BioTouch 36-BOTTLE Set uses Fitzpatrick scale that assists you in choosing the best color for your eyebrows. The feature makes it easy to figure out what color is best for you. The colors make beautiful pigments that don’t fade out to orange or pink.

They maintain their original color for years. That’s not an issue; the amazing thing is, you can mix the colors to achieve a perfect color for each customer. However, you must shake the pigments before use since they come out of the bottles watery if unshaken.

Once you shake them, the mixture becomes thicker, something that might be a challenge for beginners. You need to be extra vigilant when applying it. To cut the chase, the pigments are easy to use.

BioTouch 36-BOTTLE SET Pigments Permanent Makeup Cosmetic Tattoo Inks 3ml each bottle (Pure Brow Kit) 2 Years Warranty

Pure Brown Kit comes with two years limited warranty. If it is damaged when delivered, return it to the seller. However, if you damage it due to your negligence, don’t bother to replace it. Open bottles are not accepted. The bottles are disposal once you are done with them.

They are bio-grantable hence environmentally friendly. This permanent eyebrows microblading is designed by professional for experts only. The pigments are made of iron oxide, which is known to be safe for facial use, ethanol which allows the dyes to dry slower and keep it smooth and other organic elements like vegetable, and fruits. If you are allergic to organic compounds, please don’t use BioTouch 36-Bottle Set.

In the Package

Once you order this set, the package contains six bottles of the pigments, each 3ml. The kit is a full set of eyeliner which is perfect for all skin tones -blue, green, black, hazel, brown and blue. BioTouch Company in the USA proudly manufactures it in the USA.

To attain a deep color, it is advisable to apply more layers. The packaging box contains directions on the best pigment for your client. It has brows selections, eye lining selections, lip tone selection, and camouflage selections.


BioTouch 36-Set Pigment is designed for professionals only. If you want to try it, you must be trained. The pigments absorb the skin slower and much more effectively making you look pretty and beautiful. Since it is permanent, the pigment maintains its true colors for years.

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4. Tina Davies X Permablend – Brow Kit

Tina Davies X Permablend - Brow Kit

Can a situation be complicated than this? You have spent the whole afternoon microblading a client, but the pigments are not absorbing to the skin. The client demands you to undo it and to make the matter worse the pigment you are using is permanent.

What will you do? Avoid this frustration by choosing the best microblading dye. Tina Davies X Permablend is designed for professionals who are committed to scaling their skills and offer the best services to their customers.

Most of experienced chemists and cosmeticians have been consulted to ensure customers are safe. The pigments have passed the reAP 2008 regulations for Europe.

Sterilized with Gamma Radiation

The pigments are sterilized by gamma rays to make sure it is safe and cruelty-free for you and your customers. The pigments have not been used on animals and do not contain any animal by-product. Also, they are universal; you can use them with any brand machine or microblade.

The fascinating thing is, they are easy to use. They match the client’s skin tone or hair color.

The pigments have been designed to keep the color selection simple and straightforward with a variety of colors to suit all your clients’ preference. The colors are long-lasting and offer predictable results-the eyebrows look precisely the way you wanted them to look like.

Ready for Use

The pigments don’t require any modification. They are 7light-to-dark shades that suit any skin tone. You are required to shake the bottles before you. If unshaken they might come out watery. Shaking makes the mixture thick and has long-lasting retention. The first treatment gives you a 90% retention.

Some pigments such Ebony Pigment which is dark with a yellow base covers old orange, green and red PMU. It gives you a flat black color. The Ebony Pigment is made of glycerin, witch hazel, isopropyl alcohol, aqua, rosin, and DMDM hydantoin. It is used for people who want as much depth as possible.

It is perfect for caramel, Dark Brown and Brown Black skin tones.

Tina Davies X Permablend - Brow Kit What is in the Box?

Tina Davies X Permablend Company manufactures this beautiful set of pigments. It is un-concentrated allowing professionals to place the target colors over old and faded colors easily.

The package contains seven bottles of a half-ounce, one a half ounce shading solution, and one-color chart. The colors are ash brown-suitable for people who want ash-based eyebrows, blonde-best for clients who want a natural look, grey-used for people who wish to have greying eyebrows, medium brown-for people who want a soft look, dark brown-for clients who want a more defined look, bold brown-for people who want brighter look and ebony.

The color chart contains pictures of color best for various skin tones and color descriptions.

Bottom Line

Make sure you have shaken the pigments well before use using a pigment mixer for the mixture to be thick. Always put it in a cool place, away from direct sunlight. Also, to avoid making a mistake while microblading, hold the color chart against the client skin to choose the suitable color. If you adhere to that, your customers will be happy with your work.

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5. Doreme Permanent Makeup, Microblading Pigment SetThe Elixir Beauty Permanent Makeup Microblading Pigment Dark Brown Set Microblade Ink Color, 4 Colors

Do not be afraid to add this microblading pigment to your shopping list since it offers exceptional results. It contains a mixture of warm and cool tones. You can even mix the colors to obtain a color that satisfies your customers.

It is certified by the Dermatest, a certification lab that is found in Germany. The laboratory is used to test products for their safety to human beings and the environment. Doreme Permanent Make up has passed all the regulations.

Long-Lasting Results

The pigments stay for more than four years before retouch though it depends on the client skin regeneration. The set of pigments are ideal for microblading and micro-pigmentation. It can be used for both machine and manual application.

If you are a beginner and you don’t have the machine, worry not. Use it manually. Also, you can play around with it a little bit by mixing it with liquid pigment line to liquify it or mix it with a concentrated pigment line to make it more concentrated, is that not amazing? The pigments give you the liberty to achieve the results you are looking for.

Made of Organic Compounds

Doreme Permanent Makeup is made of organic compounds which are an alternative for the controversial iron oxide pigments. Organic components neither have metals nor nickel. They are produced synthetically to ensure the highest possible purity.

Doreme Permanent Makeup being a product of organic compounds is easy to apply on the eyebrows. It is vibrant and does not fade away, it has high pigment density, and the skin does not turn reddish after healing. It retains its original tone. The ideal ingredients used are; water, isopropyl alcohol, and glycerin though it depends on the color of the pigment.

What is in the Package

Domere Company manufactures Domere Permanent Makeup. It involves the latest innovation in the Doreme family. The primary reason to have this permanent microblading pigment on your shopping list is to make sure your professional work is unique, and your clients are happy.

The package comes with Doreme Eye Booster, Doreme Eyebrow Booster, Doreme Lip Booster, and Doreme Permanent Seater. The four bottles contain colors such as blonde 2Shot, Soft Ash 2Shot, Cognac Concentrate, and Milano Brown Concentrate.


Doreme Permanent Makeup is one of the most advanced products of Doreme Company. It is made using the most advanced method to ensure clients are safe and satisfied. The pigments give you are a privilege of choosing between Eyeliner Set, Eyebrow Set, Lips Set, and Camouflage & Areola Set. Interestingly, they offer magnificent results.

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A Guide to the Best Pigment for Microblading


Microblading is the best way to add beauty and make you look sophisticated. The best microblading pigment is made of organic components and doesn’t have any oxidizing agents like iron oxide, which changes color with time.
From the above list, I can comfortably vote for Mellie/Microblading Medical Grade Pigments Set. It is 100% safe for use and the pigments last long.

Below are some of the important Must to look for in a microblading pigment:

1) Lasting Period

The best pigment should last for 2-5 years before a retouch. Microblading is costly and retouching after every month might be expensive for the clients. Always choose a pigment that lasts long.

2) Usability

An ideal microblading pigment should be easy to use. It should give users an option to liquify it if it’s too thick or concentrate it if it’s too light. Also, look for a pigment that can be used with both a machine and manually.

3) Safety of the pigment

Safety matters a lot as far as beauty is concerned. The best dye should not cause any harm to your eyebrows or cause itching. Your skin should maintain its original tone after healing.

4) Cost

Customers aim at maximizing utility while sellers aim at maximizing profit. You need to choose a pigment that meets your needs, and at the same time, it’s cheap for you. You should not spend a lot on a dye yet you can get a cheaper one which serves the same purpose

5) Pigment Shelf Life

Microblading pigment shelf life matters a lot to professionals. If you purchase a pigment that will expire in the next couple of months and you don’t have many customers, you are doomed. An ideal dye should have a long shelf life of between 1-2 years.

6) Skin Tone

Look for a microblading pigment that matches your skin tone. Don’t buy any pigment that comes on your way. Using unmatching colors will make you look like a monster.

7) The Microblading Upkeep

Some dyes like Mellie/Microblading Medical Grade Pigments Set don’t require any sunlight during the healing process. The exposure hinders the healing process. It makes it fade away. Buy a pigment that requires less maintenance.


The above microblading pigments have been tried and tested. They are safe for human use. However, if you are allergic to facial treatment or other compounds, please don’t use them. They might cost you a lot. To make a long story short, the best pigments for microblading are the ones that match your clients’ skin tone.

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