15 Best Nail Dipping System Reviews in 2019 [Tried Them All]

best nail dipping powder reviews

If you’re searching for some nail dipping system reviews – we’ve tried tons of them. Nail Dipping powders are one of the hottest things right now. They are literally everywhere, you may see them on every second nail video on social media. So, are dip powder nails are just a buzz? or is it actually the ideal nail extension method?

The answer is simple. Dipping powders are easy to use, odorless and you don’t need the UV light. Yes, you read it correctly, no UV! It is really the best nail extension method.

Another great thing about nail dipping powders is the fact they are ideal for both, professional and home use. If you want an odorless, durable, long-lasting but yet affordable nail dipping powder kit the Kiara Sky nail dipping starter kit is the one that will get you the professional salon look.

There are so many nail dipping powder brands. Some of them are great and some of them simply aren’t. In this post, I will share my favorite best nail dipping powder reviews, and recommend on some of the top nail dipping powder kits and products.

Best Nail Dipping System Reviews in 2019

Best nail dipping powder kitRankLong-LastingPrice
Kiara Sky Dip System Powder, Starter Kit5/521 Days$$
Cuccio pro Powder Polish Dip Dipping, Starter Kit4/515 Days$
Kiara Sky COLOR Nail Dipping System Powder Kit5/521 Days$$
SNS Dipping Powders French Dip Kit4.2/521 Days$$$
ANC Professional Nail Dip System Kit4/519 Days$$
Revel Nail French Manicure Nail Dip Powder Kit3.8/518 Days$$
TP Nail Dipping Powder System Starter Kit3.5/514 Days$$

Kiara Sky Dip Powder System Starter Kit Reviews

Kiara sky starter kit best nail dipping system reviews
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This is probably one of the most reviewed, peoples favorite nail dipping powder brand. It came into our lives and swept us off our feet! You probably saw the nail videos on Instagram or Facebook it is literally everywhere! We tried it and we absolutely love it.

It’s comfortable and easy to use, It’s durable and long-lasting (usually will last longer than your gel polish). This kit is every french manicure lovers dream, it’s popular and has many customer reviews on Amazon.

The one thing I probably like the most about the Kiara sky kit is the fact you don’t need to be a professional to get fabulous results. Just follow their instructions and you will get the nail salon look easily.

The Packaging

The Kiara sky packaging is very comfortable to use, nice colors and has everything that you need to get a perfect French manicure or full overlay.

Easy To Use

 We have got to say this! This nail dipping powder kit is one of the easiest to use. It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional nail technician, a nail student or a DIY nail lover, you can get pretty awesome results.


The manicure lasted for about 21 days without chipping or lifting. We were really pleased with the Kiara sky strong and durable manicure. It is lightweight and feels natural, unlike some other brands.  

No Harsh Chemicals

We were very pleased when we saw Kiara sky nail dipping system is has been formulated without any harsh chemicals. As we all know harsh chemicals can sometimes damage our nail bed and be the cause for dry, splitting nails. (Read more: Best Nail Hardener for Weak Nails on the Market!)

Time Saver

we did both hands in about 20 minutes, it’s a real time saver. If you want fast and easy to use dipping system this is the one you need.

The Brush Saver

Anyone who actually tried using dipping powders will tell you this- having a brush saver in any dip powder kit is a must. Kiara Sky’s brush saver is great and will save you money on buying new application brushes for your base polish.

KS kit nail dipping system reviews


Good and affordable for all that you are getting in this kit.

The Package Includes

  • Bond (.5 fl oz)
  • Base (.5 fl oz)
  • Seal Protect (.5 fl oz)
  • Top (.5 fl oz)
  • Nourish Oil (.5 fl oz)
  • Brush Saver (.5 fl oz)
  • Natural Powder (1 oz)
  • Pure White (1 oz)
  • Light Pink Powder (1 oz)
  • Medium Pink Powder (1 oz)
  • Dark Pink Powder (1 oz)
  • Kiara Sky Dip Case


I must say I love The Kiara Sky nail dipping powder kit, it will be the perfect gift for any nail lover. It is non-toxic MMA free, Cruelty-free, odorless, long-lasting, easy to use and on top of that all you don’t need a UV light in order to cure it. when I opened the kit I felt like Kiara Sky definitely thought about everything.

They included everything you can possibly need to get an amazing french manicure of a full overlay, even a brush saver (which I use a lot). The Kiara sky Manicure lasted for about 21 days on my nails without chipping. This kit is affordable and will be ideal for home use and professional use.

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Cuccio Pro Powder Polish Dip – Nail Dipping powder Kit

Cuccio Nail Dip Kit
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We were so excited to try this Cuccio Pro Nail dipping powder kit.

Great news for all you glitter lovers, this starter kit contains a beautiful shimmering glitter silver, darker pink and everything you need for a French manicure and all of this at a very good price. The Cuccio Nail dipping kit contains everything you need to do a french manicure or full coverage nail design.

The Colors

The awesome thing about this kit is that other than the regular clear, white and pink dip powders it also contains a bright pink and beautiful silver powder glitter. perfect gift for glitter lovers.

Strong With A Natural Look 

Dipping powders, in general, are a great alternative to gel polish. With this Cuccio nail dipping powder kit, you will get a clean natural looking manicure.

Easy To Use

The Cuccio nail dipping powder kit is a very good option for beginners and for home use. Comfortable and Easy to use, no wonder it has lots of great customer nail dip powder reviews.


We were actually a bit disappointed the product started chipping on day 15. All of the other brands we reviewed here lasted for a bit longer.


Ideal price for those who are on a budget and want to get a good nail dipping powder kit.

The Package

  • Passionate Pink (a bright magenta pink) 1/2 oz
  • French Pink (a light ballet pink with fine shimmer in it) 1/2 oz
  • Clear (pretty straightforward) 1/2 oz
  • White (a pure opaque white) 1/2 oz
  • Silver w/ silver mica (a shimmering fine glittery silver) 1/2 oz
  • Nail Primer
  • Nail Base & Top Gel
  • Layering Gel Dip
  • Gel Activator
  • Brush Cleaner
  • Milk & Honey Cuticle Oil
  • 3 Dipping trays


The Cuccio Dip powder kit is Versatile, easy to use, and super affordable. In fact, this kit will save you a lot of money. Remember that a salon manicure costs about 35-40$, with this kit you can easily do about 40 manicures at the same cost as one single salon manicure. The Cuccio Mani lasted for 15 days on my nails before chipping (wish it was a bit longer). This kit will be great for home use.

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The Kiara Sky Color Nail Dipping Powder System Kit Review

On December 2017 Kiara Sky launched another starter kit- “the color starter kit.” This kit is fabulous! It is like they heard me saying “give me some glitter.” Like in the French kit – you get everything that you need to make your nails stand out and to look perfect. The Kiara Sky dipping powders are high quality and will be ideal for both professional and home use.

The Colors

The kit contains a nude powder, natural powder, and a clear powder so naturally like in the French starter kit, you can have the most amazing manicure. But it also contains a beautiful gold glitter color (we all need some glitter in our lives), and a fabulous red dip powder. Glitter lovers will absolutely love this kit.

best nail dipping system reviews
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Recycle System Tray

Another amazing thing you get only with the Kiara Sky color nail dip kit is the KS recycle system tray. This trey is fantastic and will save you a lot of product.

KS color kit nail dip powder reviews (1)

Brush Saver

The color starter kit also contains a bond, base, seal protect, top coat, nourishing oil and a brush saver.


Like in the French starter kit, the Kiara Sky dipping powders are enhanced with vitamins and calcium which are beneficial for your nails. The color nail dip kit is very easy to use, the powders are odorless, and the results are amazing and long-lasting (lasted for 21 days on my nails).

In The Kit

  • Signature Color Powder (Nude) (1 oz)
  • Signature Color Powder (Red) (1 oz)
  • Signature Color Powder (Gold Glitter) (1 oz)
  • KS Recycle System
  • Bond (.5 fl oz)
  • Base (.5 fl oz)
  • Seal Protect (.5 fl oz)
  • Top (.5 fl oz)
  • Nourish Oil (.5 fl oz)
  • Brush Saver (.5 fl oz)
  • Natural Powder (1 oz)
  • Clear Powder (1 oz)


This kit is amazing not only it’s long-lasting, odorless and contains everything you need to get the perfect manicure. The Kiara sky dip manicure lasted for 21 days on my nails without lifting or chipping. This nail dipping powder kit is very popular, also, it has tons of great customer nail dipping powder reviews.

The great thing about this nail dipping powder kit is that it’s versatile colorwise, you can create beautiful french nail design or full coverage color, glitter design, and much more. This is definitely one of the best nail dipping systems we reviewed.

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SNS Dipping Powders French Nail Dip Kit, Dipping Powder

SNS nail dipping powder kit reviews
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This SNS student kit includes 4 powders, 7 gels, and a French dip molding to create a beautiful smiling tip. This nail dip kit gave our nails professional salon look, we were very pleased with the results.

SNS starter kit is one of the best dip powders we have tried, It is durable and long-lasting, easy to use and the final manicure results are amazing. No wonder even professional nail technicians absolutely love the SNS dipping system. (More about the SNS Nails Brand)

Easy To Use 

This product is good for both home and professional use, very high-quality and so easy to use.


This product is gentle to your nail beds, unlike some gel and acrylic products. The SNS brand products are odor free.

Durable Glossy Finish

You can really get the perfect manicure with this. the durable glossy finish is great – no cracking or lifting.

Natural Feel

The best thing about the nail dipping system is the nails look natural, unlike the results you get with most of the gels and traditional acrylics.

SNS Nail Dipping powder kit

Long Lasting

This SNS manicure lasted on our nails for 21 days without chipping. This product is strong and durable and we loved everything about this SNS student kit.


This product is not cheap but the quality and results speak for them self.

In The Package

  • French white
  • Natural pink
  • Natural fill
  • French dip molding
  • Gel base
  • Brush saver
  • Sealer dry
  • Brush on glue
  • Ea. bond
  • Gel top
  • Vitamin oil


The SNS nail dip kit is easy to use, long lasting and odorless. The SNS top coat will give you a glossy and shiny finish. This kit will be ideal for both home use and professional use. The SNS dipping powder mani lasted for 21 days on my nails without chipping. Although its a bit pricey, I feel like the final results are amazing.

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ANC Professional Nail Dip System Kit 

ANC nail dipping powder kit
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We actually tried some of their products before and were very pleased to try the ANC professional nail dip kit. The awesome thing about ANC is that they are adding calcium and vitamin E to their products, and their products are environmentally friendly.

Easy To Use

The great thing about most of the nail dipping systems is that they are super easy to use. In the package, you will find instructional DVD so You actually can get an awesome manicure that will last at home.

Long Lasting 

Most of the nail dipping systems we reviewed here will last for about 2-3 weeks on the nails. The ANC product is no different and lasted on our nails for 19 days without chipping.


The ANC products are odor free and gentle for your nail bed. Unlike some acrylic and gels that actually can damage the nail bed.

No Primer Needed

Prep your nails, Skip the primer and apply a base coat to the nails. With the ANC kit, there is no need to prime your nails before applying the base.

The Package

  • Prep (.5 fl/oz)
  • Gel Base (.5 fl/oz)
  • Activator (.5 fl/oz)
  • Finish Gel (.5 fl/oz)
  • Nail Nourish Oil (.5 fl/oz)
  • Brush Saver (.5 fl/oz)
  • (French White, Base, Medium Pink)
  • Instructional DVD
  • 1x French Dip Container


The ANC kit will be great for both professional and home use. The powders are odor-free and added with vitamins and minerals (like the Kiara sky kit). The ANC manicure is long lasting and it lasted for about 19 days before chipping. Overall it’s a great kit, at a good price.

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RevelNail French Manicure Nail Dipping Powder Kit

Revelnail nail dip powder reviews
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When we got this revel starter kit it was actually our first time using Revel products. Although the starter kit is very comfortable and easy to use, we were a bit disappointed the kit includes only two jars of french dip powder.

Easy To Use

The kit is very easy to use, you can get beautiful nails in only four steps, this will be great for home use and for professional use. If you have a client with brittle, thin nails stop with the gels and traditional acrylics and give this dip powder a try.

Long Lasting

It is strong and durable. The Revel dip system stayed on our nails for 18 days without chipping or lifting. We didn’t expect this, so it actually was a really good surprise.


Toxic ingredients can make severe damage to the nail plate. This Revel dipping system is non-toxic and odor free, it does not contain harsh chemicals.

No Primer

One of the things we loved about the revel starter kit is that you actually do not have to use any primer, just prep your nail and start with the base coat.


Very good price for a good product.

In The Package

  • Pro base 15 ml (or 0.5 OZ)
  • Activator 15 ml (or 0.5 OZ)
  • Finish Gel 15 ml (or 0.5 OZ)
  • Finish Gel 15 ml (or 0.5 OZ)
  • French white dip powder 2 OZ
  • flawless pink dip powder 2 OZ


The revel nail dip kit is affordable, long-lasting, toxic-free and easy to use. The Revel dip manicure lasted for 18 days on my nails without chipping. This kit will be great for home use and will make a great gift. the only thing I didn’t like about it is the fact it doesn’t contain a brush saver.

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Nail Dipping Powder Kit By TP Nail Care Dip Powder Value Kit

TP dip starter kit
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This TP kit comes with 6 beautiful dip powder colors and yes, it includes a beautiful silver glitter. The reason I love this kit so much is the fact it gives a great value for money, and by the way, it is very affordable and comfortable to use.

Easy to use

The TP nail dip powder system is effortless to use just follow the steps in the manufacturer’s instructions and create your own amazing nail designs. Whether you love glitter, French or full overlay nails you can do it all.

Money Saver

The Tp nail dipping powder kit is affordable and as we said before it gives great value for your money. In the price of two salon manicures, you can actually get about 50 manicures from this nail kit without leaving your house. The only thing you must know is that the base (gel dip) will last you for about 30 manicures while the powders lasted me for over 50 manicures.

Everything In One Kit

Loved the fact that other than the 6 dipping powder colors, TP added the things we all tend to forget we need before doing our manicure. In this kit, TP added a  dust brush, which is a must if you’re doing a dip powder application. Also, this kit includes a nail file and a 3-way buffer, which in my opinion is a great addition to the kit.

How Long Does It Last?

The TP nail dipping powder value kit powders lasted for 14 days on our nails. Fine result but I wished for it to last longer without chipping.

Important: This kit does not include a brush saver so you will need to buy some replacement brushes for the gel dip

The package

    • Nail Prep (15mL)
    • Gel Dip (15mL)
    • Gel Activator (15mL) activates resin and dries it faster
    • Advanced crystal gel powder for the dipping base
    • Natural pink(minimum pink)
    • Ultra-white powder Ideal for creating a French manicure or a full overlay
    • Red powder
    • Creamy rose powder
    • Silver glitter
    • Dust brush
    • Nail file
    • 3-way buffer/sander


The Tp value nail dipping powder kit is affordable, versatile, easy to use and you get some nice additions with it such a dust brush, nail file, and buffer. This starter kit is Ideal for home-based use and will be a great gift for any nail lover. I love the colors that come with this kit, the dip powder manicure lasted for 14 days on my nails without chipping.

Overall this kit gives you a great value for your money although, I didn’t like the fact they forgot to include a valuable thing such as a brush saver in their kit or some replaceable polish brushes for the gel dip.

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Best nail dipping system reviews in 2019 – Our Winner

The Kiara Sky starter kit and the SNS student kit gave our nails a really beautiful natural look with a high-quality manicure.

Both of the products are strong, durable and long-lasting.

Price-wise the Kiara Sky starter kit is more affordable than the SNS kit.

The Kiara sky nail dipping powder kit is very popular and had lots of customer nail dipping powder reviews.

We loved that the Kiara Sky product does not contain harsh chemicals, Is super easy to use and ideal for both home use and professional use.

Bottom Line: Kiara Sky Dip Powder, Starter Kit is our winner

8 Dip Powder Alternatives

Dipwell Dipping Nail Starter Kit, Easy Acrylic Powder, and Gel Resin Kit

Dipwell Dip Powder Reviews
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This nail starter kit has everything you need to achieve a beautiful, classic French manicure in the comfort of your own home! Dip nails are as strong and durable as gel or acrylic nails, but they don’t damage your natural nails nearly as much.

Dip nails only take 20 minutes to apply and don’t require a UV light, which makes them incredibly user-friendly. They lasted on my nails for 2 weeks before chipping. The removal process is equally easy—you just need to soak your fingernails in acetone for 15 minutes!

In addition to being convenient and durable, Dipwell’s nail dipping system is cruelty-free and vegan, so you don’t have to sacrifice your ethics or love of animals when using these nail polishes!

Each starter kit includes a bonding polish, base polish, activator polish, sealant, brush softener, clear dipping powder, French white dipping powder, sheer pink dipping powder, 2 nail files, and a wooden cuticle pusher, which is everything you need for a perfect French manicure!
This nail kit is amazing for people who love French manicures but are tired of paying exorbitant salon prices. It’s extremely user-friendly, natural-looking, and effective!

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Levander violets Dipping Powder Nail Starter Kit, French Dip Powders System

LAVENDER VIOLETS Dipping powder kit
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 This nail dipping powder kit is unique because it doesn’t require the clear powder step, which most dip nail kits use, which makes this kit is even more user-friendly, fast, and efficient! Plus, it comes with 4 fashionable color options, so you can have fun switching up your look!

Dip nails are incredibly convenient. Plus, they’re healthier than traditional gel and acrylic nails. They’re odor-free, non-toxic, breathable, chip-resistant, and water-resistant. This kit can be worn for up to 3 weeks before needing removal! (The dip powders lasted about 11 days on my nails, and chipped on day 12)

In addition to being fast, user-friendly, and convenient, this dip nail kit is also free of formaldehyde, DBP, and toluene, which are unhealthy chemicals present in many other nail polish brands. Plus, it’s cruelty-free, which means that these products are never tested on animals.

Each starter kit comes with peppercorn, black beauty, gray pinstripe, and night shade colored powders, a bottle of base gel, a bottle of gel activator, a bottle of top gel, and a brush saver, which is everything you need for a flawless manicure!
This kit has earned rave reviews for its speed and convenience. The dip powders go on incredibly smooth, and are much cheaper and more convenient than going to a nail salon!

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Color Club 21 Day Nail Color Dip Starter Kit-from The Serendipity Line

Color Club nail dipping powder kit
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This dip nail starter kit is incredibly convenient and easy to use. It lasts for up to 21 days before needing to be removed and reapplied, and does not require any UV or LED lights to apply! Plus, it can be used on both fake nails and natural nails.
This nail kit is a great way to test out dip nails and see if they’re right for you.

Dip nails are just as shiny and long-lasting as gels and acrylics but are far less damaging to the nail beds. Plus, they’re very easy to apply and remove and come in a multitude of stylish, fashionable colors!
In addition to its convenience, user-friendliness, longevity, and speed, Serendipity nail products are made in the USA and cruelty-free. You can rest easy knowing that you’re supporting an ethical company!

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This dip nail starter kit nail dipping powder kit comes with a prime bond polish, instant activator polish, and finish gloss polish. It also includes 3 3.5-ounce containers of dip powder, each in a different, unique, and fashionable color. Everything you need for perfect nails is included!

This nail dip kit is excellent for people with naturally brittle or breakable nails, as well as people who are trying to wean themselves off of gels or acrylics. Dip nails are just as shiny and long-lasting as gels and acrylics, but are also significantly less expensive!

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Hand & Nail Harmony Gelish Acrylic Powder Color Dip Nail Kit 

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This nail dipping powder system contains everything you need for shiny, beautiful, long-lasting nails! These acrylic powders last as long as 14 days without chipping and are designed to be even more vibrant and clear than other dip nail systems.
Each step of this dip nail kit system is designed to give you the most clear, smooth, vibrant, and long-lasting nails without the hassle of visiting a salon or using UV or LED lamps to cure your manicure.

This nail dip kit can be used at home or at a professional nail salon. Each kit contains 3 different nail dip powders in different colors and finishes, but the kit can be used with any brand of dip nail powder, making it incredibly versatile.

Each kit comes with a prep polish, base coat, activator polish, top coat, brush softener, nail surface cleanser, lint-free wipes, 2 replacement caps, and 2 replacement brushes. Plus, you get a clear dip nail powder, a baby pink dip nail powder, and a glittery red dip nail powder, giving you options for every occasion!

This nail kit is beloved by amateur nail enthusiasts who love having manicured nails but hate the hassle of applying and reapplying regular nail polish or visiting an expensive salon for a gel or acrylic manicure.

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Supernail Prodip 7 Piece Kit

supernail-pro-dip-7piece-kit - nail dipping powder system reviews
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This nail kit contains everything you need for beautiful French-tipped acrylic nails without the hassle of visiting a nail salon. Your nails are sure to look sleek, elegant, and classy for up to 3 weeks!

This nail dipping powder kit is great because it doesn’t require any UV or LED lights or sculpting tools. Plus, it’s odor-free, so you don’t have to worry about noxious nail polish fumes stinking up your room!
This incredibly versatile nail kit can be used with natural nails, freshly-applied fake nails, or even as a fill-in to an acrylic set that has already grown out.

Each kit comes with a prep polish, base coat, activator coat, and finish gel. You also receive very generously-sized containers of white dip powder, pink dip powder, and clear dip powder, which are guaranteed to provide you with a perfect manicure!

Many nail enthusiasts trust the Supernail Prodip 7 Piece Kit to give them beautiful acrylic-like nails that last for weeks. Many satisfied customers have even decided to skip nail salons altogether, and just use this dip nail kit to achieve beautiful manicures!

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Cuccio BARE NUDITY Collection Nail Dipping Powder Polish Dip 8 Colors

Cuccio Nude Color nail dip Kit - nail dipping powder system reviews
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If you’re already a dip powder nail enthusiast but are looking to expand your nail powder collection, look no further than the Cuccio BARE NUDITY Collection! This kit contains a wide variety of beautiful, natural and nude shades that are sure to complement any skin tone!

These nail powders can be used with any nail dip kit that you already own and it lasted on my nails for 15 days without chipping. They’re great for people who are looking for a natural, professional, and realistic-looking manicure that lasts for weeks!

Each container contains half an ounce of nail powder, which is enough to last you for months and months of manicures. You’ll never have to worry about running out of nail powder for your next dip nail manicure!

Each kit comes with 8 containers of nail powder, each in a different nude or neutral shade. You’ll receive gorgeous shades like original pink, iridescent cream, light pink with rainbow glitter, crystal glitter, bubble bath pink, amaretto cream tan, flattering peach, and creamy tan.

These nail powders have earned rave reviews from dip nail enthusiasts who wanted to expand their shade range. The colors are natural, but still eye-catching. Plus, they all last for over 2 weeks before needing to be reapplied!

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Karlash Dip System Dipping Powder Starter Kit – Color Kit

 Karlash nail dipping powder system reviews
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This dip nail starter kit contains all of the necessary components for a gorgeous, colorful dip nail manicure that lasts for weeks. It’s incredibly easy to use!
If you’re fed up with regular nail polishes chipping, gel manicures needing reapplication, or acrylic nails damaging your natural nail beds, dip nails are the perfect solution!

Dip nail manicures are amazing because they’re odorless, lightweight, flexible, durable, glossy, and don’t require any LED or UV lights to apply! You can complete the whole process in no time in the comfort of your own home!

Each kit comes with a bond polish, base coat, activator, top coat, cuticle oil, and brush saver. You get 5 different nail powders: a base powder, a red color, a clear color, a pink color, and a nude color. Plus, each kit also includes a dipping tray, nail buffer, nail file, and cuticle pusher.

This nail kit has great reviews for its versatility and user-friendliness. Plus, it can easily be used on young children without damaging their nails or introducing unsafe chemicals into their bodies, so your kids can get in on the dip manicure fun!

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Powder Perfection Dipping Powder Set

OPI Powder Perfection Dipping Powder Set - nail dipping powder system reviews
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 If you’re looking for a natural, neutral nail polish experience that doesn’t chip or fades away after only a few days, this dip nail manicure kit is perfect for you!
This nail dip kit is manufactured by OPI, a nail polish brand beloved by professionals and amateurs everywhere for its quality and variety of colors.

This nail dip kit can be used on natural or acrylic nails. It’s designed to last for over 2 weeks without chipping, and does not require any UV or LED lights to apply! It’s incredibly convenient, user-friendly, and much cheaper than regularly visiting a nail salon.

The only thing i didn’t like about this kit, is the fact you need to buy a clear dip powder separately.

Each kit comes with a base coat, activator, and top coat. Plus, you get 1.5 ounces of nail powder in a neutral, universal nude pink shade. This is an incredibly generous amount of nail powder.

This nail dipping powder kit is perfect for busy professionals who want nicely manicured nails but are too busy to keep going to the nail salon. The neutral pink color is universally flattering, and the kit itself is very easy to use!

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How Does Dip Powders Work? 

After you Opened your nail dipping powder kit you should always read the manufacturer’s instructions on how to use your new kit. Generally, you start with your base coat. After you apply a thin layer of base coat you dip your finger in the dip powder. Usually, this step repeated twice, but it may be a different order for different nail dipping powder kits.

The fantastic thing about dip powder nails is that they don’t demand as much filing as builder gels or other nail extension methods. After you file and shape your nail gently. After your done and applied your top coat the nail is ready and you can apply some cuticle oil. Another thing I love about nail dip powders is the fact you don’t need a UV light in order to cure your nails and don’t need to deal with the danger that comes with it. Unlike hard gels and gel polishes, it dries quickly and no UV/LED light needed.

Are Dipping Powders Safe? 

For so many time, I’ve been searching for an easy and safe nail extension method, Traditional acrylics are durable but the liquid monomer contains harsh chemicals that may harm your nails. Also, with Traditional acrylics, you will need a good technique and practice. I’ve also tried hard gels (read more about our favorite best hard gels for nails) which are flexible and long-lasting But the stickiness and the need for the UV light are the hard gel disadvantages. I was super excited when I finally tried dip powders, they are easy to use, and it is ideal for DIY nail lovers and professionals.

The Great thing about dipping powders is that you don’t need to use a liquid monomer in order to bond the acrylics. The liquid monomer is usually containing harsh chemicals which may damage your nails. Dipping powders are Odorless and bonded with a glue called cyanoacrylate.

You also don’t need to use UV or LED light (find out how to cure gel nails without a UV light?). Nail dip powders are actually more gentle on the nails, Some of the dipping powder brands are actually adding beneficial vitamins and minerals to the dip powders.

How Long do Powder Nails Last? 

After trying different dip powder brands, I can honestly say that dip powder nails last for about 14-21 days. If you want to get a long-lasting manicure, choosing and using a high-quality dip powder is a must. More things may affect your dip powder wear time. Proper preparation of the nail is essential not only for a dip powder application, but it is a must in any manicure.

Whether your applying gel polish, hard gel, traditional acrylics or dipping powders it is super important to prepare and to clean the nails before application.

How to Remove Dip Powder Nails (Step by Step)

One of the great things about dipping powders is the fact it is easy to remove. The process of removing your dipped nail extension is actually very similar to gel polish removal. The dip powder nails removal is way faster than the removal of traditional acrylic nails and will take you about 15 min.

Step 1: What Do You Need?

  • Nail file
  • 10 pieces of foil
  • 10 cotton balls
  • Acetone 100% remover

*Tip: Instead of using foil and cotton balls you can buy small wearable finger soakers that you can put the acetone in. Some people may find this method to be even more comfortable (find it here).

Step 2: Filing The Top

After preparing all of our tools, use a hand nail file or your electric nail drill (check out our review on the best nail drills), and file the top coat carefully off the nail (remove just the shiny layer).

Step 3: Cotton Balls And Foil

Soak five cotton balls in 100% acetone. Then, place the cotton ball on top of your nail bed and wrap the foil around your finger. Do the same for each hand separately.

If you have the acetone finger soakers, easily fill half a cup with 100% acetone. Then, close them with the top cover and put your fingernails in the cups.

Step 4: Wait.

Wait for about 15 minutes and then remove the foil and with a wiping motion remove the cotton ball and you’re done.

If you used the finger soakers after 15 min, remove the cups from your fingernails. Then take a cotton ball with acetone and remove any remaining dip powder. (Read our 19 Must-Have Nail Technician Supply List).

How to Refill Dip Powder Nails

Filling dipped powder nails is easy. If you want to change your manicure color or design after a couple of weeks wear, you can use a nail file or a nail drill for this job. With a nail file or a nail drill gently remove the top layer by filing. File the first layer of the natural powder until you see the color is removed almost completely. After doing that you can reshape the nail and then you can start using the dipping powder normally by manufacturer instructions for use.

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Best Dip Powder kits – Full Buyers Guide

There are so many great brands and different nail dipping starter kits. But some of them simply have better quality, more diversity in colors they are offering, or just more practical for a beginner. All of those things are very important in choosing and buying the best nail dipping powder kit. whether you already read some nail dip powder reviews and did your research, or if it is your first time purchasing a dip powder kit, this guide will help you to choose the right product, the one that will fit you the best.


Yes, everything starts with this question- How much I’m willing to pay for my new nail dip powder kit? Setting your price goals is important. Most of the time the higher the budget – the better the quality you will get or the larger the kit (more products). It is safe to say that in most nail salons a dip powder manicure will cost you about 45$, so buying a dip powder kit can save you about 30-50 nail salon visits, money saving? Defiantly yes.


Dip powders were invented as a safe and healthy alternative to the traditional acrylics and gel polish. When using Traditional acrylics, you need to use liquid monomers which have a toxic smell and contain harsh chemicals. Unlike traditional acrylics, dip powders are odorless and are bonded with special glue. (Read more: Gel nails vs. Nail Dipping vs. Acrylics).


The starter kit you are picking needs to be not only diverse and high quality, but it also needs to be practical for both beginners and professionals. Any experienced dip powder lover will tell you that the glue/base brush will be the first to go if your kit doesn’t contain a brush saver. The brush saver will make your brush as good as new, but without it, after a few manicures, you will need to replace the entire brush.


When we are picking our dip powder kit, we all want it to be durable and long-lasting. If you don’t want your dip powder nails manicure to chip after several days, you should pick a high-quality dip powder brand kit. Most of the high-quality powder bands are long-lasting. Dip powder nails may last for about 14-21 days, no chipping or lifting (when done correctly).

More Benefits

Some of the nail dipping brands adding vitamins and minerals to the nail dipping powders. Most of the high-quality nail dipping systems are gentle to your nails.


I hope you found our Best Nail Dipping System Reviews article useful.

Now, tell us:

  • Did we miss something?
  • Do you want us to review any other Nail dipping powder kit?
  • Do you have any other questions about any other nail dip powder brand?

If so, leave us a quick comment and let us know!

27 thoughts on “15 Best Nail Dipping System Reviews in 2019 [Tried Them All]”

  1. Hello there
    I would also like too know where you can purchase the different colour powders also please ?
    Thank you
    Kind regards
    Ms Dawn Johnson

  2. Great Article, I was wondering if I could combine different brands, for example using the kiara sky starter kit with some revel powders?


    • Hello Dessie,
      First of all thank you so much for this interesting question. We never tried to mix products before, But we sent this question to the brands we reviewed here and we will send you their response to this question as soon as we get it.

      Kind regards,
      Nail Art Gear Team.

        • Hi Lura, Yes.
          We contacted the Kiara sky team, and they told us to try it out.
          So we did. We tried the Kiara Sky steps (primer, base, etc.) with the SNS nail dip powders.
          For us, the results were fine, no chipping or anything. Even though we feel manicure of each brand separately looked a bit better.

          Nail Art Gear Team.

    • Hi Melissa
      I Didn’t try Peppi Gel before, but I’m going to.If it will be long-lasting and durable as the ones we already reviewed I will add a full review to this ” Best Nail Dipping System Reviews in 2018 – Dip Powder Nails” article.
      Thank you for your response.

  3. I have an acrylic allergy. Would these safe to use? It’s been 4 months since I used any product on my nails and the skin is just about healed up.

    • Hello Lauren,
      Dip powders are acrylic based. Not only that, Gel polishes and hard gels also contain some acrylic-based ingredients. I wouldn’t recommend you to use any of these with acrylic allergy. Also, you should consult a doctor whether or not using a regular polish after your nails are heald.

  4. Young Nails recently did a video where they used their dipping powder with gel (although they also did one using resin). The thought is some people are more comfortable using gel than resin, which is more like a Super Glue. The nails do have to be cured, unlike when using resin. I haven’t tried it, but I’m very excited that it can be done.

    Thanks for your thorough, interesting review! (I love everything Kiara Sky does … so gorgeous.)

    • Hi Jacqueline
      In this review, we only Mentioned the top Best Nail Dipping Powder Kits that lasted the longest on the nails, were easy to use and gave the best value for your money.
      The TP nail system is a great kit and we love the TP brand.
      The reason that they didn’t enter to this top best nail dipping powder reviews list is that the manicure lasted for almost 14 days without chipping on my nails. Good result but others lasted longer. Having that said the TP nail dipping powder kit is affordable and easy to use. The TP nail dip kit will be great for home-based use.

      Thank you for your response.

  5. What about the NuGenesis product???? How does it compare to the others? It seems to be readily available, but I can’t find reviews on it.

  6. Just curious as to why you list Gelish Dip and Dip Well as dip alternatives? Can you give a little more detail on this designation?

    • Hi Kristi,
      The brands in our 8 alternatives lasted on the nails 14 days or less (without chipping). All of our top 7 brands lasted 14 days or more without chipping or been at a better shape at day 14. Also, it is important to know all of our top 15 brands are great for home-based use as they are durable and easy to use.

  7. Thank you for so much needed info. I am a Cosmetologist and have never used the dip system on my clients. I had no idea which brand was best so, thank you so very much for this info.
    Splash of Color Salon and Spa
    Linda in Oklahoma City, OK

  8. Did you try these kits on natural nails? I have trouble with cracking (within days) when I get powder dips on my long flexible natural nails and was wondering if you had any experience with this issue. Thanks!

    • Hi Kim,
      How do you prepare the nails before dip powder application? Which Brand did you use? Do you finish with a top coat?

      Nail Art Gear Team

  9. I have a lot of trouble with the top coat brush clumping up/drying out when I’m finishing my nails. It’s very annoying, because I feel like I’m following the instructions to the letter and keeping the brush free of dust/particles. What am I doing wrong? And it seems like this happens no matter what, regardless of brand, but are some brands better than others? THanks!

    • I have this same issue, that’s why I’m here, looking for a solution ! I’ve recently started doing a gel topcoat, it’s a pain but it looks great. Anybody else have a suggestion?

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