Best Nail Acrylic Brand

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As you may have noticed, the latest craze when it comes to nail art is acrylic. Almost every nail tech is using traditional acrylics on a daily basis, but which one is the ultimate best nail acrylic brand?

Best Nail Acrylic Brand

Acrylic nail brands have been around for quite some time, with the first form of the traditional acrylics having been developed in the 1970s. These were nail-shaped plastics that were glued on natural nails. Advancement in technology has led to the development of natural-looking acrylic nails that are bonded to your natural nails.

The Best Nail Acrylic Brand

Acrylic nail art is truly beautiful and while it takes time and creativity to create, the quality of the products plays a key role in the outcome. Here are our top 7 nail acrylic brands.

  1. Glam And Glits Nail Acrylic Powders Brand [Best Overall]

Glam And Glits Acrylic Powder Color Blend Collection BL3001 Milky White 2 oz

Founded in 2007, Glam and Glits was formed with the aim of revolutionizing the nail industry. The renowned brand has achieved this by continually manufacturing a wide variety of high-quality nail products. Their acrylic powders are available in a wide range of colors and styles to fit anyone’s preference. None of Glam and Glits products are animal-tested. Indeed, the manufacturer is a member of “Beauty Without Bunnies” which is PETA’s cruelty-free products program. This is our overall favorite best traditional acrylic nail brand.

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  1. CND Perfect Color Acrylic Powder

NEW Perfect Color Sculpting Pure Pink - Sheer Create natural looking enhancements: 3.7 oz

Sometimes manicurists find it hard to balance the color on the nails with a natural look and shine to achieve a perfect look. CND’s Perfect Color Acrylic Powders help you achieve exactly that. The RETENTION and Perfect Color powders offer acrylic nail lovers a wide range of colors. They are both easy to apply, guaranteeing you a perfect look within minutes.

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Mia Secret is an international brand that is recognized in over 60 countries in the U.S. Europe and Africa. Their acrylic nails set boasts of superior adhesion and flawless consistency. The self-leveling feature means that there’s minimum filing during the application. The MIA Secret monomer liquid is lift resistant and is non-yellowing, and if you’re on a budget, this nail acrylic brand is best for you. The products are recommended by entities in charge of health and sanitary controls in the U.S. and European Union.

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  1. YOUNG NAILS Acrylic Nail Powder

YOUNG NAILS Acrylic Core Powder, Pink, 45 Gram

The professional-grade acrylic powder from YOUNG NAILS is the perfect base for your nail enhancements. It is manufactured using a particle blend technology that gives it superior adhesion and flawless consistency. This nail powder has a fast setting of between 75 to 90 seconds. The powder is meant to be used as part YOUNG NAILS, nail Acrylic System for the best outcome.

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  1. Karlash Professional Polymer Kit Acrylic Powder

Karlash Professional Polymer Kit Acrylic Powder Crystal Clear 2 oz and Acrylic Liquid Monomer 4 oz for Doing Acrylic Nails, MMA free, Ultra Shine and Strong Nails Acrylic Nail Kit

The Karlash Professional Polymer Kit is made up of the Acrylic Monomer Liquid and the Crystal Clear Karlash Powder. The Liquid promises to provide you with the best bond and impeccable shine. Thus, you do not need to use a primer. It is also non-yellowing. The Powder is bubble-free, and along with the monomer provides you with immaculate clarity.

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  1. Cacee Smooth Set Acrylic Nail Kit

Smooth Set Acrylic Nail Kit, Includes Acrylic Liquid And Powder, Professional Monomer and Polymer, No MMA, Low Odor (Clear & White)

Cacee’s Smooth Set Acrylic Nail Kit contains the Smooth Set monomer and the Memoir Perfect Powder. The self-leveling feature in the monomer will enable you to achieve detailed 3D nail art, ombre designs, crisp lines, and so much more. The kit is vegan-friendly and is not tested on animals. It is compatible with other nail care acrylic brands.

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  1. Modelones Clear Acrylic Powder Kit

Modelones Acrylic Powder Clear Acrylic Powder Kit 4 oz + Professional Liquid Monomer 4 oz Nail System For Nail Extension acrylic powder and liquid set No Need UV/LED Lamp, Easily Apply, FastDry Powder

Modelones’ Clear Acrylic Kit comes with the Liquid Monomer and the Clear Acrylic Powder. Together, the products provide you with long-lasting acrylic nails with an impeccable, stylish finish. The products are made using advanced manufacturing skills and it does not need to be cured using UV light. Additionally, it’s one of the most affordable nail acrylic brands on this list.

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What’s The Difference Between Traditional Acrylics And Dip Powder?

Nail technician make acrylic nail extensions on nail forms

Traditional acrylics and dip powder nails have quite a lot in common especially when it comes to the final look. One of the main differences between them is the bonding agent used. Acrylic nails are formed using a monomer (more on this later) while dip powder nails use a resin-based bonding agent such as super glue. Another key difference between the two is the method of application.

The acrylic nail application process

Traditional acrylics have been around for quite some time. They are ideal for people who want to lengthen their nails or make them slender.

The acrylic nail application is a four-step process; base coat,acrylic powder with liquid monomer, polish color, and topcoat. Unlike gel nail applications which require the use of UV rays during the curing process, acrylics have chemicals and glues that keep the nail in place.

Acrylic nails are quite rigid and inflexible, especially because they are a mix between a powder and a liquid monomer. While this could be perceived as a disadvantage, it makes acrylic nails rather durable. With proper maintenance, acrylic nails could last for even a month.

Tip: Before Acrylic application it is important to prepare the nail with Russian manicure or regular manicure.

Dip Powder application process

The dip powder application process is quite easy, which perhaps explains why most DIYers prefer it. You only need to apply the base coat and then dip your nail in powder which adds color. There is a wide variety of powders in different colors and shines.

Dip powder nails will last for as long as two to three weeks without chipping.

What Is Acrylic Liquid Monomer?

Acrylic is a general name given to any plastic that is made of methacrylate. There are different types of acrylic plastics as there are different methacrylate molecules. However, their chemistry remains quite similar.

Before defining what a monomer is, you need to understand that acrylic nails are formed by the mixing of liquids and powders. The acrylic nails are a result of the reaction between the two. The monomers in the acrylic liquid are small chemical units that react with the chemicals in the acrylic powder. The monomers join to create long fibers in a net-like structure. For this reaction two take place, there are a few agents that are used. These include:-

  • A catalyst – this is the substance that hastens the reaction process so that the final product sets within minutes rather than taking hours. Manufacturers can reduce or speed up the setup times by reducing or adding the catalyst in the formula.
  • Inhibitors – these are the ingredients in liquid monomers that keep them from bonding and forming polymer chains before being mixed with the powder thus causing premature hardening.

There are other optional additives and ingredients while mixing the liquid monomers and the powder. These include:-

  • UV absorbers – these absorb UV light thus preventing the nail enhancements from turning yellow.
  • Wetting agents – wetting agents make liquids compatible with solid surfaces thus improving adhesion.
  • Flow modifiers – these are additives that allow self-leveling thus reducing the need for brushstrokes on the surface

How Long Does Acrylic Nails Last?

acrylic bead applyied on the nails in the process of making acrylic nail extensions

Acrylic nails can last as long as three to four weeks without requiring a touch-up, depending on a few factors. These include:

  • Where you get them done
  • How competent your nail artist is, and
  • How well do you care for and maintain your acrylic nails

With proper maintenance, your acrylic nails could last for as long as six to eight weeks before being replaced.

Caring for your acrylic nails

  1. The most important rule when you are wearing acrylics is that you should treat them gently. Act like a diva for a while and avoid doing things that could break or damage your nails. Such things may include cleaning or gardening without wearing gloves, lifting things, and opening cans among others.
  2. Do not try anything on your acrylics at home. For instance, avoid fixing any acrylic breaks or lifts, clipping them, or even performing a DIY fill. Whenever you are in doubt, it is a good idea to head to the salon.
  3. Regular maintenance is a must if your acrylics are to last long. Therefore, make sure you keep the nails as clean as possible. However, be careful when using a brush to clean any dirt beneath the long acrylics. Some manicurists recommend that you seal the polish weekly using a quality topcoat.
  4. While your acrylics will last for weeks on end, you will need to schedule a bi-weekly fill-in appointment. This is because your natural nails keep growing. Indeed, two weeks after the application of the acrylic, you should see some growth on the cuticle beds.
  5. Maintain healthy habits such as staying hydrated and eating a well-balanced diet. While acrylics are ideal for people with weak or thin nails, observing these healthy habits will help maintain your gorgeous manicure.

Due to their rigid nature, acrylics require some tender loving care. Protect your hands from excessive moisture by wearing gloves to avoid infections.

What Is The Difference Between Gel And Acrylic Nails?

branded acrylic nail powder applied to nails with a nail brush

Nail enhancements have come a long way. The two most common artificial nail enhancements are acrylic and gel nails. In this section, we delve deeper into the differences between the two.

 Acrylic nailsGel nails
AppearanceThey appear less natural, particularly if they are applied incorrectlyWith proper maintenance, they’ll look glossy and natural for up to 14 days
DurabilityAcrylic nails can last as long as 6 weeksGel nails will only last for a maximum of 14 days
Curing techniquesThese nails have a slower curing time. This is because the liquid monomer and acrylic powder needs to be applied on the acrylic nailsGel nails have faster curing times. This is because most of them use UV-light for curing. Those that do not need the UV-light make use of a gel activator to cure
FlexibilityWith proper application, acrylic nails are hard and quite robustWhile gel nails are not as strong as acrylic nails, they are harder than natural nails
Corrosive effectsIf applied by a knowledgeable manicurist, the primers will not damage or etch the nail bed. Skin contact should be avoided at all times to avoid allergic reactionsYour manicurist has the choice of using or excluding the primer. If it is applied correctly, it won’t damage the nail bed.
After effectsIncorrect application or overuse of the primer during application may leave an impression on your natural nails. Also, prolonged exposure to water while wearing acrylic nails may lead to fungal infections.Gel nails applied without using a primer will leave no impression on the nail bed. However, using too much primer or applying it incorrectly will do.


5 Mistakes You Should Avoid when it comes to Acrylic Nails

Immediate chipping of a seemingly perfect manicure is among the most annoying frustrations in life. Following simple acrylic nail upkeep rules is key when you are not up to frequent salon visits. We are now aware of the importance of nail filing and making use of quality polishes for a clean and neat look. But how do we maintain the look? Below are the top 5 mistakes you should avoid when wearing acrylic nails.

  1. Not keeping the cuticles moisturized

Did you know that your nails need as much moisture as your face? The sturdier and harder your natural nail, the higher the chances of breaking. You can use cuticle oil to keep it moisturized or use natural oils such as jojoba oil, argan oil, or even olive oil.

  1. Not paying attention to the ingredients in acrylic nail products

Pay attention to the ingredients that create the product being used on your nails. Check out if your favorite is brand using some harsh chemicals in nail acrylic powders. Ingredients such as formaldehyde tend to have adverse effects on the nails.

  1. Wearing your acrylic nails for too long

While acrylic nails can be worn for two weeks before filling and for as long as eight weeks, leaving them on for too long may damage the cuticles and nail beds. Wearing your acrylic nails for too long predisposes you to infections from harmful bacteria not to mention that it weakens your nails.

  1. Getting acrylic extensions back to back

Removing and re-applying acrylic nails immediately results in a lot of wear and tear on the natural nails. Rather, try to space out your manicure appointments. Use the time between the applications to assess your nails’ health.

  1. Removing acrylic nails without professional help

If your acrylics are on their last leg, it’s tempting to remove them yourself. Due to their rigidity, removing acrylic nails yourself may cause your natural nails to break. You could end up hurting yourself.

In this article, we shared our favorite nail acrylic brand. Let us know who’s your favorite.

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