Best Microcurrent Machine For Estheticians

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best microcurrent machine for estheticians

There are so many reasons why more and more people what to get a facial which includes using “microcurrent facelift machines.” The main reason people love microcurrent machines is the amazing results of this non-surgical facelift treatment.

Microcurrent machine treatment can provide so many benefits to our face and body. Not only it helps boost your collagen production, reduce wrinkles, and firm the skin; some devices are also can help exfoliate the skin, kill bacteria, and improve your skin tone.

If you want a device that can help you and your clients get some fantastic facial treatment results at an affordable price, the High-Frequency D’arsonval Facial Device is exactly what you need. For a full-body treatment, the Body Shaping Massager 5in1 will fit you perfectly.

There are a lot of high frequency, microcurrent machines out there,  That is exactly why I felt the need to help you find the one that will fit your needs perfectly. In this article, I will choose the best microcurrent machine for estheticians on the market today.

Best Microcurrent Machine For Estheticians

1. Professional Grade Portable High-Frequency D’arsonval Facial Device

Professional Grade Portable High Frequency D'arsonval Facial Device

Microcurrent machines are some of the most innovative and high-tech ways to boost collagen production, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and firm the skin, all without any sort of surgical procedure!


This high-tech, incredibly effective portable microcurrent machine can benefit you and your clients’ skin in so many ways. Its microcurrents help exfoliate the skin, circulating blood to the surface and removing waste. It also helps heal acne, kill bacteria, and improves skin tone!

Professional Grade

This machine operates at 200,000 cycles per second, which is so fast that the motor and sensory nerves in your face are unable to feel it! This is the same quality of product that salons and professional estheticians use. The microcurrents produce heat in your facial tissues, circulating oxygen and nutrients to the surface and helping to remove waste that causes wrinkles, blemishes, and other impurities.

10 Glass Electrodes

This device comes with ten different glass electrodes. Seven of them use argon technology, and three of them use neon technology. Their different shapes and technologies make each of them differently-suited to specific skin concerns and desired effects.

Intensity Regulator

Best Microcurrent Machine For Estheticians device
Microcurrent Machine

In addition, each base has an intensity regulator that allows you to fine-tune the current and a plastic handle, which makes the unit extremely portable and easy to use.

10 Minutes a day

If you use this device to massage your face for 10 minutes a day, every other day, you’ll see amazing results in a month or less!


Each glass electrode in this kit has a different shape that helps customize it to different skin types and concerns. For example, the mushroom-shaped electrode, which is the most commonly used shape in professional spas, works great for most facials.

The horseshoe-shaped electrode is great for toning and tightening the neck, the rod-shaped electrode is excellent for spot-treating acne blemishes, and the roller electrode is used to help specific skincare creams penetrate into the skin!


This microcurrent facial machine for estheticians is great for treating a variety of skin concerns. In addition to helping improve the overall skin tone, firmness, and texture of the face and neck, it can also help diminish the appearance of scars and age spots all over the body.

It also has technology that kills the bacteria that cause acne, which makes it especially effective at curing cystic acne!  This is an amazing tool and its ideal for professional and home-based use.

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2. Body Shaping Massager 5in1 Fat Burning and Removal- Face & Body Shaping Machine

Body Shaping Massager 5in1 Fat Burning and Removal(ONLY US STOCK) Rejuvenation Massager Face Lifting Beauty Care Device For Wrinkle Remove, Skin Lifting & Tightening, Anti-wrinkle

This microcurrent massage machine for estheticians is incredibly versatile, owing to its multitude of different heads that help target different parts of your body for different effects.

Slimming & Ani-Aging

It’s unique because of its technology that’s specifically designed to accelerate fat loss, remove cellulite, and improve muscle tone on your body, not just on your face. Also, It helps slim your body and boost collagen production in your face, providing an overall healthier, more youthful look from head to toe!


In the high-frequency Of 450khz, This machine operates at 450,000 cycles per second.


Each of the five massage heads is designed to help maximize effects in different parts of your body, from your face to your stomach to your arms and legs. The body massaging attachments help dissipate stubborn fat deposits, detoxify waste, smooth out cellulite, and enhance blood circulation, which combined with a healthy diet and exercise, can create a more powerful slimming effect.

The face massaging attachments help boost collagen production and skin elasticity, which results in plumper, firmer, and smoother skin!

10-20 Minutes a day

It only takes 10-20 minutes of use per day, three times a week, to see great results! Using each of the different heads, massage your abdomen and chest area in back-and-forth motions, moving as high as the neck and as low as the groin.

Best microcurrent machine for estheticians reviews (1)Using the face attachments, massage your mandible, lower jaw, neck, ear, and cheek areas in circular and linear motions. This produces deep heat that penetrates the skin and improves blood circulation!

In The Package

In each package, you’ll receive a machine, five different head attachments, and a power cord. There are no batteries needed, so you don’t have to worry about replacing any parts!

Easy to Use

This machine is incredibly user-friendly. You don’t need to wear gloves or own any additional special equipment to see great results. Everything you need is included in the package! In order to operate the machine, all you have to do is plug it in and attach your desired head!


This machine is ideal for professional use and is great for a wide variety of facial and body concerns. From stubborn fat deposits to sagging jawlines to crow’s feet around the delicate eye area.

No matter what your concern is, you’ll be able to see astounding results through this machine’s amazing microcurrent technology. Cellulite, wrinkles, puffiness, and dullness will be problems of the past, no expensive, invasive surgery or injections needed!

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3. Beauty Star Microcurrent Face Lift Device

This device is so powerful, it’s like a nonsurgical facelift. Plastic surgery is risky and expensive, so save yourself the hassle with a microcurrent facial machine! This model has a fifteen-year international history of success at toning skin, reducing wrinkles, de-puffing eye bags, and reversing the effects of aging, all without the exorbitant pain and cost of surgical procedures or injections!

10 Different Intensity Levels

This Beauty Star microcurrent facial machine for estheticians is controlled using a dial that allows you to select from 10 different intensity levels. The lowest levels are great for delicate areas like the under eyes, whereas the higher levels are perfect for tightening up larger areas, like the cheeks, chin, jaw, and neck.

Battery Operated

This machine runs on an included 9V battery, so you don’t have to charge it or plug it in! It’s guaranteed to run for at least 100 hours before needing a replacement.

Strong and Durable

Each metal component of this machine is gold-plated and guaranteed to be sterile, rust-resistant, and conductive, to maximize results. The plastic components are designed to be extremely durable, so you can use this facial massager for years and years to come!

Self  Sterilizing

The probe, which comes in contact with your skin, is self-sterilizing, so you’ll never have to worry about cleaning your facial massager. This product enjoyed years of success and great reviews from satisfied customers in Europe and South America and is now newly available in the United States.

What Do You Get?

In each package, you’ll receive a facial massager, a complimentary 9V battery, and a complimentary tube of Spectra 360° Electrode Gel, which helps further maximize the effectiveness of the facial massager!


You can use the beauty star microcurrent device effectively on many parts of the body, including the face, neck, arms, and even the stomach. It can be used with facial oils or the included electrode gel, which helps moisturize your skin and amplify the effects of the microcurrents.

It’s proven to go a long way in reducing the appearance of sagginess and fine lines, especially around the eyes and on the décolletage. It’ll work wonders and help you look younger and fresher in just days!

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4. Anti Aging Face Massager by VIJUVE for Wrinkles Removal & Facial Skin Tightening

This lightweight, compact, FDA-registered face massager is one of the easiest ways to drastically improve your skin texture, tone, and firmness with almost zero effort!

Anti-Aging Benefits

It’s designed to help boost the absorption and effectiveness of all of your skincare products, like lotions, creams, cleansers, serums, and toners. Plus, its anti-aging properties help stop time in its tracks, diminishing wrinkles, puffiness, sagging, and dark circles, all without surgery!

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This device vibrates 9,000 times per minute, a rate that improves blood circulation to the facial skin. Increased circulation helps boost collagen, tighten the pores, oxygenate the facial cells, dispose of waste and impurities, and create a healthy, youthful glow!

Improve Absorption

The facial massaging technology also helps improve the absorption of your skincare products by 65%, helping you see more results from your expensive lotions, creams, and serums.

Battery Operated

This facial massager runs on a single AAA battery, which means it’s completely cordless. You’re never going to have to worry about remembering to charge or plug in this device! You can use this machine every single day for a month before you need to change batteries.


It weighs just under two ounces, so it’s incredibly lightweight, portable, and easy to use. It’s on/off setting functions with one touch, which further augments its user-friendliness.

Better Results

The effectiveness of a skincare regimen partly depends on the types of skin care products you use, but it also depends heavily on the method with which you apply them!

Using just your hands to apply skincare products can waste up to 70% of the product and rob you of seeing the best effects, especially if your skincare contains powerful ingredients like peptides, retinol, hyaluronic acid, and Vitamin C.

Using a facial massager like this one will help you see much stronger effects from your skincare by boosting absorption and adding a lifting and tightening effect!


This product contributes a relaxing, soothing effect to your nighttime skincare routine at a much more reasonable cost than an expensive spa treatment. It’s especially effective on mature or dehydrated skin.

It has the power to improve the absorption of your hydrating skincare products, tighten the skin on your face and neck, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles! Your skin will feel plumper, brighter, softer, and smoother! The VIJUVE Microcurrent machine is great for home-based use and for students.

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