Best Light Therapy mask For Acne

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Best light therapy mask for acne reviews
Best light therapy mask for acne reviews

After some big named celebrities posted about light therapy masks on Instagram, I think the whole world got intrigued by them. These products are to enhance facial features and reduce skin problems just like handheld wands but are also much less of a hassle since they work hands-free.

The First time I tried using a light therapy mask was during a facial. After I noticed some serious skin tone improvement, I decided I want to purchase a light therapy mask to use as part of my skin care routine.

Light therapy masks can do so much more than just improve your skin tone, They also accelerate blood circulation, healing acne,  and boost collagen production. If you searching the best light therapy mask to reduce acne the Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Treatment Mask Will be a Perfect fit for you.

It is not easy to find your way in the sea of light therapy masks. Which light therapy mask will be the ideal choice for you? In this article, I will share my Best Light Therapy mask For Acne Reviews, and recommend on some of the top light therapy masks on the market.


Best Light Therapy mask For Acne Reviews

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LV Beauty Light Mask
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Scientifically Proven Healthy Photons

LED light photons at specific wavelengths are scientifically proven to improve your skin. It accelerates blood circulation, promotes collagen production, reduces acne and wrinkling, balances skin tone, heals the skin from damaging, scarring, clogging, and more.

LED light benefits

The 7 Color LED Light Therapy Mask by LV Beauty has a more extensive range of benefits for your skin as every color has a different purpose and design for your face:

  • The blue light would cure acne by tightening loose pores and not allowing in any dirt while also killing bacteria.
  • Cyan light adjusts the skin’s gland function; it fixes the oiliness and creates proteins and collagen.
  • The green light is commonly used for anti-aging and curing wounds.
  • Purple light relaxes your face.
  • The red light would be the most effective in accelerating blood circulation and reducing wrinkles
  • white light is used to renew your skin to look fresh and healthy, and yellow light gives off melanin which lightens dark spots.

Natural Flow

These Light Therapy Masks made of a material which allows light photons to flow easily and naturally in the wavelength that is healthy for your skin.

Portable & Easy to Use

It isn’t too big to carry around which makes it portable so that you can relax in other different places. It is effortless to operate since all you have to do is put on the mask and turn it on and off once you are finished. You can use it while standing, sitting, and lying down as well so you can reach optimal comfort while using the product.

Comes with All the Necessities

The 7 Color LED Light Therapy manufactured by LV Beauty. It comes with  7 different settings for which color the LED will omit. The package also includes the necessary elastic strap to attach it to your face, a power cord, and remote control to adjust its settings and work as its power switch.


The performance of the 7 Color LED Light Therapy by LV Beauty was beyond my expectations; I thought it would be just like any other face mask, but I was wrong! You can really feel the relaxation given by this light therapy mask, and you can see quick results as well. I suggest balancing out the usage of all the colors to use all of its functions and get the best results. I ended up absolutely loving it.


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In 2017, Neutrogena released a product called Light Therapy Acne Treatment Mask which is a relaxing method of healing your face using clinically proven technology to clear acne and allow the skin to heal itself. It is free from any harmful chemicals, irritants, and does not use nor require UV lights, which is something that can easily damage your eyes and burn your skin.

Makes Use of Light and Energy Flow

Two colors are flowing and working from the Light Therapy Acne Treatment Mask: Blue light which helps in killing the bacteria that causes acne, and the red light which helps in reducing inflammation. These lights work by penetrating the skin as you leave the mask on; they then clear your skin, and you can see results after some weeks.

Easy and Comfortable To Use

The mask itself resembles a welding mask, but unlike a welding mask, it is made out of a kind of lighter and more comfortable plastic. Also, it is not like other light therapy masks when it comes to how you attach it to your head; other light therapy masks often need elastic straps which may deem to be somewhat of a hassle as they tend to not fit right by being too tight or too loose.


The Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Treatment Mask already comes with built-in temples, just like any regular pair of shades or eyeglasses, so that it would be much more comfortable to wear. I find that this is very easy and light on your face and lastly, another intriguing feature of this product is that it has its own timer so that it can turn itself off after ten minutes to not overexpose your skin with the lights emitted.

“Turn the Light On, Turn Acne Off” – Neutrogena

The product manufactured by Neutrogena, a company under Johnson & Johnson in the United States, as well as the #1 brand that dermatologists recommend. When you buy the product, it also comes with the activator and remote to control the mask.


At first, I didn’t like the material the mask was made of, it actually felt a bit cheap. But this mask actually helped me and I can see some significant change to my skin tone.  The Light Therapy Acne Treatment by Neutrogena was clinically tested and statistically proven to work wonders for your skin using technology. I profoundly believe that we should make the most out of the technological advancements we are given and continue to discover by using them to their full extent and this is a prime example of how exactly we can do that.


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Normally, to get all kinds of LED Light Therapy sessions you would have to go all the way over to a professional setting but with the Newkey Advanced, 7 Color LED Light Photon Therapy you can do just the same things in your own home.

More than the Average Settings

This product uses many different light settings, even more than the regular and standard blue and red LED Light Therapy Masks you may have seen on the internet. Each light is focused at a specific wavelength and flow to deeper layers of your face,   minimize pores, lessen acne and any other signs of aging, can help you relax your face, and it can do so much more depending on the color of the light without having them heat up on your face, isn’t that just amazing?


How Does it Work?

The way it works is that all of the colors have different purposes, for example, to reduce pimples you should use the blue light as it kills all the bacteria that can cause acne however if you already suffer from pimples or inflammation the cyan light would be your best bet to calm them down. You may be asking how that is possible; it’s possible because bacteria often sensitive to certain types of light so when you shine certain types of lights on them toxins are released, and these kill bacteria and unclog your pores.

More Benefits

The Newkey Advanced 7 Color LED Light Therapy is an alternative for you to get all those facial sessions any time you want. It is made of a hard material just like other LED Light Therapy Masks, but it also has bigger openings that doesn’t restrict you as much around the mouth and nose.

What Do You Get?

The Newkey Advanced 7 Color LED Light Therapy includes the mask, which is adjustable in 7 different settings or options, a cord, and a remote to control it. It is manufactured by Newkey in Hong Kong.


The results I spotted with the NEWKEY mask were great, it is very versatile and you can use it for multiple purposes such as anti-aging and acne. With this mask, the acne been drying up faster, and acne scars have been lightening as well.  The material is durable an the mask comes at a very affordable price.


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The Illumask LED Anti-Acne Light Therapy Mask is said to be the first ever at home LED Light Therapy mask in the game, as claimed (non-verbatim) by the brand. This was invented to cure our faces the same way dermatologists would when giving us laser treatments for our acne; of course, however, this is much cheaper than actually going to the dermatologist and scheduling numerous appointments for laser treatment.

Revolutionary Technology

The Illumask LED Anti-Acne Therapy Mask is a game changer because of the revolutionary anti-aging phototherapy and usage of blue and red lights to get rid of acne. It was built to create an alternative to acne lasers, and it feels much lighter and stings a lot less than an actual laser treatment. With this being said, it still makes use of the same technology as what dermatologists use, which is why it is deemed safe clinically.

There are two versions of the mask: One to combat acne (mild to moderate) and the other would combat wrinkles; this is determined by the focus of the lights and where it leans on more – more blue lights would combat more acne, while more red lights would combat more wrinkles.

Protects the Eyes

The actual construction and design of the mask look a bit like a helmet of a welder with temples, so you don’t have to keep holding the mask to your face. The only area that isn’t completely covered is the area for the eyes.

The reason is the skin around the eyes is more sensitive than the rest of your face, so it is important to give that area more space, delicacy, and protection from the LED lights. It is very easy to use since all you have to do is turn it on and wait until the curing time is over, which is around 10 minutes.

What’s included?

The Illumask LED Anti-Acne Therapy Mask was manufactured in New York City by Dr. Lorenc, chief and founder of Illumask. When you order the product, a remote is also included so that you can turn it on and off, and adjust its settings.


I think that this LED Light therapy mask is very affordable, Durable and is a great alternative to the Neutrogena acne mask.  I like this mask design, it is comfortable and super easy to use.


I hope you found our Best Light Therapy mask For Acne Reviews article useful.

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