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Best Lash Lift Products - conditioner and perm kit reviews new

If you also suffer from thin, short and brittle lashes and dream about having full long healthy-looking lashes I might have a solution for you. There are several ways to get Beautiful eyelashes.

Unlike False lashes which never look natural, perming kits and lash lift conditioners may give you the naturally long lashes you always wanted.

If you search for an amazing long-lasting eyelash perm kit than the Dolly’s Lash Eyelash Premium Kit is exactly what you need. If you want a great, easy to use conditioner that will help your eyelashes grow and look strong, healthy and beautiful than the GrandeLASH-MD will be the ideal fit for you

From perm kits to lash conditioners, there are so many lash lift products out there. So, in this review, we will compare the best lash lift products that actually will make your lashes look beautiful, healthy and long.

Best Lash Lift Products

Best Lash Lift ProductsRatingPrice
Grande Cosmetics Grandelash-MD4.9 / 5$$
Dolly’s Lash Eyelash Premium Pack Kit4.8 / 5$$
RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner4.5 / 5$$
Dolly’s Eyelash Wave Lotion4.1 / 5$



Grande Cosmetics Grandelash-MD

I was so excited to try the Grandlash-MD, I always wanted to have beautiful long lashes. When I heard there is actually a product which can make my lashes longer, I had to try and see if it will work.

Grande Cosmetics Grandelash-MD is a lash lengthening product that is free from cruel testing, as well as parabens, sulfates, and phthalates which are preservatives commonly used in cosmetics. It is approved by healthcare professionals, meaning it isn’t irritating and hypoallergenic for your skin.

Amazing Results

Im not going to lie, at the first couple of weeks, I thought it will never work. After 4 weeks the magic happened! My lashes looked way longer and looked great. I was completely over the moon.

How Do I Use It?

It is very easy to use the Grandelash-MD. it important to use it after cleansing your face before going to bed, you then apply a stroke of the solution above your upper lash line (not the actual lashes) as you would a liquid eyeliner and this may take up to two minutes to dry down. After around a month or so, you can actually see the difference and after three months, you will be able to see the full effect of beautiful, long, and thick lashes. Yey.

Award Winning Lash Product

I’m not the only one who thinks the GrandeLASH-MD is amazing.  it is a Beauty Product winner as the Best New Product as it is vegan, cruelty-free, effective, and still safe for use. It conditions your lashes as well so that as it continues to grow it still stays soft and natural yet less brittle and likely to break and fall out. It is also composed of various vitamins, antioxidants, and amino acids to make lashes naturally healthy instead of adding too many chemicals.


Grande Cosmetics is the manufacturing company of the GrandeLASH-MD. It is situated in New York City and the winner of 14 Beauty Product Awards. The packaging itself screams its brand since it’s gold and grande. Currently, you can only buy the GrandeLASH-MD in two sizes, 2Ml – 3 months and a 4mL which can last up to 6 months if used correctly. Upon shipping, the product was still safe and securely packaged so that it wouldn’t get damaged.


The GrandeLASH-MD deserves to be a holy grail product in everyone’s beauty kit and something they should always bring along when traveling. Its affordable and is very easy to use. It is the ideal product for anyone with short, thin lashes or lashes suffering from breakage and brittleness.




Dolly’s Lash Eyelash Premium Pack Kit is so much more than your average boxed lash extensions kit because it does not only lengthen and curl your lashes, but it also makes them less fragile and grows them in a way that doesn’t look clumped; it looks as if you have naturally long and curled lashes or maybe even as if you’re wearing falsies.

The Dolly’s Kit

The product ingredients including Glycerin, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, and many more. It does not use latex which is very beneficial so that none of the eyelashes would fall out. To use it and get the best results, you must follow the instructions and apply products accordingly. The kit comes with two sizes of silicone pads and you can pick out the one better suited according to your eye shape.

Although this was designed for trained professionals, it is very simple to use. If you are a beginner, you might need some help while doing it the first time. Remember that if you are going to do it yourself, you should not do both sides of eyelashes at the same time, so you know you are doing it correctly and never reuse the same applicator to refrain from mixing products and making it work less.

Perm LotionContains Everything You Need

The construction of the kit itself was very amazing as it contained everything you could possibly need for making your eyelashes stay curled, long, and healthy for many months as it holds up to around two months and the solutions are given at a generous amount which means it would last many uses, rather than just once or twice before getting empty. The silicone pads are also much more comfortable gives more accuracy than the usual straight rods that other eyelash kits give.

The Package

It’s well packed and comes in a box with compartments wherein every individual product could fit in so that they won’t all just end up moving around and heightening the chances of getting damaged. The kit Include 4mL Perm Lotion, 4mL Setting Lotion, 4mL Nourishing Agent, 5mL Glue, and 5 pairs each of Silicone Pads in sizes medium & large.


The Dolly’s Lash Eyelash Premium Kit is definitely one of the best lash lift products on the market. It is very popular since it’s so affordable and looks so natural! This perm kit is doing the job and will be ideal for those who have small eyes or short lashes. The product is long lasting and will make your lashes to look amazing.



RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner is an eyelash growth serum approved by cosmetic pharmacists and laboratory chemists. People love this product especially because it is so easy and comfortable to use.

Expands Average Eyelash Growth

RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner is composed of functional cosmetic ingredients such as Glycerin, Biotin, and more. It is also infused with peptides and botanicals to ensure the eyelashes will not only grow longer but also retain their healthiness and get stronger in order to grow for a longer amount of time and expanding their growth limits. Using this product on a daily basis is recommended in order to achieve the best results of full, long, and strong eyelashes.

Comfortable to Use

Like other eyelash serums, the applicator of the product is an ultrafine brush usually seen on eyelash products; this makes it much more comfortable to apply, gives off a proper amount of product so you won’t have too much excess of the product, and it is less likely for the applicator to go to your eye. RevitaLash contains various natural ingredients to aid the growth of eyelashes.

Comes in Three Different Sizes

The product’s ingredients were pioneered by Athena and manufactured by RevitaLash Cosmetics in the United States. The package comes with a tube of RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner, there are three sizes of these: Trial (1.0mL), 3 Month Supply (2.0mL), and 6 Month Supply (3.0mL). The packaging is sleek so that it would be compact and travel-friendly, and it also seals tightly so it wouldn’t leak out.


This was such a miracle worker for me since I used to have short and brittle lashes that would fall out after every few times I would rub my eyes. RevitaLash will keep your lashes soft, strong, and will help them grow. It is easy to use, affordable and you can put it in your purse and use it anywhere you like. It’s a great product to use if you want beautiful healthy looking full lashes, the only flaw is that you actually need to use it daily just like mascara.

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Dolly's wave kitDolly’s Eye Lash set is a Perm Kit that leaves you with the result of professional-looking curled eyelashes. Its long lasting and stays on for a longer period ranging from 4 weeks to more, rather than your average eyelash curler or curling mascara, which only barely lasts a day. It’s pretty simple to use once you get the hang of it.

How Does It Work? 

The eyelash curling kit works by first putting on the glue, which is a special adhesive, and stick a silicone pad above and cover the area under your lashes to keep the rest of your eye area free. While your lashes are sticking out, you apply glue to your lashes to curl them upward. You then add some perming solution with a Q-tip or clean eyelash wand but never double dip as you should refrain from mixing products in the bottle, this applies with all solutions.

The perming solution gives it a lasting effect for up to almost 3 months. Next, you set it with setting lotion spread evenly on your lashes to ensure that all the solutions will stay on your lashes. After around 10-15 minutes, you can wipe off the perming and setting solutions and add the nourishing agent to keep your lashes looking and feeling healthy throughout the temporary curled effect.

Tip: Don’t forget to read the manufacturer instructions of use and follow them.

DOLLY’S LASH EYELASH wave kitThe Package

The kit is very nicely secure so that none of the products would get damaged. All the containers of said products are tightly sealed and leakage of any product is highly unlikely. Although you can go to a salon or ask someone to help you, you can also do it yourself by doing it one eye at a time. Other than the products in the kit, all you’ll need are some tools such as wands or even Q-tips to apply these products on your lashes, a mirror, and a timer to count down how long you must keep the products on your lashes. As long as you have one eye that can see what you’re doing, it’s easy to do the job yourself.


The product was created by BELLA, a company started in China and partnered with a Korean company to create Dolly’s Eye Lash Wave Lotion Kit. In the kit, you’ll find a bottle of Perming Lotion, a bottle of Setting Lotion, a bottle of Nourishing Agent, Eyelash Glue, and two boxes of Silicone Pads in medium and large sizes. These products can be used more than one time, so you don’t have to continuously repurchase the kit.


The Dolly’s eyelash wave lotion kit Is a very popular especially due to its affordable price. It is very important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use before you are using it, it’s maybe bit tricky to do yourself for the first time, you might need someone to help you. Its long lasting and the results look amazing.

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