Best Laser Cap for Hair Growth

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Best Laser Cap for Hair Growth Reviews

Are you looking to increase your hair growth? Perhaps you have noticed thinning in some patches? Do you suffer from alopecia? Millions of men and women share these same concerns.

In fact, according to the American Academy of Dermatology, about 80 million women and men in the USA suffer from androgenetic alopecia. Androgenetic alopecia or hereditary hair loss is one of the most common causes of hair loss.

After my pregnancy, I suffered from severe hair loss, I noticed lots of thinning, every time I showered or even ran my fingers through my hair, I lost tons of hair. I thought it will grow back but after nothing happened after a year and a half, I had to do something. this is why I was so interested in laser caps and wanted to restore my lost hair.

Many people found laser treatments helpful for their hair loss. Laser hair growth professionals believe that laser treatment causes gentle stimulation which encourages hair follicles to produce hair growth, even if the hair follicles were unable to before.

It doesn’t really matter if you’re a man or a woman, If you need a laser treatment that will restore your bald patches or hair thinning the iRestore Laser Hair Growth System is exactly what you need. It is not only affordable but it actually works.

Best Laser Cap for Hair Growth Reviews

There are tons of treatments helmets and caps out there so, it is not easy to decide which laser cap will actually do the job. So, in this review, we will compare the top best laser cap for hair growth reviews – Ideal for home use


3 Best Laser Cap for Hair Growth Reviews

Best Laser Cap for Hair Growth ReviewsRatingFDA ClearedPrice
iRestore Laser Hair Growth System4.9 / 5Yes$$$
iGrow Laser Hair Growth Helmet4.3 / 5Yes$$
Theradome Hair Growth Helmet4.6 / 5Yes$$$

iRestore Laser Hair Growth System

iRestore Essential Laser Hair Growth System - FDA Cleared Hair Growth for Men & Hair Loss Treatments for Women with Thinning Hair, Hair Regrowth for Women, Red Light Therapy Hair Growth Products Cap

The iRestore system is definitely the best laser cap for hair growth. This is not only the most popular hair growth helmet, but it is also best-reviewed and one of the most effective solutions for hair loss.

Laser hair treatment can now be found in a variety of tools for you to use at home without a prescription. This mid-range product offers all of the bells and whistles of other laser helmets at an affordable price.

The company

iRestore Laser Hair Growth System was created by Freedom Laser Company. The founder, Craig Nabat, had firsthand experience with laser treatments after successfully beating his cigarette habit with their help.

Excited by that success, he developed Freedom Laser Company. I love that he had such positive experience with lasers that he took action and created an entire company to utilize that technology. What a testament to the power of lasers!


This product is FDA cleared and contains a battery pack, allowing you to move freely about your day. You simply need to charge the pack, and when ready, it clips to your waistband or belt. This allows you to finish household chores, watch TV, or move from room to room while at the same time you are rejuvenating those hair follicles!


iRestore is made of durable plastic and is easy to wipe clean. As with all of the products listed here, exercise is not recommended while wearing your laser hair helmet.

Comfortable to use

iRestore weighs under 2 pounds and is shaped like a traditional helmet that you would wear while biking. It also includes five foam pads to help create a comfortable, custom fit.

How to use? 

The company sells a serum, shampoo, and even vitamins that work hand-in-hand with your helmet, helping you to design an entire regime to spur that hair growth. Wear this every other day for just 25 minutes at a time. Place it on your head, press the start button, and then start imagining your results. The company suggests an improvement could be seen in six months.

Testimonials & More info

iRestore is backed by a 6-month money-back guarantee, making it a painless choice. The website for iRestore has videos from two doctors, both laser specialists, who explain the actual way this system works.

You might enjoy these if you often wonder how products work. The site also contains numerous testimonials and additional information about lasers. I always look for useful products that are backed by scientific data, so I appreciate this addition to their website.


Both men and women struggle daily to hide their hair loss with unattractive styling, hair loss combs, chemicals, or even expensive transplants. iRestore Laser Hair Growth System relies on 21 lasers and 30 LEDs to help you in your quest for thicker, fuller hair. Hair growth takes time, and it may be a few months until you see any difference. Many customers report seeing progress in two or three months. This couldn’t be simpler to try!

iGrow Laser Hair Growth Helmet

iGrow Laser Hair Growth Helmet: Restoration & Regrowth Treatment System for Hair Loss - Natural Thinning, Balding, and Alopecia Solution for Men and Women - FDA Cleared Low Level Laser Device

Just looking to dip your toe into a technological approach to hair growth? Try the iGrow Laser Hair Growth Helmet. This is the most affordable option on our list which makes it perfect for those unwilling to spend a significant amount of money in one swoop.

Easy to use

The iGrow Helmet has a shiny silver finish and a space-age appearance. It even includes headphones! Hair loss and thinning can cause stress and anxiety for many people.

When you don’t look your best, your confidence can suffer. That is why the hair growth market is booming. There is a multitude of options but few that offer the convenience of a simple, effective at-home solution. Laser helmets don’t require a huge time commitment and They are very easy to use.

The Helmet

iGrow Laser Hair Growth Helmet offers a few different components in their helmet. First, the silver dome perches on top of your head, which I imagine is a different feel than the other two items. iGrow also uses adjustable columns to assist in a fit that is just right for you, which may be especially important due to its heavier weight.

They have included headphones in the design of this helmet. I love this addition, and I see how it adds a big convenience factor. Many people choose to watch TV or listen to music while wearing their laser hair growth systems. iGrow’s headphones make it easier for you to catch up on your favorite series and hear the sound easily.

Bulkier helmets may muffle the sound, causing you to turn up the volume and interrupt the other members of your family.

How Does it work?

When using it three or four times a week on alternating days, they suggest an improvement could be noticed in as little as four to six months. Place it on your head, press start, and enjoy a 25-minute break in your day. After that initial time, users could transition to once or twice a week.

iGrow Laser Hair Growth Helmet is also backed by a 6-month guarantee, just like iRestore. I appreciate that these companies realize that laser helmets are costly, and I can tell that they are confident that their users will see satisfying results.

Clinical Studies

iGrow lists actual clinical studies right on their site, which really impressed me. The statistics and cases that are highlighted there seem very promising. Apira Science, the company behind iGrow, is transparent about how the product works and they have a great deal of information available for their customers.

Like the other products here, iGrow can be used in conjunction with other hair growth creams or medicines that you may be currently using. Unsure about the technology behind lasers and LEDs? Well, feel free to continue using your chemical solutions, while also trying a helmet risk-free.


As with the other items on this list, iGrow offers the opportunity to try a new approach to thinning hair. Each of these relies on either LED, lasers, or a combination and help you to avoid any harsh chemicals. iGrow has been highlighted in several well-known publications, making them a company worth considering.

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Theradome Hair Growth Helmet

Theradome EVO Laser Hair Growth Helmet LH40 - Light Therapy for Hair Regrowth and Hair Loss Treatment - FDA Cleared for Men & Women - Made to Exacting Standards in the USA

If you have less time to devote to growing your locks, check out the Theradome Hair Growth Helmet. While the priciest option, you are paying for the convenience of using this device less often.

You are also receiving loads of special features that set this product apart. Life can get busy, and it is difficult to keep up with our daily to-do lists. Theradome understands that and wants to decrease the time you spend working to grow your hair. Their laser helmet is focused on making your life easier and more efficient.

The Helmet

Theradome contains no wires and uses a battery to keep it running smoothly, which is a real benefit. You will be able to set this on and forget about it. This deluxe product also gives you voice prompts, freeing your mind from thinking about your helmet. The device will tell you when the treatment time is done and provides a five-minute warning.

It weighs less than a pound and has an attractive blue and white design. I noticed the small openings on the top of the helmet and wanted to understand their purpose. The goal of those holes is to provide air flow, which keeps your hair and scalp cooler.

Since this is the Rolls Royce of hair growth systems, your helmet can even be plugged into the computer to receive updates, again saving you time.

How Does it work? 

The Theradome Hair Growth Helmet utilizes 80 lasers to cover the surface of your scalp completely and does not find the LEDs to be effective.

Use this after showering on damp, not wet hair, for best results. In addition to their other features, Theradome also recommends a different routine than the other two products.

They suggest 20 minutes on two days a week is all you need to grow and thicken your hair. They have included foam pads for optimal fit and comfort.

Made in USA

Thermadome Hair Growth Helmet is FDA cleared and created in the United States. It can be rare to find items made in our country, and I try to support those that are.

They also list detailed steps for taking photos for this hair journey. I know that approach is used for weight loss and exercise routines and think that could be very useful.

They have been featured on several news shows and contain a great deal of information for their customers on their website.


This company is in line with the others regarding the expected results. Six months is a consistent number on each of these helmets when discussing results. The Theradome sets itself apart from other companies by taking emphasizing laser and adding unique touches to their product. The Theradome Hair Growth Helmet might be just the solution for those looking to invest in cutting-edge technology that may end hair woes, once and for all.

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