Best Hair Toner to Remove Brassiness

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Best Hair Toner to Remove Brassiness

Have you ever colored your hair, whether yourself or at a salon, but a few weeks later you notice that the color looks a little warmer than you remember? This can occur as a result of brassiness. In this article, we will help you find the best hair toner to remove brassiness.

Brassiness results when the lightening or bleaching process fails to remove all your hair’s natural pigment. If your hair is naturally blonde, this pigment is yellow. If your hair is darker, then the pigment comes through as orange or red.

Brassiness happens if steps are not taken to mitigate this process as part of the coloring process. Fortunately, you have options such as hair toners to help alleviate the effects of brassiness.

What Causes Brassy Hair?

As mentioned above, brassiness results when the lightening or bleaching process fails to remove all your hair’s natural pigment. If your hair is naturally blonde, this pigment is yellow. If your hair is darker, then the pigment comes through as orange or red.

Brassiness happens if steps are not taken to mitigate this process as part of the coloring process.

How Often Can You Tone Your Hair?

You should not tone your hair too often. Excessive toning can dry out, damage, cause breakage, and other issues that can impact your hair color and your hair’s overall health. Most products recommend using the product for just a few minutes once or twice a week.

Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommended instructions in order to yield the best results.

Our Favorite Best Hair Toner to Remove Brassiness

1. Purple Shampoo for Blonde Hair by GBG [Editors Pick]

Purple Shampoo for Blonde Hair by GBG – Blonde Shampoo Instantly Eliminate Brassiness & Yellows - Brighten Blonde, Silver & Grey w/Celebrity Stylist Created Purple Toning Shampoo – 8oz

If you’re looking for a professional quality hair toner, you’ll absolutely love this one by Get Back Gorgeous. Even better, you do not have to pay salon prices!


Get Back Gorgeous makes the only high-performance toner that’s been approved by the FDA. It’s also celebrity stylist approved!

Fresh Organic Compounds

This formula harnesses the power of nature with fresh organic compounds like coconut oil to bring out the best in your hair.

Control the Color

Don’t rely on chance to get a color you dislike! Simply apply the toner to wet hair, leave in for a couple of minutes (depending on how light you’d like your hair to get), and rinse!


This amazing toner extends your salon color. It delivers brighter, more vibrant hair. Powerhouse ingredients like keratin defend against damage, breakage, and split ends and leaves your hair looking gorgeous.

Get salon-quality hair at a fraction of salon prices!

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2. Purple Hair Mask For Blonde, Platinum & Silver Hair Toner

Purple Hair Mask For Blonde, Platinum & Silver Hair - Banish Yellow Hues: Blue Masque to Reduce Brassiness & Condition Dry Damaged Hair - Sulfate Free Toner - 7.27 Fl. Oz / 215 ml

Banish brassiness with this excellent purple hair mask for blonde, platinum, and silver hair! This sulfate-free toner tones and hydrates your light-colored hair.


A blend of hydrating oils in this formula moisturizes and nourishes hair, keeping it healthy, beautiful, and smooths hair.

Removes Brassiness

The purple hair mask toner removes brassiness and yellow tones from your hair, transforming your warm-toned hair into cooler tones.

UV Filters

Sun can damage your stunning hair. But fear not! The built-in UV filters protect your hair from harmful UV rays that can cause your hair to fade.


This hair toner works perfectly well for blonde and other lighter-toned hair! It moisturizes, hydrates, and nourishes hair, protecting it from dryness and sun damage. I love that my hair feels so soft after using too!

It also smells really good so you don’t need to worry about strong, chemical scents. Keep in mind, however, that this toner will not work well on darker-toned hair. I recommend using it only on blonde-toned hair.

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3. Fanola No Yellow and No Orange Shampoo Package

Fanola No Yellow and No Orange Shampoo Package, 350 ml

Fanola is one of the best hair-care brands on the market today. This purple-tinted shampoo turns down grey or lightened hairs on your head. At the end, your hair color will remain beautiful and consistent.

No Yellow

The Fanola No Yellow shampoo neutralizes yellow tones and helps to keep your hair smooth and shiny.

No Side Effects

Some hair toners might cause some side effects such as dry hair or other issues that can decrease the effectiveness of the product. You don’t have to worry about that with this toner – there are no adverse side effects.

Fanola No Yellow and No Orange Shampoo Package, 350 ml Professionally Developed

This is the only professional product on the market today that neutralizes the yellow tones in hair. This helps to give your hair a cool, bright, even reflection.


Fanola has created a great hair toner to help with those annoying yellowed tones. Professionally developed, this hair toner does not have any side effects that could lessen its impact.

I loved how well the Fanola toner works use after use.

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4. L’Oréal Paris Colorist Secrets Brass Banisher Color

L'Oreal Paris Colorist Secrets Brass Banisher, Color Balancing Gloss Treatment

L’Oreal, one of the most popular beauty companies out there, impresses with their Colorist Secrets Brass Banisher color balancing gloss treatment.

Brand Recognition

L’Oreal is one of the best cosmetic companies, and with that brand recognition comes the expectation of quality.

Works for All Tones

Many toners only work on one or two tones. L’Oreal’s Colorist Secrets toner works to balance out brassy yellow, gold, red, and orange tones.

Works for All Hair

Is your hair color-treated? No problem. Highlighted? Perfect. Any type of hair will work with this toner whether it’s color-treated, highlighted, or natural.


For just a few minutes at a time, you can reduce the brassy tones in your hair and any unwanted warmth. A recognized brand, L’Oreal brings forward a budget-friendly option that works for any hair type and all tones.

It’s a perfect starter option for someone who might not be sure if a hair toner will work for their hair.

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5. T18 Lightest Ash Blonde Color Charm Toner

Wella Color Charm T18 Lightest Ash Blonde 2-Pack with CC Cream 20 Developer 3.6 oz. - COMBO DEAL!

Wella brings to the table one of the best value blonde charm toners. For someone who’s looking for a great solution to temper brassiness, this is well worth a look.


With regular use, the Wella T18 lightest ash blonde toner lasts a long time.


Don’t worry about the sun damaging or causing your stunning color to fade. This toner is fade-resistant and will keep your hair looking better for longer.

Perfect for Light Hair

This toner works best for very light hair. It will remove the warm tones in your hair so your hair remains light, smooth, and gorgeous.


For a simple toner for blonde hair, this toner works perfectly. The fade-resistant formula lasts a long time with just a single application. The price point makes it attractive for anyone who wants to try a toner but does not want to commit to a more expensive product.

It’s important to note that for some people, the bottle may only last one or two applications. Additionally, this particular product only works well with light blonde hair.

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6. Purple Shampoo for Blonde or Highlighted Hair – Eliminates Brassiness

Purple Shampoo for Blonde or Highlighted Hair - Eliminates Brassiness and Yellow Tones - 100% Paraben Free & Cruelty Free Shampoo - (8.5 Fl Oz) Highlight Shampoo – Color Brightening Shampoo

Purple shampoo can work wonders on brassed hair. This shampoo from Beauty with a Twist helps to eliminate brassiness and yellow tones from your hair.

Grape Seed Extract

This formula contains a powerful antioxidant that helps to prevent split ends and breakage at your hair’s tips.


This toner is not tested on animals and is made with the highest quality ingredients to give your hair its best performance.

Boosts Highlights

Your natural and any added highlights are boosted to look stunningly radiant. Your hair is also left soft, manageable, and glowing.


I love this shampoo for several reasons! It boosts highlights, is cruelty-free, and contains powerful ingredients such as grape seed extract. Grape seed extract alleviates split ends and hair breakage.

This formula works well for color-treated and natural hair. Some have said that using just a little goes a long way. It has a tendency to have a chemical smell, and it does not work on brown hair.

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What’s the Best Toner for Brassy Hair?

My favorite best hair toner to remove brassiness is the Purple Shampoo for Blonde Hair by GBG– Eliminates Brassiness and Yellow Tones from Beauty with a Twist.

This high-performance toner leaves grey or white hair looking beautiful by toning down yellow and orange colors in the hair. It also contains coconut oil to keep hair healthy and damage-free.

What Color Cancels out Brassy Orange Hair?

It’s recommended to use a toner with blue pigments to help cancel out brassy orange hair. How much you should use depends on the toner and how light you’d like your hair to be.

Can Olaplex Make Bleached Hair Healthier?

Repair, strengthen, and protect your hair with Olaplex’s Hair Perfector! The concentrated formula strengthens your hair from within and reduces breakage for improved, healthier hair.


Applying this toner is simple! All you need to do is apply to towel-dried hair, comb through, leave in, rinse, and then shampoo and condition your hair.

Professionally Developed

This formula was created by two top PhDs in materials science and chemistry. These two experts applied their research and knowledge to create the best of the best on the market today.


Olaplex does not contain parabens, sulfates, or phthalates.


The Olaplex Hair Perfector works wonders on your hair! Its concentrated, professionally-developed formula repairs, protects, and strengthens your hair, leaving it smooth. It also repairs your hair from the inside out and reduces breakage.

Instead of masking any issues, it helps to structurally repair them. Easy to use, it works well on all hair types. That being said, it may work better with fine hair. Those with thick, coarse, wavy hair may not see the best results.

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5 Important Things to Search in a Hair Toner

Woman applying hair toner to remove Brassiness

1) Ingredients

The ingredients which comprise a toner’s formula should be naturally-derived if possible. I also recommend avoiding some preservatives and artificial ingredients such as parabens and sulfates. Fortunately, you’re able to find several great options out there with powerful, natural ingredients.

For instance, one of the listed products features grape seed extract which helps to alleviate hair breakage and split ends. Sometimes you do not need to resort to strong chemicals for the best results!

2) Cost

Without a doubt, some toners cost more than others. Many might assume that cost correlates with the quality of a product. In many cases, this is true. A cheaper product does not always equate to a quality product. It’s worth spending a little more if you find a product that’s backed by research, contains premium ingredients, and/or contains a patented formula.

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3) Brand

Buying from a brand you know and trust can almost always ensure you’re buying a quality product. Several options on this list come from renowned brands such as L’Oreal. That’s not to say lesser-known brands are any worse. It’s always important to research your brands to see if they align with your value system.

4) Side Effects

Some toners can have side effects such as drying or breakage. Make sure to read and follow the instructions on the package to reduce the likelihood of any side effects. If possible, try to find a toner where the manufacturer lists as few side effects as possible.

5) Pigments

Not all pigments work on all hair tones. For instance, purple toners work to remove and tone down yellow tones whereas blue tones work well to tone down darker hair. If you do not choose the correct pigments for your natural or colored hair, then you run the risk of inaccurate toning.


In this article, I shared my favorite best hair toner to remove brassiness. Hair brassiness can prove annoying and seemingly impossible to get rid of. Fortunately, you’re able to temper it with toner. Just make sure to find the right product for your hair.

It’s also important to note that universal results are not guaranteed between individuals. What works for one person may not work for the other. Have patience, and when you find the right product, chances are you’ll stick with it!

I wish you the best of luck in your search!

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