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Best Hair Straightener Brush Reviews and GuideAchieving beautiful, silky smooth straight hair can be a real hassle. Flatironing your entire head can potentially take hours, which just isn’t practical. However, regularly visiting your salon for a blowout can be very costly.

The solution? Finding the best hair straightener brush with some great customer reviews, which combines the heat styling powers of a straightening iron with the detangling powers of a hairbrush.

If you’re searching for the best hair straightener brush, then the Straightening Brush 2.0, by GLAMFIELDS will be a perfect fit. Not only its compact size,  but it also has multiple heat settings, ionic technology, easy to use, and portable.

This innovative product will cut down on the time you spend styling your hair, giving you beautiful, professional-looking results without the hefty cost or time commitment!

Best Hair Straightener Brush Reviews

Here are our top 7,  must-have hair straightening brushes that will make your hair silky smooth, without breaking the bank.

1. Enhanced Hair Straightener Brush by MiroPure, 2-in-1 Ionic

Enhanced Hair Straightener Brush by MiroPure, 2-in-1 Ionic Straightening Brush with Anti-Scald Feature, Auto Temperature Lock & Auto-Off Function (Black)

If you’re looking for an easy product to give you the silky, smooth, pin-straight hair that you’ve always dreamed of, this enhanced hair straightener brush is the product for you! It features ionic and anti-scald technology that protects your hair while straightening it, minimizing damage, and leaving you with smooth, strong, and silky locks!

Metal Ceramic Heater Technology

This straightener brush features a Metal Ceramic Heater (MCH) that can be adjusted anywhere from 300°F to 450°F. It heats evenly and reaches your desired temperature in under a minute, giving you the most control over your hair straightening experience and customizing the heat distribution to your hair texture and type.

Safety Features

In addition to its MCH technology, this hair straightener brush also features auto-off and auto temperature lock, so you’ll never have to worry about causing a fire hazard in your home. After 60 minutes of idling, this brush will automatically shut itself off, even if left plugged in.

Useful Add-Ons

In each package, you’ll receive one hair straightener brush, one heat-resistant glove, one user manual, and one carrying bag. That’s everything you’ll ever need to achieve silky straight hair in your home or on the go!

Works on All Hair Types

This hair straightener brush is an absolute lifesaver for people of all hair types and textures. It works extremely well on thick, coiled, textured hair, but it also works on thinner, wavier hair! It detangles and straightens your hair simultaneously, significantly cutting down on the time you spend on hairstyling!

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2. Ionic Hair Straightener Brush, CNXUS MCH Ceramic Heating + LED Display

Ionic Hair Straightener Brush, CNXUS MCH Ceramic Heating + LED Display + Adjustable Temperatures + Anti Scald Hair Straightening Brush, Portable Frizz-Free Hair Care Silky Straight Heated Comb

This straightener brush features ionic and Ceramic Heating technology, which creates the most even distribution of heat while also protecting each fragile strand of hair, giving you silky, smooth, straight hair without causing excessive heat damage, frizz, or split ends. It does the work of a flatiron and a hairbrush in one!

Ionic Technology

The teeth of this straightener brush are all made of a combination of ceramic and iron, which reduce frizz, flyaways, and static. Plus, it features a built-in ionic generator that emits negative oxygen ions, which smooth and seal your hair cuticles, minimizing heat damage. Your hair will be straight as a pin, but still soft and smooth!

Versatile Heat Settings

Additionally, this straightener brush features 5 different temperature settings ranging from 300°F to 450°F. The lowest level is best suited for people with thin, fine, or bleached hair. The second level is best for people with dyed or dark hair. The third and fourth levels were developed for people with moderately thick, moderately curly hair. The fifth level is perfect for those with thick, curly, or coiled hair.

360° Swivel Power Cord

This straightener brush also features a 360° swivel power cord, which allows you to use this product from any angle. That means that it’s perfect to use on yourself, but also on your friends, family members, and, if you’re a hairstylist, on your clients!

Straightens Without Flattening

This straightener brush is ideal for people with long or thick hair who want to achieve a silky straight hairstyle that lasts all day without spending too much time or causing hair damage. It’s incredibly user-friendly and intuitive to use, and it preserves body and volume in your hair!

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3. GLAMFIELDS Hair Straightener Iron Brush with Double Negative Ions

Ionic Straightening Brush, GLAMFIELDS Hair Straightener Brush With Anti-Scald, Anti Frizz, 30s Fast Ceramic Heating, Auto Temperature Lock & Auto-off, Dual Voltage Straightening Comb for Home, Travel

This convenient and easy-to-use straightener brush features double ionic and metal ceramic heating technology to straighten your hair without causing frizz, split ends, tangles, or knots. Plus, it’s light, portable, and travel-friendly, allowing you to straighten your hair from anywhere!

Double Negative Ionic Technology

The bristles on this straightener brush emit double negative ions, which have been proven to seal and smooth your hair cuticles. This ensures that your hair doesn’t suffer any heat damage, regardless of the fact that this is a heat styling tool. Your hair will stay sleek, shiny, and healthy!

Rapid Heat Settings

This straightener brush’s ceramic heating technology allows it to fully heat to your desired heating level within 30 seconds, so you don’t have to wait a long time for your brush to heat up. It features 4 different temperature settings ranging from 340°F to 450°F, allowing you to customize your brush to your specific hair type and texture.

Full Package

With each package, you’ll receive one hair straightening brush, one heat-resistant glove, one cleaning brush, one cloth carrying bag, two plastic hair clips, and one user manual, everything you’ll need to straighten your hair anywhere!

Replace Your Flatiron

This straightening brush is so powerful, effective, and easy to use that it’ll completely replace your flatiron in your everyday hair routine! It works on all hair types and textures, from loosely wavy to thick, curly, and coiled. Its results last all day, and it keeps your hair looking smooth, soft, and undamaged!

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4. Anti-Scald Ceramic Straightener Comb Ionic Hair Brush

Ionic Straightener Brush For Silky Frizz Free Hair, Anti-Scald Ceramic Straightener Comb Ionic Hair Brush


This powerful, effective ionic straightener brush does an excellent job of straightening your hair while also minimizing heat damage, scalding, and burns. It’s incredibly convenient, doing the job of a traditional flatiron and a traditional hairbrush at the same time!

Anti-Scald Design

This straightener brush is unique because of its unique anti-scald design and heat insulated bristles. The teeth of this brush are designed to resemble a massage comb, which means that it moves smoothly and easily through your hair without pulling or tugging. Plus, the heat insulation tips prevent your scalp from accidentally getting scalded!

Temperature Settings for Every Hair Type

This straightener brush has 4 temperature settings that range from 302°F all the way to 446°F. Each setting is specifically designed for a different type and texture of hair, all the way from thin, fine, bleached hair to thick, coiled, and curly hair. It’s so easy to completely customize your hair straightening experience!

Comes With Everything You Need

With your purchase, you’ll receive one hair straightener brush, one heat-resistant glove, and one cloth carrying bag. Plus, each brush is under a generous two-year warranty, so you can feel 100% secure and protected in your purchase!

Silky Smooth Results

This straightener brush does a great job of giving your normally curly, unmanageable hair a smooth, silky soft appearance while still maintaining the volume, body, and bounce that you crave. It’s as effective as a flatiron but gives a more natural, believable result.

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5. GLAMFIELDS Electrical Heated Irons Hair Straightening

Ionic Hair Straightener Brush Upgrade 2.0,GLAMFIELDS Electrical Heated Hair Straightening with Faster Heating, MCH Ceramic Technology, Auto Temperature Lock, Anti Scald, Heat Resistant Glove(Black-01)

This fast, easy to use hair straightener brush does a great job of giving you a smooth, straight, silky hairstyle in absolutely no time. Plus, its negative ion technology reduces frizz, split ends, and heat damage, protecting your hair in addition to styling it!

Speedy Heating

This straightener brush is designed to reach your desired heat level quickly in evenly, in under 40 seconds. This means that you can start straightening your hair almost immediately after plugging it in, and you don’t have to worry about your straightener brush eating up your electricity bill!

Cost-Effective and Environmentally Friendly

This straightener brush also features auto-shutoff and temperature lock technology that promotes safety and environmental friendliness. Once you set your desired temperature, this straightener brush automatically maintains it. Plus, it shuts off automatically after 30 minutes of non-use, making it both safe, cost-effective, and eco-friendly!

Lots of Add-Ons

You’ll receive one hair straightener brush, one heat-resistant glove, one user manual, one comb, and one cloth bag. That’s everything you’ll need to give yourself, your friends, and your family silky smooth, straight hair!

Saves Time

This straightener brush is an excellent alternative to harsh chemical straighteners and flatirons. If you’re a busy mom, student, or worker, and don’t have much time in the morning to spend on your hair, this straightener brush will do the trick! It gives you beautiful, smooth, straight hair in a flash!

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6. InStyler STRAIGHT UP Ceramic Hair Straightening Brush

InStyler Straight UP Ceramic Straightening Brush

This comfortable and effective hair straightener brush does a great job of giving you smooth, silky strands. It’s super versatile and customizable, allowing it to work for people of all hair lengths, types, and textures. Plus, its ceramic ionic technology protects your hair from heat damage.

Ceramic Heated Plates

This straightener brush features a whopping 65 ceramic heated plates, which evenly distribute heat throughout your hair while also preserving the integrity of your hair strands, straightening while also protecting. Plus, the cool tip ionic bristles keep your scalp from getting burned.

7 Temperature Settings

This straightener brush also features 7 different heat settings that range from 330°F all the way to 450°F. You’ll be able to finely control the heat of the brush to the exact temperature that works best for you using the built-in digital temperature display!

Works From Any Angle

In addition to its powerful ceramic heating technology, this straightener iron also features a professional swivel cord and auto shut-off technology. This allows you to use your brush at whatever angle is most comfortable for you without tangling or snagging. Plus, you won’t ever have to worry about accidentally leaving your straightener brush plugged in!

Better Than Any Flatiron

This straightener brush has the power to cut your hair styling time in half! If you usually use a flat iron and a hairbrush, you need this straightener brush. It’s so much faster and more convenient than a flatiron, and it gives you beautifully straight and silky results!

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7. DAFNI The Original Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush

DAFNI The Original Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush - Styles Hair Up to 10 Times Faster Than a Flat Iron

This straightener brush features patented 3D technology that works quickly to straighten all hair types and textures with ease. It works up to 8 times faster than a traditional flatiron, cutting down your hairstyling time significantly and getting you out the door faster!

Consistent 365°F Temperature

This straightener brush quickly heats to a consistent temperature of 365°F, the optimal temperature for almost all hair types and textures. Its heat technology is the same utilized by the US Army and NASA, which means it’s on the cutting edge and is safe for everyday use without causing heat damage.

Straightens Fast

Because the surface of this straightener brush is about 8 times larger than that of a traditional flat iron, it works much faster. Depending on your hair length, thickness, and texture, you’ll be able to fully straighten your hair in 3 to 10 minutes!

Works on All Hair Types

This hair straightener brush was specifically designed to work for all hair types and textures. That means that whether your hair is fine, coarse, dry, oily, curly, wavy, bleached, or colored, this brush will work for you!

Salon Results

This brush is a total game changer. If you’re tired of spending money on regular blowouts at the salon, this brush will give you the same results, but with much less time, hassle, and cost. Your hair will look silky and smooth, but also have body, volume, and bounce!

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Which Hair Brush Straightener is Best?

When it comes to value, quality, and effectiveness, the GLAMFIELDS Straightening Brush is absolutely unmatched. Its versatile heat settings, ionic technology, compact size, and travel-friendliness make it perfect to use at home or on the go.

It’ll never burn or damage your hair, but will consistently deliver gorgeous, silky smooth results. Plus, it comes with the most generous array of add-ons! In addition to the straightener brush itself, you get a carrying bag, heat-resistant glove, instruction manual, and two hair clips, giving the GLAMFIELDS 2.0 Straightening Brush a lot of bang for your buck.

Is a Straightening Brush Less Damaging?

Straightener brushes are definitely much less damaging than flatirons. Their heat is much gentler than that of flat irons, which makes them much better for dry, thin, brittle, or otherwise easily damaged hair. Plus, most straightener brushes feature ceramic ionic technology, which protects your hair’s cuticle and prevents against dryness, split ends, and heat damage.

If your hair has already suffered damage from heat styling tools, chemical treatments, bleaches, or hair dyes, a straightener brush is definitely a gentler and less damaging alternative to traditional flat iron. (Read more: The Best Blow Dryer For Natural Hair)

Is a Hair Straightening Brush Better Than a Flatiron?

If you’re looking for speed and volume, a hair straightener brush is definitely a better investment than a flatiron. Because hair straightener brushes comb through your hair while straightening it, they preserve volume, body, and bounce in your hair, something that a flat iron cannot do. Plus, as we mentioned earlier, hair straightener brushes are much gentler on fine, brittle, and damaged hair.

Most hair straightener brushes have ceramic ionic technology, which protects your hair, adds shine, removes static electricity, and is overall much safer for everyday use. If you straighten your hair every single day, a straightener brush is definitely a much better choice than a flatiron, and will save you from experiencing heat damage, dryness, and split ends in the long run.

How Do I Choose a Straightening Brush?

Most straightener brushes feature the same kind of ceramic ionic technology, which is definitely something you should look for if you’re on the hunt for the perfect model for you. No matter whether you have fine or thick hair, ceramic ionic technology is crucial for protecting your hair cuticles, which keeps your hair as soft and shiny as possible.

Without ceramic ionic technology, your hair is much more susceptible to heat damage. You should also look for a straightener brush with multiple heat settings.


Depending on your hair type, different temperature settings will work better for you. The finer, drier, thinner, or more fragile your hair, the lower of a heat setting you’re going to want to use. Look for a brush whose heat settings go as low as 300°F. If your hair is very thick, curly, kinky, or coiled, you’re going to want to use a much higher heat setting.

Look for a brush whose heat settings reach as high as 400°F. Finally, if you don’t already own a heat-resistant styling glove or mitt, it might be a good idea to look for a brush that includes a glove with your purchase. Especially if you’re using a high heat setting, you might end up accidentally burning yourself with your straightener brush.

A heat-resistant glove is the best way to protect yourself from an accidental burn or scald, while still keeping the maneuverability and dexterity necessary to straighten an entire head of hair.

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