Best Eyebrow Tattoo Pen

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Best Eyebrow Tattoo Pen

Tattooing is one of the most trending fashion designs across the globe. In this article, we will reveal our favorite best eyebrow tattoo pen , whether the pen provides a permanent or semi-permanent tattoo, how long it takes to complete an eyebrow tattoo, the pens features and what is in the packages once you order an eyebrow pen.

People have tattoos on different parts of the body, which make them look sophisticated and attractive. But, have you ever seen an eye tattoo? If your answer is no, eyebrows tattooing is possible, and it is different from eyebrows microblading.

Tattooing is done by injecting the tattooing ink between the two layers of the eye. The dye spreads over a significant area. Below are the best pens for eye tattooing. Eyebrows microblading uses an individual pigment which fades away into a lighter version.

Best Eyebrow Tattoo Pen

Dragonhawk Mast Pen Rotary Tattoo Machine Power Supply Extreme Cartridges Foot Pedal Gift Box 1013-10

1. Dragonhawk Mast Pen

This eyebrow machine has been producing excellent results since its invention. It is much quicker, loud less, and vibrates less than a typical tattoo device.


The machine is remarkable for its interchangeable 3.5 millimeters to 2.8-millimeter stroke length. This enables the tattooing artist to achieve a wide range of styles. Besides, the pen has a powerful battery that can be used for eight hours. It operates at a rate of 20,000 to 25,000 RPM.

Comfortable to use

It has grips that are comfortable and accurate for tattooing procedures. Besides, Dragonhawk Mast Pen Rotary Tattoo comes with close-mouthed tips which allow needles to strike steadier and grasp more ink every moment you use them.

Advanced gear system

You can establish more needles and switch needle design easily and quickly while tattooing. The needles fit precisely to their sets; the smooth edges eliminate any shock. Also, the machine has an advanced and dominant gear system that offers reliable, super tranquil procedure without any ambiances.

The fascinating thing with this mind-blowing eyebrow pen is, it is compatible with all kinds of cartridge needles. You are not regulated to a specific type of needles.

Ideal for eyebrows

The machine is excellent for eyebrows lining and eyebrows shading. It is made of space aluminum, which makes it lightweight and durable. You can use it for a couple of years. To ensure there is adequate needle stability, the machine uses a slider system although sometimes the durability depends on the industry-standard Japan. Motor to work.

In the Package

DiaoLan Tattoo manufactures the machine. Once you have ordered Dragonhawk Mast Pen Rotary Tattoo Machine, your package will contain one Tattoo Rotary Machine Pen, One Tattoo Power Supply, one Foot Pedal, one Tattoo Grip Bandage and twenty Tattoo Needles.


A significant number of Dragonhawk Mast Pen Rotary Tattoo users are madly in love with it. It can work flawlessly without heating or drying when pressure is applied. The machine is quiet and packs color exceptionally well. It produces excellent results.

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Pinkiou Permanent Makeup Pen Machine Hair Stroked Eyebrow Tattoo Professional Rotary Microblading Pen For Eyeline Lip (Machine, 10-0127)2. Pinkiou Permanent Makeup Pen

This device gives you an option to adjust the needle to your desired length and speed. It is easy to control. It works at a rate of 15000r/minute to 30000r/minute.

I talked to a tattooing artist who has used this pen for years, and he was happy to confirm that the pen is awesome. If you want to try a permanent makeup tattoo, this is the best eyebrow pen for you. It takes four minutes for an expert artist to complete the task.

Best Needles for Eyebrow Tattooing

Pinkiou Permanent Makeup Pen needles are very sharp and elastic for painless piercing. Your customers don’t experience any pain while tattooing.

The needles retain the ink enabling you to take a short period. The machine comes with ten disposable eyebrows tattoo needles and which are ready for use.

The needles are friendly and free from infections. Each needle is sterilized with E.O. Gamma Ray; thus, they cannot contact any illness.

However, you need to put on gloves to protect you from any fluids and blood. The company provides sterilized certificates as required by the health department.


Weight matters a lot when it comes to eyebrow pens because you hold them for hours. If you have ten customers, you will not be able to serve them. Pinkiou Permanent Makeup Pen is lightweight for relaxed tilting during the back and forth movements.

It is made of anodized Silver Surface that has an Aluminum alloy. The material is sturdy; thus, the pen can serve you for decades. To prevent overheating, it is advisable to stop using the pen after a complete eyebrow tattooing for about twenty minutes.

The Package

The delivery package contains one tattoo eyebrow machine (Pinkiou Permanent Makeup Pen), one A.C. adapter and one 1RL needle. The pen rotation is steady for easy control, and it has low vibration; thus, it cannot hurt eyes. Also, it produces low noise while tattooing.


In conclusion, the pen works great; the needles are very sharp and painless. You can use it to draw your eyebrows and at the same time microblade them manually. It has a small screen and buttons on the body for speed regulating. You don’t need to pause it to adjust the speed.

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Permanent Makeup Machine - BIOAMSER P300 Permanent Makeup Tattoo Machines Device Kit Include Digital Permanent Makeup Power Supply Permanent Makeup Tattoo Pen and 2 Clip Cord with 10pcs Microbladi3. P300 Permanent Makeup Machine

This fantastic makeup machine was launched in 20017 by Biomaster Ltd. It has been in use, and a significant number of users love it. This advanced pen for customers who require lightweight and elegant machines.

It is a multiuse device which can be used for eyebrow/eyeliner micro-pigmentation and to carry out skin management. The tool only provides semi-permanent makeup which fades after a few years.

It cost less than normal eyebrow tattooing pens and has high quality for abundant know-how of tattooing.

Easy to Use

Accessories; This machine is designed for people who are willing to take their tattooing career to the next level. It has unique screw cartridge needles which make tattooing easy.

It has dual liner and shade output which can be adjusted by pressing a button on the pen. Adjust the liner and the shade you want to use and operate the pen without switching it off to reset.

It takes a tattooing artist less than twenty minutes to complete eyebrow tattooing.

Sturdy Needles

With this device, you can serve more than ten customers a day. The needles are sturdy; thus, they are not prone to breakages. Also, it gives you the privilege to adjust the length of the needles anytime need arises thanks to its Adjustment Control. Furthermore, you can lock the needles to avoid flying needle inkjet while tattooing.

Effective and Efficient

The machine is equipped with a robust motor that enables the pen to achieve immense power and speediness needle puncture. Its speed of digital control is 10000rpm on a digital monitor. The only noise that comes out while handling the pen is the motorized mechanic sound. The machine has a plastic cover, which makes it be light. Its body is made of aluminum; thus, it is sturdy.

In the Package

P300 Professional Permanent Makeup Machine comes adequately packaged with one piece of white acrylic intelligent digital permanent makeup device, one PMU handpiece, one box of cartridge needles which contain ten pieces of needles, one adaptor and ten pieces of connecting cord. The accessories reduce the touch-ups and enable you to serve your customers as your queens. The machine is modest and elegant. It looks appealing and astonishing.


In a nutshell, this machine provides a hundred percent satisfaction. It comes with eighteen-month warranty. If you are planning to commence your tattooing career, this is the best eyebrow pen for you.

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Electric Tattoo Machine MTS Beauty Makeup Device, LCD Display Digital Permanent Tattoo Eyebrow Lip Eye liner Pen With Accessory Heads Tool Kit4. Electric Tattoo Machine MTS Beauty Makeup Device

This is a multifunctional machine that can be used for eyebrows, eyeliner, and on lips. If you are using it for tattooing eyebrows, kindly use three-pin operation and fine-tune it to match the skin density, if you are doing eyeliner, use round three Pin operation then modify it as per skin thickness.

Lips are somehow thick compared to eyebrows, and I suggest you use four or five rows of pins. The pen has an LCD screen that displays the input voltage, the pen speed, mode, and working condition of the machine; thus, no more surprises when it short circuits.

Easy to Monitor

The pen features an automatic off mode that switches off the machine when there is excess power to avoid short-circuit. The LCD screen shows you if the machine is not working or not. If there is no power display, the device is faulty, or the cords have a problem.

You take less time diagnosing the problem. This feature has amazed many users who have given it a rate of 4.2 out of 5 stars. The machine is fast and offers permanent eyebrow tattoos, which are of high quality. The needles are powered by a 10w motor that produces low noise; it is sturdy and works for long hours without overheating.

Protects the Skin

During eyebrow tattooing, the machine thickens the dermis without causing any severe damages to the skin or without removing the epidermis; thus, the tattoos are permanent. It is also used to remove any wrinkles on the eyebrows, especially for aged people, remove any acne, improve the scars on the eyebrows and also to rejuvenate your skin.

With 3Volts, it operates at a speed of 8000r/min, 4volts – 12000r/minutes and 5Volts at a rate of 15000r/minutes. An experienced artist using 5V takes roughly fifteen minutes to complete eyebrow tattooing. The pen is made of stainless steel that is smooth and durable. Its head can be, making it easy to install the needles for precise operation.

In the Package

The eyebrow tattoo pen weighs 2.47 pounds, and the package contains; one tattoo pen, tool head, the primary device, one adaptor, and one connection cord. The machine consumes a voltage of 100-240 volts and has a charging time of three hours. Once it is fully charged, it operates for around five hours.


You cannot count the best eyebrow pen without mentioning this brilliant device. It is designed to offer the best results and give you the warmest feeling to the definite pen while tattooing. The pen does not leave permanent marks on the eyebrows. The tattoos are visible and permanent.

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Wireless Tattoo Machine Cordless (Silver)5. Wireless Tattoo Machines

As the name suggests, this eyebrow machine is wireless. It is among the top line devices that are wireless and use cartridge needles. Also, It has adjustable control that allows you to set the needle length to suit your needs for a precise optimum result.

It can be used to tattoo eyebrows, lip lining, eye lining, and a small variety of tattoos. The tattoos are permanent and of high quality. They don’t fade away with time even if you scrub your eyebrows with steel wire. They remain lucid and appealing as if they were tattooed yesterday.

Long Serving Battery

Wireless Tattoo device features a robust Lithium battery. It works for two and a half hours to three hours when it is fully charged. The battery takes two hours to charge to capacity.

With speed three (which the lowest volts) the device operates at a rate of 6300r/minute, at speed two (Medium) – at a speed of 6840 r/minute and speed one (the highest speed) it offers a rate of 7200r/minute. This is sufficient speed to complete tattooing.


Its lightweight feature cannot be overlooked. It weighs 2.88 ounces making it light even for a hundred- and fifty-years-old grandma. You can use it without hurting your arms. The needles achieve excellent saturation with three to four passes at the third speed.

In the Package

Brow Factory manufactures wireless Tattoo Machines. When you place an order, the machine comes with one permanent makeup pen, one AC/DC adapter, one battery charging line, and one Lithium battery. You only need to connect the pen to a power source and charge it for two hours. It comes fully assembled so no more scratching your head.


To sum up, this machine is wireless, enabling you to use it in areas that have no power. You only charge it and go door to door looking for customers. You are not limited by energy. What is more, you are not limited to one location, and you can go around a customer since no cords to chock them. It’s a great tattooing machine.

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A Guide to the Best Eyebrows Tattooing Pen

Tattoo Pen Reviews

How can you choose the best eyebrow tattooing? It’s quite simple. The best eyebrow tattooing pen should have an ergonomic design, lightweight, versatile, and ideal for eyebrows tattooing.

It should offer excellent results. From the above products, Dragonhawk mast pen is the big deal. It is effective, lightweight, and vibrates less. The pen is convertible with all cartridge needles.

How Long Does Eyebrow Tattoos Last?

Once your eyebrows are tattooed, they may last forever, but you might see a change in the pigment after a year or so. It depends on the nature of the eyebrow tattooing pen and ink or pigment you used.

If you have used P300 Permanent Makeup Machine or Electric Tattoo Machine MTS Beauty Makeup Device, the tattoos might last forever. For semi-permanent tattoos, they last for six months and start fading, and you need to go touchup.

Eyebrows Tattooing Cost

If you want to look sophisticated, you must dig deep into your pockets. Beauty costs a lot. However, I cannot be precise on the cost of tattooing since it depends on some variations such as eyebrows tattooing expert experience, the type of tattooing pen used, the needles used, your location among other things.

For instance, if you are looking for eyebrows tattooing in Canada, it will cost you around $420 to $850 for the primary tattooing.

If you decide to seek consultation, it will cost you $60, and the appointments will cost you around $220 to $270 per trip. As you plan to tattoo your eyebrows, be ready to cough some money.

That is the cost of tattooing, what about maintaining the tattoos? Skin sags as we grow old so as the eyebrows tattoos. I know you don’t want to hear it, but it’s the bitter truth.

To avoid looking like a vampire, you need to upkeep them. The ink fades away and requires to touch up five to seven weeks after tattooing.

You must maintain them once in every three years from the day of tattooing which requires cash. You must be ready to manage your eyebrows tattoos. Eyebrows tattooing is a journey, not an event.

Are Eyebrow Tattoos Permanent?

Process of applying permanent makeup tattoo with eyebrow pen machine

You can decide to have permanent eyebrows tattoos or semi-permanent. It’s your choice. It is advisable to do some consultation before deciding on which one suite you. Your consultant will draw your face and decide on which one is best.

Now, Permanent tattoo is not permanent as the name suggests. It uses thick pigments that fade with time. This means, if you want a permanent tattoo, you must go back every two years for a touchup.

If you want a semi-permanent tattoo, there is no need of going for touchup. The tattoo will keep on fading until it is barely visible.

What’s The Difference Between Microblading and Tattooing?

Yes, the difference is like day and night. Some people think microblading is a type of tattooing, but that’s not the case. Microblading looks natural compared to tattooing because it uses a technique that makes individual hair-like strokes that look like hair growth pattern.

Tattooing makes the brows to appear drawn on. Microblading uses a thick pigment that makes it semi-permanent (fades after six months) while tattooing uses ink which lasts forever.

The Bottom Line

The above pens offer excellent results. Some are permanent, and others are semi-permanent. It is advisable to inform your clients before you start tattooing them. Many users love Dragonhawk Mast Pen for its elegant look. It produces exceptional results and this is why it’s our favorite best eyebrow tattoo pen.

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