Best Butt Enhancement Cream

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Best Butt Enhancement Cream Reviews

Butt enhancement creams do exactly what their name says: they enhance your butt through plumping, firming, and shaping. It’s important to choose an effective and safe option, and in this article, we’ll share some of our favorite best butt enhancement cream reviews.

One’s physical appearance plays a key role in forming a sense of self-confidence. If you feel you look great, then your confidence can get a big boost! Women find joy in flaunting their natural assets including their chests and their rear ends. So what if you feel your butt is a little flat or saggy? There’s a remedy for that!

Why a butt enhancement cream? If you’re really self-conscious about your butt, butt enhancement cream is a cheaper and potentially safer option than surgery.

Best Butt Enhancement Cream Reviews

1. Gluteboost – Butt Enhancement Cream – Plumping and Firming [Editors’ Pick]

Gluteboost | Butt Enhancement Cream - Plumping and Firming (4oz) 30 Day Supply...


All-natural ingredients make Gluteboost’s butt enhancement cream a great, safe option to plump and firm up your butt. It helps to increase the volume of your lovely curves and your butt while also delivering some anti-aging effects.

Natural Oils

Natural oils help to reduce the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks, two of the most common blemishes that can mar your skin.

Quick Results

Butt enhancement creams take some time to work. With Gluteboost’s cream, cut down the time needed to see results! Results can be seen in as little as four weeks (though it might take up to 12 weeks). Combine this cream with the butt enhancement pills from Gluteboost, and you can see results even sooner!

Gluteboost | Butt Enhancement Cream - Plumping and Firming (4oz) 30 Day Supply… No Diet or Exercise Needed

Although we highly recommend a healthy diet and exercise as part of a fit, active lifestyle, these are not required to see the benefits of Gluteboost’s cream.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Gluteboost offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee for their products. Also, you’ll find the effects of this cream to be permanent.


Look no further than Gluteboost’s cream if you’re looking for a safe and natural solution to enhance your butt. The natural oils in this cream diminish the appearance of blemishes such as stretch marks and cellulite.

The light scent is pleasant and should not give you a headache. You can expect relatively quick results, approximately between 4 and 12 weeks. (Better results with butt exercises)

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2. Booty Magic | Butt Enhancement Cream

Booty Magic | Butt Enhancement Cream - 2 Month Supply

If you value a product that offers results combined with value, look no further than Booty Magic’s butt enhancement cream.

Two-Month Supply

Booty Magic gives you a two-month supply of their cream at a very reasonable price. If you’re budget-conscious, you’ll love this deal!

Noticeable Results in a Few Weeks, Permanent in a Few Months

Some creams take a long time to show noticeable results and even longer for permanent ones. Booty Magic gives you noticeable results in just one to two months, and you should see permanent results in about six months.

Money-Back Guarantee

It’s always nice to have a backup plan in case a butt enhancement cream fails to yield results. Booty Magic allows you to return your product within 60 days for your money back, no questions asked!

Cellulite Disappears

Many have noticed that the appearance of cellulite has lessened after regular use, sometimes by up to 50%!


Let Booty Magic work some magic on your booty! The all-natural formula works within just a few weeks to give you noticeable results and within a few months to give you permanent results.

Backed with a money-back guarantee, the two-month supply works to reduce cellulite and lift and plump your rear. The gentle formula goes on easily and does not feel greasy upon use. Some have noticed their results take a little longer than a few weeks, but you should follow the instructions when using this product for the best and most consistent results.

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3. Apex Booty Butt Enhancement – Booty Enlargement Cream, Cellulite Reducer and Butt Lifter

Apex Booty Butt Enhancement - Booty Enlargement Cream, Cellulite Reducer and Butt Lifter | Natural Buttocks Shaping | Get Major Sexy Curves | Hip Enhancer

Lift your butt naturally and quickly with this booty enlargement cream from Apex! The powerful formula with natural ingredients and oils is sure to lift, plump, and give you your best booty ever!

Powerful Formula

Apex makes use of powerhouse ingredients such as green tea, soy protein, macadamia seed oil, and Vitamin E to reduce the effects of aging, firm muscles, replenish collagen levels, and provides other benefits to lift, smooth, and curve your butt.

Apex Booty Butt Enhancement - Booty Enlargement Cream, Cellulite Reducer and Butt Lifter | Natural Buttocks Shaping | Get Major Sexy Curves | Hip Enhancer Works Naturally

The macadamia seed oil found in this formula stimulates the pituitary gland. This stimulation increases hormonal levels that boost the volume of your butt.

No Need for Surgery

Don’t worry about needing to get expensive surgery for the perfect butt. Apex’s butt enhancement cream takes care of this naturally.


I really love this product. It goes on easily, smells great, and uses the power of nature to lift and shape your butt. It makes use of such powerful ingredients like green tea, soy protein, macadamia seed oil, and Vitamin E to bring out the best in your butt.

Also, it softens your skin. Some have noted the bottle has only lasted them a couple of weeks. Depending on your usage, you may find yourself purchasing more than you might have initially anticipated.

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4. Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream

Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream, 8.1 Fl oz

Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream is a highly-rated product that really works!

Highly Rated

Customers, myself included, absolutely love this product! It firms the butt nicely, feels amazing upon application, and gives real results.


Guarana extract adds caffeine to the mix. Caffeine is a known tightening agent – this helps firm and tighten your muscles for maximum effect.

Absorbs Quickly

This product absorbs quickly, leaving no sticky or greasy mess behind! It leaves your skin feeling fresh and smooth.


The Bum Bum cream is a wonderful, moisturizing product. Not only does it tighten your skin, but it also moisturizes and leaves your skin smelling amazing. The formula contains guarana extract which includes caffeine – this tightens your skin.

Unfortunately, this highly-rated product is more expensive than others on the market today. If you’re concerned with price, you might want to look elsewhere for a different butt enhancement cream.

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5. Natural Butt Enhancement Cream for Women and Men by Honeydew

Natural Butt Enhancement Cream for Women and Men - Plump Booty Enhancer Lotion - Butt Firming and Tightening Cream - Sexy Butt Lifter Cream - Butt Enlargement Cream - Butt Augmentation Cream

You might think butt enhancement cream is just for women. That’s not the case! Honeydew makes a wonderful butt enhancement cream that works well for both men and women.

Firms and Tones

You can firm and tone your butt without the need for surgery, butt lifts, implants or anything else! Simply apply this cream as indicated by the directions.

Softens and Smooths

Not only does this formula lift and firm your butt, but it also softens and smooths for the perfect butt! Cocoa butter helps make this magic happen!


This product is among the most budget-friendly option on the market today. Honeydew’s butt enhancement cream is perfect for those who want to try the cream to see how their body might react!

No Smell

If you’re sensitive to fragrance, this product does not contain any scent. Regularly use with no reactions!


Get the butt you’ve always wanted with Honeydew’s butt enhancement cream for men and women. Anyone can use it! This budget-friendly product firms, tones, softens and smooths your butt for a sexier, more perfect bum.

It does not erase cellulite or stretch marks, however. If you’re looking for something that does just a little bit more, consider finding another cream that does the job!

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6. Divine Derriere Breast Enhancement Cream – Natural Breast Enlargement Cream for Bust & Butt

Divine Derriere Breast butt Enhancement Cream

You can both a better butt and a better bust with this amazing enlargement cream! Once you’ve used this product for a while, feel free to flaunt it all!

Clinically Proven

Divine Derriere’s enhancement cream has been clinically proven to lift, firm, plump, and enlarge breasts and butts. The secret ingredient in this formula is Volufiline which stimulates the development of fatty tissue wherever it’s applied.

Scientifically Developed

It’s easy to assume all products are created equal. Scientists, however, rigorously tested the Volufiline ingredient in both human and clinical trials. You can be sure you’ll get the best results!

No Weight Gain

Just because you’ll have a bigger butt and bust doesn’t mean you’ll gain weight as a result. This product does not cause you to gain weight.


This cream does not change your body’s natural chemistry. Don’t worry about messing with your hormones!


This is easily one of the best butt enhancement creams on the market today. The scientifically-developed and clinically-tested active ingredient works well to firm, tone, lift, and plump all your favorite parts of your body.

Feel attractive knowing you have the power of science and research behind you! You won’t gain any weight with this cream either. With quality comes an increase in price, however. This cream comes at a higher price point than some other creams out there.

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What Is the Best Butt Enhancement Cream?

The best butt enhancement cream on this list is Gluteboost – Butt Enhancement Cream – Plumping and Firming. Not only does it work on both busts and butts, but it’s also scientifically-developed and clinically-proven to work with the ingredient Volufiline. No other entry in this list can lay claim to such a powerhouse ingredient.

How Does Butt Enhancement Cream Really Work

To put it simply, we need fat in our butts for us to sit comfortably and provide padding in dangerous situations. Unfortunately, some of us fall on the flat end of the butt spectrum due to genetics. That’s where butt enhancement cream comes in.

Butt enhancement creams stimulate the fat cells in our bodies. Fortunately, it only does so in the places you apply the cream. That means you won’t see any fat production in places where you do not apply it. Fat might seem like a bad thing in some instances, but in terms of your butt, a little fat is good fat.

How Much Time Does It Take to See Results?

Results from butt enhancement creams do not happen overnight. For noticeable results, it usually takes a few weeks for the cream to generate the desired outcome. Some creams give you permanent results, and this might take upwards of six months or better.

If you’re looking for an immediate solution, you might be required to have surgery done or use other implements such as butt lifts. This will give you desired results in a much less span of time. However, the results may not last (in terms of lifts), or you might incur significantly higher costs (in terms of surgery).

5 Important Things to Search in a Butt Enhancement Cream

Here are some things to search for in a butt enhancement cream:

1) Brand

Knowing the brand that makes the butt enhancement cream is always something to keep in the back of your mind. Some brands have years of experience, research, and a loyal following to back up their products. This way you know you’re (usually) getting a quality product.

Don’t discount newer or lesser-known brands, however. Sometimes they work just as well as the brand name versions. It always helps to learn more about a brand to see if it aligns with your values or if you know people who have had success with that brand.

2) Ingredients

Quality ingredients make or break a butt cream. You want to use a cream that sources all-natural ingredients such as caffeine, Vitamin E, natural oils, cocoa butter, and other ingredients that give you the best results.

Chemical compounds might cause allergic reactions or other skin irritations to your skin. These chemicals will also end up in your bloodstream. It’s better to have natural ingredients in your body rather than artificial ones.

3) Price

Some of the best butt enhancement creams do not incur that high of a cost. Try to buy something within your price range. Fortunately, good, quality creams come in a wide range of price points. If you’re not sure how much you’ll get with a certain price point, check out the various creams in this list. Some are more expensive, but there are a few that will work splendidly for budget-conscious individuals.

4) Ratings

Do your research on butt enhancement creams. These products do not produce universal results because everyone’s body is different. Check out ratings to see how others have fared and what side effects, if any, you might experience from using a product. Being knowledgeable about a product will always serve you well!

5) Scent

Some butt enhancement creams give off a scent. If you are allergic or sensitive to scents, you’ll most likely want to avoid these products as they might irritate your skin. Rather be safe than sorry! Look for a cream that works well on sensitive skin with no scent.


In this article, we’ve shared some of our favorite butt enhancement creams. If you want permanent lift and tightening of your booty, you’ll want to try one of the products in this list! There are a lot of options out there at a variety of price points, but we have no doubt you’ll find something to your liking.

Butt enhancement creams work incredibly well and are safer, cheaper alternatives to other options on the market for creating a better bum.

We wish you the best of luck in your butt enhancement cream search!

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