Best At Home Spray Tan Machine

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best at home spray tan machine

If you’re a spray tan or airbrush tan lover, you know how easy, efficient, and useful a portable spray tanning kit can be. If you’re sick and tired of booking appointments and driving all the way to the tanning salon, a portable at-home spray tan machine is a great way to achieve professional-looking results without all of the hassle.

When buying a spray tanning kit, you’re going to want to make sure that the model you buy will deliver the best, bronziest, and most even results!

Here are some of the best portable spray tan kits on the market, as well as a buying guide to answer all of your most pressing spray tan questions!

Best at Home Spray Tan Machine

Best at Home Spray Tan Machine ReviewsRatingPrice
Maxi-Mist Lite Plus HVLP Sunless Spray Tanning KIT Airbrush Tan Maximist BRWN4.9/5$$
Norvell Sunless Kit – M1000 Mobile HVLP Spray Tan Airbrush Machine  [Editor’s Pick]4.9/5$$
MaxiMist Allure Xena Sunless Spray Tanning System (HVLP)4.7/5$$$
Fuji Mini Tan M Model System Spray Han HVLP4.6/5$$$

Maxi-Mist Lite Plus HVLP Sunless Spray Tanning KIT Tent Machine Airbrush Tan Maximist BRWN

The Maxi-Mist Lite mobile spray tanning kit makes it easier than ever to give your clients the perfect faux tan anywhere, whether it be at the salon or at their homes. The portable tent allows you to spray tan anywhere, mess-free. The equipment and tanning solution formula are the same high-caliber products used in permanent booths in tanning salons, so you don’t have to worry about sacrificing quality for convenience!

Maxi-Mist Lite Plus HVLP Sunless Spray Tanning KIT Tent Machine Airbrush Tan Maximist BRWN

Compact and Versatile

Each component of this mobile spray tanning kit is as compact and portable as possible, while still maximizing power, quality, and efficiency. The spray tan machine itself can be used with any professional spray tan solution, making it extremely versatile. The trigger of the spray gun can be adjusted to accommodate a variety of different spray patterns, allowing you to work in whatever way is most comfortable! Finally, the powerful turbine is under a one-year warranty, giving you security in the unlikely event that your spray tanning machine malfunctions.

Portable and Powerful

This spray tan machine boasts efficient, effective German engineering. It features a powerful turbine, a delicate nozzle that sprays fine, atomized mist, and a non-stick needle that prevents your spray gun from getting clogged with tanning solution buildup! Additionally, the pop-up tanning booth tent is made of sturdy vinyl and nylon, making it easy to clean and completely leak-proof, in addition to being extremely portable. It also measures 6.5 feet in height, while still weighing less than 8 pounds, allowing it to accommodate anybody’s size.

Comes with Everything You Need

Each package features a SatinAire spray head, three 5-ounce cups, a powerful 300-watt turbine, an extra-large pop-up mobile tent, a 6.5 foot-long air hose, three bottles of Tampa Bay Tan Premium Solution in varying degrees of intensity, and a variety of spare parts and instruction manuals. You’ll have everything you could possibly ever need to achieve the perfect tan for any client, regardless of skin tone or type.

Convenient and Universally Compatible

This product is an excellent back-up spray tanning machine for your tanning salon, and it also gives you the ability to spray tan any client anywhere. The package includes everything you need to provide a perfect spray tan at the salon or at a pop-up location, doubling your opportunities to cater to satisfied clients. Plus, because this machine is designed to be compatible with any professional spray tanning solution, you don’t ever have to worry about ordering back-ups of the included brand of solution, making this product incredibly versatile! Definitely our overall best at-home spray tan machine.


Norvell Sunless Kit – M1000 Mobile HVLP Spray Tan Airbrush Machine

Norvell is one of the most trusted brands of spray tan technicians all over the world. This mobile spray tan machine utilizes the same caliber of machinery and tanning solution that Norvell provides for permanent spray tanning booths, allowing you to experience the exact same quality and seamlessness of Norvell products in a more compact, portable package! Whether you’re using this machine as a backup in your tanning salon, or whether you’re on the road tanning clients in their homes, you’re sure to be satisfied with Norvell’s technology!

Norvell Sunless Kit – M1000 Mobile HVLP Spray Tan Airbrush Machine

Designed for Maximum Maneuverability

The M1000 HVLP Mobile Spray System is designed for portability and mobility, making it perfect for use in your clients’ homes or on the go. It’s lightweight and features a shoulder strap, making it extremely maneuverable and easy to use. The spray gun also allows you to adjust the spray pattern with minimal overspray, guaranteeing optimal spray tan results every time. The included tanning solutions are suitable for all sorts of skin tones and types, allowing you to customize your clients’ experiences based on their unique individual needs.

One-of-a-Kind Training Program

This mobile spray tan kit also features the Norvell Training Program, which will teach you exactly what you need to do in order to achieve optimal results with every client, regardless of their skin type, tone, or texture. After following the instructions and guidance provided by the Norvell Training Program, you’re sure to experience the most user-friendly mobile spray tanning experience possible! Plus, the turbine is under a one-year warranty, giving you security in the durability of your spray tanning machine.

Fully Equipped

Each package comes with almost everything you need for the perfect spray tan, no matter where you are. You’ll receive the M1000 HVLP mobile spray system, which includes a turbine, a hose, spray gun, power cord, gun repair kit, operation manual, and detachable shoulder strap. You’ll also receive three bottles of Norvell’s most popular tanning solutions: the Clear PLUS Handheld Solution, the Venetian Handheld Solution, and the Dark Handheld Solution. Finally, you’ll receive Norvell’s Professional Sunless Training Program, which will teach you the ins and outs of professional spray tanning!

A Brand You Can Trust

This mobile spray tanning kit is beloved by small business owners and spray tan enthusiasts everywhere. In the world of sunless tanning, Norvell has built itself a reputation for easy, efficient use and believable, natural results. Each solution provided in this mobile tanning kit has earned rave reviews for years, providing a natural bronze color that is never streaky or orange. Finally, Norvell’s customer service representatives are renowned for their friendliness and knowledgeability. Overall – This is our favorite best at-home spray tan machine for those who on a budget.

MaxiMist Allure Xena Sunless Spray Tanning System (HVLP)

This mobile spray tanning system is extremely powerful and features new technology that makes on-the-go spray tanning easier than ever! The spray tan machine itself comes with a wide variety of professional-grade features that enhance the overall spray tanning experience both for yourself and for your clients! Plus, each package comes with three bottles of Tampa Bay Tan solution, which is also of professional quality!

MaxiMist Allure Xena Sunless Spray Tanning System (HVLP)

Cutting Edge Spray Tan Technology

This mobile spray tanning system comes with several new and exciting technological features that will enhance your spray tanning experience, including a blow dry feature, whisper quiet operation, a spray nozzle that emits soft touch fine mist, and a retractable carry handle on the unit itself, to make it even more portable. Plus, the turbine is under an incredibly generous two-year warranty. This system really is the full package: stylish, efficient, portable, easy-to-use, powerful, and delicate!

Skin-Healthy Vegan Formula

The included Tampa Bay Tan solution is also notable for being 100% vegan, as well as paraben, soy, and gluten-free. It comes in three different depth levels, allowing you to customize your tan for each individual client. Each depth of solution is packed with skin-healthy ingredients like aloe, bergamot, hyaluronic acid, macadamia seed oil, and grapefruit seed extract, which provide soothing, antioxidant, plumping, moisturizing, healing, and anti-aging properties in addition to providing a great tan!

Full Package

In each package, you’ll receive a mobile unit, which is composed of a spray gun, turbine, and hose. You’ll also receive three bottles of Tampa Bay Tan solution in varying degrees of depth. Finally, you’ll receive a variety of spare parts, including replacement Xena spray heads and 7-ounce solution cups, as well as a user’s manual, allowing you to take control of your own spray tanning experience!

Achieve the Most Realistic, Natural-Looking Results

This spray tanning system is the perfect way to move from client to client quickly, easily, and efficiently, without sacrificing a natural-looking, realistic tan. It’s lightweight, easy to assemble, and incredibly effective at providing a sunkissed glow on clients of varying skin tones and types. Plus, it operates very quietly, so it doesn’t disrupt the ambiance of your mobile tanning experience!

Fuji Mini Tan M Model System Spray Han HVLP

The Fuji Mini Spray Tan system is designed to be as small and portable as possible, allowing you to take it with you anywhere! Each component, from the turbine to the spray gun to the motor, is designed for compactness and portability but does not sacrifice quality or ease of use. Whether you’re working in a salon or on the go, this mobile spray tanning system will do an excellent job of giving your clients their ideal, natural-looking tan with as little hassle as possible!

Fuji Mini Tan M Model System Spray Han HVLP

Quiet, Adjustable Operation

The turbine on this mini portable spray tan system is quieter than most standard spray tan machine turbines, allowing you to talk to your clients comfortably without straining to make yourself heard over the noise. Additionally, the bleed valve-style spray gun features an adjustable spray pattern knob and adjustable fluid control, allowing you to customize your spray tanning technique to fit the needs of your clients.

Clean, Safe, and Efficient

All of the metal components on this portable spray tanning system are made of stainless steel, which is sanitary, clog-resistant, and easy to clean! Plus, this system complies with a strict code of electrical and safety standards, making it extremely safe to use, in addition to being so portable and convenient. Finally, the turbine motor is designed with safeguards that help it run as smoothly as possible for as long as possible by reducing heat buildup.

Super Portable

Each package includes a spray gun with a solution tank, a hose, and a turbine unit. The turbine unit is especially useful because it includes a convenient carrying handle, helping to augment this machine’s overall portability and ease of use. The entire machine weighs only 20 pounds altogether, including the spray gun and hose, making it one of the most compact portable spray tan systems on the market!

Professional Quality in a Compact Size

This portable spray tan system has earned rave reviews for its quality, ease of use, and power. At-home spray tan enthusiasts and professional spray tan technicians alike appreciate it for its cleanliness, even spray radius, professional appearance, high quality, quiet operation, and minimal weight.

Best At-Home Spray Tan Machine – Conclusion

When it comes to overall value, quality, and ease of use, the Norvell Sunless Kit – M1000 Mobile HVLP Spray Tan Airbrush Machine is definitely the best portable spray tanning machine out there. Norvell spray tanning products consistently deliver the best, most even and natural-looking results out there, without wasting exorbitant amounts of spray tanning solution.

Plus, this kit comes with everything that a portable spray tanning beginner needs for successful business experience. It’s portable, easily maneuverable, quick, efficient, and quiet. Finally, it comes with Norvell’s unique training booklet, which teaches you everything you need to know to deliver the quality service that Norvell is known for in the tanning industry.

Buying Guide

Tanning SalonWhen buying a portable spray tan kit for your spray tanning business, there are a lot of things you should keep in mind. A spray tan kit is a serious long-term investment, so you need to make sure that you’re purchasing a quality machine that will stand the test of time and fit the needs of your business and your customers. Here are seven things you need to consider when choosing the best spray tan machine.

1. How much solution can it hold?

As a general rule of thumb, you want to look for a spray tanning kit whose gun can hold at least two ounces of spray tanning solution. If its cup size is any less than two ounces, you’ll likely need to stop in the middle of a spray tanning session to refill it with a tanning solution, which can be a real nuisance. For the vast majority of your clients, two ounces is just the right amount to tan their entire body evenly. Be wary of overly large tanning gun cup sizes, too. If your tanning kit’s cup size is significantly larger than two ounces, you may end up wasting tanning solution, which can be a drain on your finances.

2. What kind of spray pattern does it have? 

You also should keep in mind the spray pattern of your spray tanning kit. If your spray tanning gun has a wide spray pattern radius, you’ll end up wasting a significant amount of product on overspray, the tanning solution emitted by the gun that misses your client, which can be quite expensive and messy. For most clients, a tanning gun with a spray pattern radius between two and six inches is the perfect spray pattern. If your spray tan radius is significantly larger or smaller than this two-to-six-inch range, you’ll end up wasting a lot of product, and consequently, a lot of money.


3. What’s your budget? 

This probably goes without saying, but your budget should be a major consideration when looking for a new portable spray tanning kit. There are definitely quality, affordable options on the market, but you should keep in mind that buying a cheaper portable spray tanning kit might mean sacrificing valuable add-ons. That being said, a more expensive kit doesn’t necessarily always mean a better one. You should spend a lot of time doing research and reading reviews before making a purchase.

4. Besides the spray tan gun itself, what add-ons does it come with?

A lot of portable spray tanning kits come with all sorts of add-ons. These might include extra tanning solution cups, carrying cases, pop-up spray tan tents, and extra bottles of tanning solution. If you already have these types of additional items, it’s not worth it

spray tan
Spray Tan

to buy a full-blown kit. Instead, you should just buy a portable spray tanning gun on its own. However, if you’re starting from scratch, and don’t have crucial items like a pop-up tent or spray gun carrying case, a kit is definitely worth the investment.

5. How portable is it? 

If you’re planning on just using your portable spray tanning kit as a backup in your tanning salon in the event that one of your stationary machines break, then the weight, maneuverability, and portability of the kit don’t really matter. However, if you’re planning on taking your kit on the road with you to clients’ homes, you need to make sure that the kit you purchase is light enough to easily carry. You should also make sure that it comes with a carrying case that easily fits all of the items you need to give spray tans on the go.

6. What kind of pressure system does it have?

HVLP spray tanning systems are the most powerful spray tanning machines out there. They’re much faster, lighter, and quieter than other spray tanning systems, and they waste much less product. However, they are more expensive. LVLP and airbrush spray gun machines are generally much more affordable, but they’re also slower, louder, and heavier.

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