How to Apply Eyeliner on Wrinkled Eyelids 

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Want to learn how to apply eyeliner on wrinkled eyelids? Curious About how eyeliner can make you look younger? Let’s face it, no look is complete without eyeliner. Eyeliner has the magical capability to make your eyes look bigger and to provide some eye-catching definition. This creative beauty tool has been in use for thousands of years.

Applying eyeliner on wrinkled eyelids 

The first recorded use of eyeliner traces back to Ancient Egypt. The Greeks, Romans, and their successors carried on this look through the centuries, and it has remained a trendy beauty favorite.  

Want to learn the best tips for applying eyeliner on wrinkled eyelids? Or are you curious how eyeliner can make you look older/younger? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about how to achieve the perfect look!

Can Eyeliner Make You Look Older?

Yes, eyeliner can make you look older, depending on the techniques you use. For the younger crowd, looking older is often the goal. But when you’re already dealing with wrinkled eyelids, looking older is obviously the last thing you want.  

Getting older is inevitable, as are wrinkles. We lose elasticity in our skin, and we also lose density in our eyelashes. Our eyelids look “heavier” as we age. The wrinkles on our eyelids can make eyeliner more challenging to apply evenly.

All of these factors make using eyeliner a bit tricky.

If you deal with wrinkled eyelids than you probably want to know how to apply your eyeliner correctly.

Instead of using a pencil, which often drags the eyeliner, opt for a cream powder or a gel liner. Even a liquid eyeliner is better than a pencil. These will provide a smoother texture. Specific colors can make you look younger, as well.  

The best weapon that I use to combat my wrinkly eyelids and keep my eyes looking young and fresh is a quality waterproof gel eyeliner from Benefit Cosmetics. I have been using this product for several years.

Although it’s a bit pricey, it is worth it for the high-quality product that delivers smooth texture and precision every time! It glides buttery smooth over my wrinkled eyelids and hugs the lashline really well.

I don’t think I’ll ever give it up. And in my experience, it really outlasts cheaper eyeliners. This brand comes in other fun colors besides black, such as brown, blue, green, and purple, so you have plenty of options.  

Eyeliner Colors That Will Make You Look Younger

To achieve a more youthful look, experiment with lighter, more neutral shades. Think…brown is your best friend! Try to take before and after pictures and compare what works best for you.

Black eyeliner is still an ok option or those who have naturally dark features. But for those with lighter features, many professional makeup artists insist that the neutral browns offer a softer, more flattering look. 

You can also try a navy or plum colored eyeliner as these are also softer than black. After all, what is life without a little color? 

How to Apply Eyeliner on Wrinkled Eyelids (Step by Step)

  1. Ensure your famasce/eyelids are clean and free of any debris.
  2. Always begin with a moisturizer! Lotions will help take the ages off your eyes by hydrating the naturally dry skin around the eye as well as helping to soften wrinkles. Unsure about how to apply eye cream? Check out this excellent tutorial to learn all the benefits of this simple step for an instant eye lift.  
  3. Use an eyelid primer to create a barrier between the oil of your skin and your eyeliner and eye shadow, It covers wrinkles and prevents crinkles. This will help your look last for hours and make your color really pop!
  4. Starting in the corner of your inner eye, while looking down, draw a thin line. Instead of following the natural shape of your eyelid (and heading down), create a “lift” or wing by angling the line up. You’ll want to aim for a 45-degree angle. 
  5. Line your lower lids (stay thin!). If you have a lot of darkness under your eyes or struggle with bags, try skipping lining your lower lids or sticking with very neutral colors, so you don’t bring more attention to that area.  
  6. If you need to make any corrections, use a cotton ball or swab dipped in makeup remover.
  7. At the end of the day, you can use a  makeup remover to quickly and gently remove your eye makeup (including mascara). With a built-in moisturizer, it will save you a step and allow you to get to bed quicker for your beauty sleep.  

Eyeliner Tips for Mature Eyes

How to Apply Eyeliner on Wrinkled Eyelids

For ageless eyes, be sure to utilize the following tricks:

  • For your lower eyelid, you can try using a nude or white eyeliner to help make your eyes look bigger and more youthful. Then you can go over it lightly with your regular eyeliner, keeping the lines thin. Or just skip this step altogether. See what works best for you and which option brings the most light to your face.  
  • Using a winged look rather than following your eye’s natural line will make your eyes look bigger and more youthful.  
  • Be gentle with those eyelids! Our skin gets thinner as we age, so go easy when applying and removing eye make up. Try treating yourself to a face mask to provide hot or cold therapy for your eyes and eyelids, reducing puffiness and making you feel like a million bucks. 
  • When applying your eyeliner, you can try lifting your eyebrow, tilting your head back slightly, and looking down into the mirror in front of you. This may help “flatten” your wrinkles to help you apply your liner.
  • As we mentioned before, opt for anything BUT pencil.
  • By eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables (avocados, spinach, berries) and nuts, you are fighting aging with antioxidants and nutrients to give you more beautiful and glowing skin. Fewer wrinkles = fewer complications with eyeliner. 

Mistakes to Avoid When Applying Eyeliner on Mature Skin

#1: Applying your eyeliner too thick. As I mentioned earlier, be careful not to make your lines or your lift too thick, you want to stay subtle. If you’re new to doing the winged look, start with a small, thin line. Once you gain confidence in doing this, you can begin to make it a little thicker. Thick eyeliner will bring a heavy look to the eyes. So lighten up!  

#2: Applying too much primer. A little goes a long way with the primer. Be careful that you don’t overdo it! Just a small base layer is all that’s needed.  

#3: Using only black. Remember, dark colors make things look smaller, and lighter colors make them look bigger. Get out of your comfort zone and try a new color! 

#4: Failure to blend. When you don’t correctly blend the eye shadow with the eyeliner, it does look very complementary. You can use a flat eye shadow brush to really “set” the eyeliner in with an eye shadow.  

#5: Don’t apply too much eye shadow. This can draw the wrong attention to the eyes when the layers over the wrinkles result in a caked-on look.  


The eyes are the window to the soul, and with proper eyeliner, you can reverse aging and make them unforgettable. Remember to be patient with yourself.

It may take some time to find the perfect products for your skin. Everyone is different, so the same products won’t work for everyone. Have fun trying new products and techniques, and take time to revel in your beauty journey! 

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